Friday, March 27, 2009


What is up with Babies recently? Everyone is having them... well, not me, but everyone else! I just found out that I'm going to be an Aunt!! Isn't that cool? Liz and Andrew are having their own little baby Taylor, and hopefully will reconsider the name they have allegedly chosen, "Tyrannosaurus Rex." It's early, though, they're 1 month more or less into the pregnancy, so they have plenty of time to reconsider that name. :) After talking to Liz, my mom called me, and told me that my old friend Grant and his sister Holly are both having babies (not with each other in case that sentence was oddly worded)... Ironically enough, I was just on my way to go to target and buy a present for a baby shower for my friend, Brandy, she's having a girl (Emily). That's tomorrow. My friend in my Algebra class is having a boy in August. I'm getting nervous. Who's next? Who will be the last of my friends to survive unimpregnanted? Will it be me??? Will I be the LAST SURVIVOR? We'll see...

But on the other side of the pillow... having all these babies coming into the world makes this really deeply burried part of me long to have my own. Babies are such beautiful creatures, the purest form of human you can get. So I look at these expecting parents with a form of envy and awe. Someday it will be me (hopefully). Until then, perhaps I can learn something from their experiences, and it will make me a better mother in the future.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I've been unintentionally attempting suicide. This may seem like an oxymoron... how can one attempt suicide if it's unintentional? By not reading labels, that's how.

For a few weeks I have been overdosing on Iron. Iron can kill you. It's the number 1 poisoning death in children under age 6. So I'm stupider than a 1st grader. I came to this realization today, when I went and bought a new bottle of Iron, thinking how fast the first bottle had gone. I was reading the side of the box when I read the dosage was supposed to be 2 teaspoons, or 10 ml, twice a day. It also said "half a cap." The bottle comes with a cap that has a line marked about halfway up. I, being a trusting consumer, believed that mark was the "half-way mark." WRONG! When I looked at the millileter markings, 10 ml was halfway to the stupid mark on the cap! UGH! Don't they know they're confusing people? How could I be so stupid? Luckily for me, most days I forgot to take my second daily dose, which probably saved me from an iron-related death. I might have to write a letter to that stupid company congratulating them on pulling one over on me.

Yeah, that's about as interesting as it gets, folks. I would like to mention, also, that recently I've been "studying" for my Math class. More like, learning what I'm supposed to already know so that I can go take the test. My stupid teacher sucks balls at teaching. He must've gone to ACC. BURN! So I have to reteach myself everything straight out of the text book... it makes me relive those days when my mom homeschooled me around 5th grade... one day she came to me, tossed me the Pre-Algebra book and said "I don't really remember how to do Algebra, so teach yourself." Thanks mom. No really, thanks to my mom making me teach myself, I know Algebra REALLY well. I not only taught myself Pre-Algebra, but also Algebra, and now College level Algebra (a little harder now that I'm old and set in my ways). I might also mention that I got a perfect score on the Algebra 2 SOL in 10th grade, and I spent half the year in the back of the class talking to my friends and drawing funny (but mean) pictures of the teacher. So this should be a cinch, but it's NOT. So, I pray that the Algebra genes kick back in so I can get an A on this test.

That's all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Haps

This weekend was pretty good. Jeff came home from work friday evening and I was having a pretty rough day. I'd rather not get into why, but it had started out well. I layed out by the pool and went from stark white to a bit warmer white. I'm hoping to acheive my first tan in 2 or 3 years. I used to look so good tanned, but then realized I was creating a future skin cancer problem and stopped. Now I've decided to tan with sunscreen on to prevent burnings and get a more natural tan. Not important.

Then I talked to my dad and had a very nice conversation with him. I also started to read my new book, "The Stranger Beside Me," by Ann Rule. It's about Ted Bundy. It isn't one of those uplifting types of books, but I am so intrigued by the subject matter that I can't help but read it. I want to understand how a man with so much potential, like Bundy, could become such a monster with such a small breaking point being his girlfriend broke up with him. Why was that the straw that broke the camels back? Anyways... enough of that rant.

