Friday, July 5, 2013

Sonja is 6 months old!

Wow. Time really flies fast. Here I am with a 6 month old, when just yesterday she was a newborn! I mean, it's really ridiculous how quickly babies grow and develop.

In Sonja's 6th month she:

- Learned to sit without help (still not well enough to sit without me close by, but well enough I don't have to be behind her to support her)
- Has gotten better at eating solids
- Has gotten more verbal, now using more googoogaga type sounds
- Actually enjoys the pool (we got her a pool floaty she likes)
- Loves her Jumpy Jump (exersaucer)
- Spent the first part with her Grandma and Grandpa Hoke, Aunt Meghan, Aunt Bekah, and Uncle Nick
- Spent the last part with Nunu, Bucka, and got to meet her Great Grandma Hartung and Great Aunt Judy
- Went in a baby swing for the first time
- Celebrated her first Father's Day
- Celebrated her first Fourth of July!

Sonja is still an absolute delight in my life. She has the cutest little personality, and is very independent for a baby. She used to be so snuggly, now she has more important things to do, mostly chewing on things. She always wants to taste whatever I am eating, and seems to get upset when I don't share. I have found myself a lot more willing to share than I thought I would be. I let her lick my bananas, eat applesauce intentionally so I can share it with her, but I am not as keen on letting her taste other foods, like pizza for example, until she's older.

Sonja wakes us up in the morning with squeals and coos. I love that about her. Yes, she does cry sometimes in the night, but in the morning it's always happy baby.

This month we learned to take it easy on the bananas and rice cereal. Sonja had trouble the last 2 weeks of this month getting the poop out, and I had to traumatize her (OK mostly me.. she didn't seem bothered at all weirdly) by putting a suppository up her butt (more than once too). I never knew I would care so much about poop, but when it isn't flowing, it leads to one cranky baby and some sleep deprived parents. Luckily, after a trip to the pediatrician, she magically went like 8 times the next day and that trend has continued.. and all the pediatrician did was look at her and tell me not to give her bananas and rice anymore... it's not like we got medicine. I don't know how that works, I'm just happy she's going regularly again.

Sonja loves Peas, Prunes, Banana, Watermelon, Sweet Potato, and pretty much everything she's tried other than the nasty pears I gave her in her 5th month.

Since we've been back from Texas, Sonja and I have had a lot of fun play dates. Some of Sonja's friends include 2 11-month-olds named Andrew and Elise, a 5-month-old named Robbie, a girl a week younger than Sonja named Leah, and all the MOPS group kids. MOPS stands for (Mothers of Pre-School age kids). We go to Story Time on Tuesdays and MOPS play dates on Thursdays. We started walking with my friend Courtney and her son when it isn't too hot, and going to the park with the women from my ward.

We also went to a 1st birthday party last weekend for a little boy from the ward. It was so cute.

Sonja is getting on a more regular schedule, sleeping around 12 hours at night (with a few wake ups in there, but no long wakeful periods) around 2 hours after waking, she takes her first nap, and then takes 1-2 more naps every 2-6 hours depending on the day.

Sonja is adorable. She is free with smiles for Mommy and Daddy, she is still scared of large men with deep voices, but adapts quickly if she spends enough time around them. She was scared of Bucka at first, but soon fell in love with him and seemed entranced by his deep voice. She still loves Nunu, and it was nice having them here, even if it was for a short visit.

Here are some fun photos from Sonja's 6th month:

Pool Time with Nunu! She really enjoyed eating her hat.

Merkin some Noobs
Snuggling Puppy
Givin me her signature look while snuggling Daddy at the Pool
this is the first time she actually let me put her in the water
She is the cutest baby in the world

First Time in a Swing
Akira Bows to the Queen
Eating peas... inmate style

Pimp Pose... her favorite way to sleep 
Our little gamer

I also took a bunch of 6 month old photos cause I couldn't stop myself from playing photographer...

Happy 6 months to the best baby ever!