Saturday, February 16, 2013

6 weeks already?!?!

Sonja is 6 weeks old!

She's a beautiful, amazing child... and very close to social smiling!

Today was the first day I actually got her to repeat smiling.. and I think she's days away from having full control over it (hopefully)!

She already has quite a little personality, makes a lot of hilarious noises, and knows what she wants/does not want.

Sonja hates being cold, and loves being warm. She loves snuggling, especially laying on her Mommy's chest. Sonja hates laying flat, but is fine if she is slightly inclined. She hates pooping and cries when she has gas or is pooping. It's sad... cause she has a lot of both.

Sonja loves being in her "baby taco" which is the infant insert of the ergo carrier.. and loves being carried in the ergo. She has certain pacifiers she likes, and others she doesn't. She is great at breast feeding and bottle feeding. She loves to be sung to, and look people in the eyes.

Sonja is a great sleeper, she sleeps pretty well during the night, anywhere from 4-8 hours at a time. She also does really well self-soothing when we put her in the bassinet.

She's a gobble beast, and is always putting her hands in her mouth, or trying to get her blankets in her mouth if they get close enough.

Sonja is a pretty chill baby. She doesn't cry much, and when she does there is always a good reason for it. She likes her MamaRoo, her new playmat, and staring at things. She makes super cute gurgling noises, and sometimes snorts when she cries which makes me laugh.

Sonja is a fantastic snuggler. We snuggle all the time and watch Supernatural together.. which is my new obsession. She's pretty cool with being held by whoever, but she definitely knows her Mama and seems to prefer me over others... although Jeff is a close second.. he's just not around as often and doesn't have liquid gold coming out of his boobs.

I am so in love with this baby. Enjoy the photos!