So Jeff came home and we decided to spend some quality time together. First we went and picked up our range, put it in the house (thanks to Tom for helping us) and took a picture for that snappy lady at the Title office that just HAD to have a picture of the new range in the house so she could get her refund. Next, we went to our favorite Sushi place, Hayashi. Upon arriving, we noticed this big carnival going on in the shopping center where our sushi place is. There was a ferris wheel and everything! So we went inside to get dinner first and to our pleasant surprise there was a band playing some pretty sweet tunes. They had a drummer, base guitar and electric guitar. Very cool sound. That lifted my spirits a lot. Then, after dinner, we walked over to the carnival and just looked around and amused ourselves for a little while. I didn't get to go on any rides, though, cause we didn't have cash :(.

Saturday we spent the day demolishing our house. Well... Jeff did most of the demolishing, he took out the stair railing, our pantry, etc. Meanwhile, I patched holes in the wall made from nails (surprisingly there were hundreds of them), I walked on stilts (yep, stilts) and ripped off these annoying brackets about all the windows, and began breaking the tile off of the bathroom wall. Ahhh... fun fun times. It was rough, but I can't wait to finish it up and get to work remodeling everything! Also, we went to home depot and found a bathtub for pretty cheap, and it's a whirlpool! Score!

Saturday night we went out with Marian to the movies. We were supposed to go with Liz, Andrew, Tom, and Marian to this parody on Jurrasic Park at Alamo Draft House. However, we got confused as to which Alamo Draft House was showing that. We showed up at the wrong one. So, everyone but Marian bailed on us, and we ended up seeing that new movie with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts... called "Duplicity". It was really good. Like, it's one of those movies you don't fully understand what's going on until the very end and then you feel so excited about it all! I left that movie very satisfied with my purchase.

All in all it was a good weekend. I had a lot of fun with Jeff, playing with our new house. I'll post pictures of me on stilts, the carnival, etc. as soon as I get the opportunity.

Blog out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

House Love

Today we closed on our house (don't be fooled, it's not the one pictured above)! Tomorrow we get the keys! I'm SO excited, and I just can't hide it!!!! And then we came home and Akira peed in our closet. I'm not going to comment on that. Let's just say I'm pissed... and not in the relieving way Akira is. I knew she was too good to be true. Looks like I'm gonna have to lock her in whatever room we put her litter box in for a good day or 2 until she learns that if she pees outside that room, I will use her as my next fur coat.

So closing was a bit of an adventure. Ok, not really. Jeff signed 1,000 papers and I got to sign 2. I felt a little left out, but my hand thanked me for not giving it a cramp. I also went to Central Market today and got groceries. I really like Central Market because it's all/mostly organic, but it doesn't rip you off half as bad as Whole Foods does. So yay! After I got the groceries, I realized I didn't have time to take them home with me before the meeting started to sign all the documents and get our house. So I took the groceries in with me for the signing. It was almost empowering. It's like, 'I know this is really weird and random, but I'm just gonna bring my groceries in with me for this meeting.' I felt all rebellious. I think I should do more things like this. Kinda like back in high school, I used to go to seminary at 4am with my mom, because she taught the Freshmen class which started at 5am. I used to bring my hot rollers and wear them the entire seminary class. Then we started bringing blankets and slippers. Next thing you know, seminary turns into a giant slumber party! I loved those times.

Obviously you can tell I have nothing important or interesting to really talk about. I just felt like saying hello to my peeps again. Love you guys. Miss you. Wish you were here with me so you cound enjoy wrecking down the walls in my house and watching Jeff rebuild them. Those will be good times. :D

Blog Out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caitlin and her thoughts...

So today wasn't so bad. Actually, I really should start with yesterday. Yesterday I was in a good mood. I went and worked out with Jake again, he told me I should be feeling my butt muscles work and the hamstrings. I thought he was losing his mind, I couldn't feel anything. Today I can hardly walk. My butt hurts so bad I was limping all the way over to Salon 505, where I had a half day of beauty. So... here's to Jake being an awesome trainer and making me pay for my amazing muscles (someday they shall appear when I lose the layers of fat atop them).

