Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sonja is 14 months old!


You turned 14 months old 9 days ago and I didn't post! I have been very busy. Up until this past Monday, you've been pretty sad. You finally finished cutting what I believe is your last molar, so I think you should be good for another year or so until your 2 year molars come in. The 14th month was a little harder on both of us because of the teething. You got really clingy and very moody and I struggled to keep you happy and not lose my sanity this month.

Despite all of those things, we still managed to have fun together and you continue to learn new skills. I'm noticing more and more aspects of your personality coming through and hope that you continue in the current trend. You are very people-oriented. You love to watch people, you love to interact with people, and you love to connect with others. You don't seem to like most other babies but you love older children. You do get mad when things don't go your way (don't we all?) but you have a pretty decent ability to cope and move on quickly when forced. I find you to be especially good at dealing with most obstacles when you are well fed and not tired. You're patient. You are sweet.

You are currently really into your stuffed animals. You love snuggling them and holding them. You love it when I act them out. Recently, we went to Hobby Lobby and you fell in love with a little stuffed dog named Boo the Pomeranian. You carried him all around the store and even went back for him many times after you'd dropped him. I couldn't help myself. I bought him. You still love him dearly.

Being your mom is one of the greatest things in the world. I just love being with you and I love showing you new things and exploring the world with you. As you learn to put shapes into your shape ball, build with blocks, learn new words, I feel lucky that I can watch and teach and experience these things with you. You are my baby and I love you more than anything in this world.