After that, I came home and spent some time with Akira. I introduced her to the back porch and we like to hang out out there and stare at the people below. Pictures will be posted as soon as the good computer is fixed. This peice of CRAP laptop is hella-old, and I can barely look at 2 webpages at a time, forget downloading pictures.

Jeff came home LATE as he has been doing regularly because his work is really hard and his boss is out of town so he's doing 2 jobs at once. Lonely for me :(. He had to do more work when he got home, but I convinced him to go for a walk with me because he needed a break. So we decided to try and take Akira with us on her little pink leash/harness. It went really well! Akira LOVED being outside, even though she had no idea what all these new things were (grass, leafs, sticks, etc.). She even made it up a tree! Kind of. Then a lady came by walking her dog... Akira wanted a closer look at the dog, but the dog ran away. I have video... again, you'll see that later.

Today I went to Salon 505. First I got a massage (SO NICE!), realized that I carry a lot of tension in my traps/shoulder muscles. It hurt. Then I got a facial and my facialist told me that my skin is about to rupture into a full blown breakout. WHAT??? Yes... she asked if I had changed my diet recently. Yes. She said my skin is detoxing with the rest of my body. Suckage. But in the good news, my massuse told me I have great muscle tone and wanted to know my weight loss secrets, so I at least got some good news.

After my massage and facial, I went downstairs and got my mani/pedi done. What was nice is that the manicurist didn't scold me for biting my nails (YES I STILL BITE THEM, SCREW YOU IF YOU DON'T APPROVE). *ahem* Anyways... and my pedicurist was ADORABLE! She's Iranian or something, and loves talking about everything. We talked about this crazy guy that calls her a lot, she's so fun to be around, though, I want to adopt her as an aunt. So by the time I got out of that place, it was 3:00pm. I hadn't eaten for 5 hours! UGH NO! I almost barfed I was so sick from the hunger. So I found this greek place and got some quick greek food. Turns out it was DELICIOUS! Was it because I was so hungry? Maybe. Either way I'm going back. Wow. YUM. I had lamb meat, and some hummus. The hummus was not so great but the LAMB! Perfectisimo! Oh crap I'm drooling.

Then I had to run to the Giant Discount Appliances and give them more money so I could get the range we wanted. I'm glad I did it today because we're closing tomorrow and it had to be done by today. Also they only have the 2 floor models left, so it was a close call! After that, I went and got Akira's medicine because she has trichaparasiteosis or something to that effect. I found out that (as usual) I was right and Jeff was wrong. It is ok to give your cat milk. You just have to make sure she doesnt get diarrhea. SO HA! Score 1 for Caitlin! Also the medicine we got is in pill form (fun) and we have to somehow cram it down her throat or possibly trick her into eating it but still swallowing it whole. I think I'll leave this task to my loving husband... yes... muahaha. That cat's viscious, and when she finds we've tricked her, she won't be nice about it. She really could be my own flesh and blood with her level of vengeance seeking. Gotta love that about her.

Anyways, I might've just bored you all to tears, my bad. But I just felt like sharing my day(s) and hope you enjoyed living in my shoes for a few minutes.

Caitlin's Blog, OUT!

Monday, March 16, 2009

More dreams and Spring Break Crisis

So today was day #1 of spring break. I've already decided this may be the worst spring break in the history of spring breaks. I'm trying not to be negative lol, but it's hard sometimes. I'll start with the dream I had last night:

I dreamt that I somehow ended up trapped in this polygamist's mobile home, and he was driving me far away from my family. When we got to his home, there were several (like 15) "wives" he'd forced to marry him. I refused to marry him, but he didn't care because it wasn't like it was legal anyway. I spent a good half a dream (weeks, in dream time) rallying up the other women, who's spirits were already broken, trying to get them to fight with me and get out of there! I also spent it beating the crap out of that guy any chance I got. He would come near me and I'd start kicking and hitting, biting and scratching, until he left me alone. Scary. I was plotting a revolution(very involved), when I realized that I was in a huge colony of polygamists. I found my friend, Summer, there. She was unhappy, but too scared to help me escape. I vowed I would leave and come back for her and all the other women. Then I found a cell phone and gave it to Summer. I went back prepared to take this guy down, he was old and creepy as most polygamists are portrayed. When I got back, I found the most timid of his wives pointing a gun at him, while he laughed at her, knowing she wasn't strong enough to pull the trigger. Her gun was shaking and then she dropped it to the floor. As it dropped, he swung at her and started beating her. I lunged for the gun, and grabbed it. I pointed it directly at him, steady, like a pro. He looked at me and dared me to do it. I shot him in the center of his belly, while he looked on in disbelief. I then fired a second time, this time at his face. But, there was no ammo left in the gun, so I left him (hoping he'd die bleeding through his stomach wound), stole a 4-wheeler, and high tailed it home, to my husband and family. When I got home, I called Summer and told her I was ready to bring an army to rescue her. She asked me not to, said she'd gotten used to her life and didn't want to change anymore. It was so sad. But before I could go save her anyway, I woke up.

Interesting eh? That was the most interesting part of my day. I woke up, went to this granite place and talked to Mhari about Granite counter tops, did 60 mins of cardio exercise, went grocery shopping, came home and wrote this blog. Sad part is... the only things left to do on my To-Do list are very short and mostly boring... like homework. Ew. And well... that's almost it. I have 2 training sessions with Jake, which I look forward to, and 1 very much appreciated massage/half day of beauty left over from my birthday that I'm cashing in on Wednesday. All my friends are working... I have no one to lay out by the pool with me. WHY????

But in good news, we might close on the house THIS THURSDAY!!! WOOT WOOT! How awesome would that be??? Then we can get down to business, and I won't be as bored. So... yeah... I'm having my early-20's crisis this week. I'm just so sick and tired of TV and computer. I want to DO something... so I can have stuff to write about in my blog.

Oh... last weekend was nice. Jeff and I found really great kitchen appliances from KITCHENAID at this scratch and dent place called GRAND APPLIANCES or something like that. They are all black and our dishwasher is gonna be SWEET! It's two drawer pull out dishwasher, so we can cut our water usage in half by just using one drawer when we have so few dishes anyway. Our fridge is really neat cause it's really space-efficient, and has a built in water filter (THANK YOU!!!) instead of me having to use the britta and fill it up every two hours. UGH. I tried to convince Jeff that we shouldn't install our microwave, but he's not quite with the program, oh well. We also found a range that goes with both the fridge and the dishwasher. It's gas, and is also a convection oven! YAHOO! I didn't really know what those did till that same day when my mom told me I had to get one and magically the one I wanted was one! So lucky!

Jeff and I were SUPPOSED to go to the bead show with Marian, but we got so caught up at the stupid appliance store that we were late, then Jeff insisted we get lunch, and his parents invited us out, so it never happened. I felt bad, though, cause I thought it would be fun. Then Sunday was nice cause it was super relaxing and we watched Predator 2, which totally disappointed me because where was Arnold? I just missed Arnold the whole time.

And that pretty much sums up everything that I have to say right now.

Blog Out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I dream every single night, and I always remember them. Maybe not to their full extent, but recently it's been weird. Every other night I dream about my mom and step-dad, and then every other night I dream about my dad and step-mom, meanwhile my siblings are intermixed between dreams. I have been living away from home since 2004 and I still dream about my parents? Weird. And the dreams aren't good dreams.

2 nights ago I dreamt that I was in church with my mom and she took me into a room where we could be alone. She told me she had cancer and would die within a year. I got really upset, but that wasn't all she told me. She said she was going to go on a mission for 2 years. I told her there was no way she was leaving on a mission, because I needed to be with her until she died. She said a mission would prolong her life, and it was what she was going to do. I was really upset, but church let out and we all got in the car. My parents in one car, and my sisters and I in another. While in the car, I realized that half of my front tooth was gone. Then I realized that my bottom tooth was also chipped. As I was figuring this out I started feeling in my mouth for my teeth, panicking, and suddenly, the entire right lower half of my jaw came out into my hands! It was SO creepy. I woke up instantly after I pulled it out and saw it in my hands.

What does that MEAN? I looked it up at, here's the article on what a dream about teeth falling out means. I decided not to paste the whole thing.

Last night I had another dream. This time it was about my father. He told me this horrible secret (I'd rather not get into it) about something that had happened in the past. It was the most horrible secret you could possibly imagine anyone telling you. And in my dream, I felt so helpless, sad, and angry. It was like my father, who is this figure of love, acceptance, and comfort to me, turned into a monster in my dream. Of course in real life this secret it absolutely not true... but it was an aweful night of bad dreams for me. I'm not sure why I keep having off dreams, but I am trying to figure out why I'm having them in the first place.

Perhaps the last 2 nights I went to bed on an empty stomach and that's cause enough? Or maybe there's something in my life that I'm unconsciously not dealing with. Or maybe it was that STUPID Watchmen movie we saw last night. STUPIDEST movie ever. My advice, don't go see it... if you really want to go see it, just prepare yourself for pornographic images and a story line that leaves you depressed and relieved that it's not your life. I should've walked out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heart Attack Central

So today I went and worked out with Jake. It was fun. I've been extra tired from this cleanse, but I made it through, and I accomplished an exercise I have never done before, cleans. I love that Jake can push me further than I would push myself, and also that he makes me do more weight than I would do on my own. It makes my workouts that much better. Also, it's really great getting the technique right, because I've never had anyone work one on one and teach me that.

After the workout, I went to this organic burger place called P something... I forgot the name. But it's good. I ordered a cheese burger, no bun. Yeah, she looked at me strange, but not too strange, so I guess people order crap like that all the time. I also talked to my friend Ali for a long time, which was nice cause we don't talk as much as I wish we did. Then I drove to the Petsmart to get Akira some kitty food and bought her some kitty milk cause Jeff doesn't like that I feed her real milk. But she's my everything so I want her to have the best.

Today I got the biggest scare of my life when I came home. I saw a bunch of equipment outside my door and the door was slightly ajar. I was like, oh crap. See we just got this flier talking about how there'd been a bunch of car robberies and to be extra careful with your home. The first thing I thought was that if someone was robbing my house they'd for sure take my leopard printed cat. So I burst in, ready for a throw down, cause no one robs me from my baby. It wasn't robbers, it was some guys cleaning out our fireplace. I knew they were coming but forgot. So I was like, where's my cat? And the guy said that she had run back towards the bathroom. The only door open for her to get into was the bathroom so I went in there and she wasn't there. Then I searched the entire apartment for her and couldn't find her. I started freaking out. I was like... where's my cat? Did she get outside? The guy swore to me that she was still in the apartment somewhere. Then I started thinking, what if he took her? And I was searching outside practically screaming for her. I searched the apartment 3 times and could not find her ANYWHERE. Oh man. I nearly lost my mind right there. I was not about to lose this beautiful kitten I have invested time, and most importantly love. The poor fireplace cleaner guy was so worried, but still promised me he hadn't let her out, told me he's got kittens of his own and knows how important she is to me. So as he left and put his equipment away I screamed her name again and herad a rustle in the laundry room. I opened the door and called her again, sweetly. I heard her behind me, shut the door and found her stuck between the wall and the fridge. As you can all imagine, I cried a little with relief. Fireplace dude came back and offered to help me find her and I thanked him profusely and told him I found her behind the fridge. Moral of the story... if I'm this neurotic now, what kind of mother will I be someday? I just can't explain to you what an amazing cat I have. I'm so lucky. She's amazing, cute, fun, funny, playful, obedient, smart, she's learned everything I've ever tried to teach her. She cuddles with me... sleeps next to me after Jeff goes to work. She's my child. Yesterday I taught her hide-n-seek. It's so cute. I poke my eyes up and she RUNS as fast as she can and pops up and scares me. So cute!

Anyways, I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks to God for giving me such an amazing husband and kitten and thanks for not letting anything happen to her today.

Blog Out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Irony Gods Strike Again

It always happens this way. I post a blog worrying that I'm pregnant, and then my body disproves my theory once again. Sorry ya'll... no babies this time. We're still wanting to travel and stuff, so we're not trying, but of course I always think I'm pregnant because secretly my body really wants to be, just my brain does not agree. So on the very day I tell the whole blog community that I might be pregnant, irony gods attack. Anyways... false alarm. At least now the excruciating back pain I was experiencing while jogging is understandable. I really need to calm down and not write everything that's on my mind. So... woohoo! Now I can go to Japan and visit my brother! I can travel Europe and go backpacking! YAY! Freedom is still mine!

Happy Days

Ok, it's getting weird. The past few days not only have I been extraordinarily happy, I've also been without sugar. WHAT??? NO SUGAR??? Shouldn't I be tearing down buildings and wreaking havoc on the towns people?

Create your own FACEinHOLE
Guess not. Jeff told me yesterday that I am less moody the last few days than I have been since we got married. Wow. Guess he had to wait till now to tell me I'm moody. lol. I'm so zen I let it slide, though. And what else is weird? Yesterday I was so tired, I only barely made it through aerobics, but then went home and cleaned my entire house, did 8 loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, played with Akira and watched a few episodes of my Family Guy and House. I also made myself 2 meals, both spinach salad with 1 boiled egg, and 1/4 avacado, 1/4 tomato, and Miso dressing (YUM!). That's a lot of accomplishment for this girl. On top of it all, I was HAPPY to do it. I was singing all day yesterday and in a great mood! I let Akira jump on the bathroom sink and play in the water. She spilled water all over the bathroom and I thought it was cute! I might have a tumor. That or this new, healthier lifestyle is really catching up with me fast!

But I'm also concerned. See... I'm due a gift from Mother Nature, it was due Friday evening to be exact. And it has yet to come. As a precaution I took a test Monday morning, but it was negative. Around this time I'm usually at my worst... I turn into the hulk, and terrorize small kittens and puppies. Yet, I'm perfectly serene. I'm not anything. I have none of the usual symptoms. No pain, no cramps, no lower back pain, just fatigue and happy feelings. So yeah... I woke up at 6 AM worrying about it. Then I got these crazy ideas. Like... I could start making pregnancy shirts and selling them! I'll put women's sonagrams on the shirt bellies! Or a little cartoon fetus that's like "YO!" eh? yeah? You like? Jeff didn't think it would sell but I think he underestimates the power of pregnancy on a woman. lol. Anyways...

Blog OUT!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 3,653 of my captivity...

Dear Diary,

Day 3,653 of my captivity to this candida cleanse. It's been a rough voyage, but only 3,653 days to go. So far I've made it through the first half of my captivity without killing any innocent bystanders, however I came close to killing my roommate, a blond fellow with an obnoxious habit of eating things forbidden to me. The cravings have subsided somewhat, although I will admit while grocery shopping I almost ripped open and devoured a carton of cookie dough icecream that I had been staring at for who-knows-how-long until a kind grocery worker politely asked me to move along, I was scaring the other customers. I even managed to make it out of the store after being strip searched for sugary items. They didn't find anything... this time. I then returned home and was put on trash duty, having to haul heaping piles of disgusting filth to the dumpsters 5 miles away. After smelling all that garbage it was all I could do to get the disgusting green filth I have been forced to eat down my throat. I'm beginning to wonder if they're brainwashing me into actually liking this stuff. Yesterday I slept almost 18 hours. It's a mystery how I even made it through aerobics class this morning. I kept wanting to crawl under my aerobics step and take a nap, but the others were watching and I didn't dare. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only pray I can make it to the end of the cleanse without going into convulsions from my lack of nerds, skittles, and all things sugary and wonderful in this world. I'll admit, I almost slipped up a few days ago. The evil ones ordered pizza. Don't worry, I did not give in to temptation. I only ate the cheese and pepporoni on top, not the bread. May my will continue to stay strong.


PS: So I might have exaggerated a little... but you get the point

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Candida Cleanse

So I started the cleanse yesterday. Basically I am taking a really really strong probiotic/antifungal in order to get rid of the systemic candida that my nutritionist and I believe I have. She told me the symptoms vary from person to person but basically I'm going to have a rough time the first 3 days or so. Yesterday I definately felt the initial effects of the cleanse. I wanted sugar SO BAD, I was getting really irritated with Jeff for not understanding my needs lol, and basically all I wanted to do was wrap myself in my giant feather blanket and shut out the world. She told me to write out my cravings, and just in case I forget I'll let you know what I've craved so far: Sugar, Cake, Fruit, BREAD, Sourdough bread, non-alcoholic beer (which I've never tasted), ice cream, PIZZA, carbs in general... ah and the fun has just begun. Today is day 2 and we'll see what new exciting things it will bring! I've also been unusually tired... which I suppose could be a side effect as well. Lucky for me I hate mushrooms and I can't have most breads which contain Yeast, so it's easier for me to avoid them. But... yeah, I might not be in the most positive of moods for the next few days so I'll try my hardest to remain nice to people. ANYWHOsies... that is all

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eye Opening Info

Today I went to see the nutritionist at the Plumblossom Wellness Center. Now, we all know that I am a trusting person, HOWEVER, to prove myself to my faithful readers, I have done the homework to back my nutritionist up. That being said, here are some of the very important peices of information she gave me, which I will now be passing on to you.

I am a changed woman from this day forth. First item of business, I am completely removing the microwave from my world. Hence forth and forever, I will never use a microwave again. According to Celeste, the russians invented the microwave as a convenient way to heat food for their soldiers. After numerous studies, they realized that these machines were actually making some of the soldiers crazy. So they banned it from Russia, and marketed it to the rest of the world. Here's an article on it, I found many like it:

Another amazing find for the day: I told her I believe I am allergic to gluten. She asked my for the symptoms involved and I explained them. I'll spare you all the details. She agreed that I probably do have gluten intolerance, not allergy. She said I probably do not produce the right enzyme to properly digest gluten. She said this is a problem because that means there are still gluten particles in my intestines that haven't been digested, and that studies have suggested a link between gluten intolerance and ADD and later Alzheimers (YIKES!). LUCKY for MEEEE there is a solution to my problemo! Glutenzyme. It breaks down the gluten particles left over in your body that it can't absorb, and should I decide one day to take a big bite of french bread (heaven forbid) I can take 2 glutenzymes and it should be ok.

We also talked about a few of the other symptoms I have, mainly things most people overlook. Like how I have poor circulation, my hands and feet get cold easily, if I don't eat regularly I get faint and light headed, how sometimes I get heart palpitations for no reason. What's cool, is she shares these types of symtoms but has kept them well under control. She still needs to review my symptoms though to give me a full diagnosis.

Then I told her about my addiction to SUGAR. It felt like AA... so liberating to get that off my chest... I told her how sometimes I just can't take sitting at home wishing I had candy, I get in my car, drive to the store, just to get a big bag of it... I crave it morning noon and night... sometimes I get angry when I can't have any. I sneak it so Jeff won't find out. I'm like a freaking candiholic! I told her my husband finds this really abnormal and she agreed. Then she told me she might know what is causing this, Systemic Candida. I looked it up. It's really quite fascinating.

She might be right. Either way I made several purchases today based on her suggestions. One was Glutenzyme, the other was a probiotic treatment usually used for doctors (because they are around sick people all day). This treatment boosts your immune system and almost resets it, and should whipe out any type of disease like Systemic Candida. She also introduced me to this amazing gluten-free grain-type thing called "Quinoa." It's a carb and protein all in one! I'm trying it out tonight to see if I like it.

We went over a lot of stuff about food, and her recommendations. Basically don't eat anything that's far from it's natural state. No frozen dinners, packaged/processed foods... mainly a mediteranean diet. Good stuff. Also recommended Whole Milk instead of Skim because it's only processed once instead of multiple times to get the fat out, and our bodies recognize what it is better. Also eat 6x a day, every 2 hours. Never eat more protein than your fist, and always eat protein with carbs and veggies. That's the gist. I hope this will help.