Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Akira and Me!

I've been late wishing my little Akira happy birthday (sorry hun). Not that she can read.. but it's the thought that counts. It also happens that our birthday's are only 4 days apart, so I figured I would wish myself a happy birthday and let you in on what I have gotten so far!

Akira turned 2 this year and she has been a joy and a light in my life! I absolutely love my cat, and I cannot tell you how incredibly proud I am of her.

What do I have to be proud of? Well, this has been a hard year for her. She recently has had to give up her room, and some of her toys, to her new baby Brother, Storm Cloud. Yes, they went through a rough "adjustment" period, hating each other, and chasing each other around the house... but today they enjoy nothing more than lounging around near each other and licking each other in what can only be described as a somewhat disturbing display of kitty affection. It's like they cant get enough of each other's fur... gross.

Anyway. Akira has really done a lot better than I thought with the new addition to the family and I am really happy to report she's no longer angry with me and is again giving me "face rubbies," "kissies," and has started some new behaviors no doubt learned from Storm Cloud, sitting on my lap and licking my fingers.. weird but kinda cute.

As for me, I brought in my birthday last night at Karaoke! I had a great time! My friend, Kristed, got me some really cute balloons, and we all had a blast performing for Karaoke.

This morning Jeff came through and got me some awesomeness... dark chocolate and blueberry bark, massage envy gift card, and a cute card. A few months ago, my mom got me a really great pan set from La Creuset, and I have been using it religiously! My Dad got me a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond! Much needed, thanks Daddy! So overall it's been a good birthday and I'm happy to have been born 2 dozen years ago! Wow I cannot believe I'm already 24. I always pictured 24 was the year I would start having children... now I feel like that might be too early. Guess we'll see?

So happy birthday Akira and Me!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Late Happy Birthday To My Dad

My Dad turned dirt old on July 14th :). I have no idea if he is cool with the number so I figured "dirt old" could suffice.

I haven't been keeping up very well with the birthday posts. I've been horrible really, but my excuse is that my mom was here and I was busy making curtains (a post that will occur at a later date... although curtains aren't super exciting to anyone besides us). We've also had a crew of guys here finishing random details on our house and I am SOOOOOO incredibly happy to have them here.

Back to Dad.


My Dad is a pretty cool guy.

He's really smart... a genuis actually (seriously... he really is a genius, it's been tested and proven)

My Dad and I have the same teeth :D. When I was a little girl, we used to make hilariously weird faces at each other with those teeth.

My Dad has 3 girls, and he loves all of his girls, and enjoys telling each of us not-so-secretly that we are his favorite.

My Dad is almost always right. When we argue with him about something, he sighs... says "OOOOkkkk" in that oh-so-lovely know-it-all tone... makes us get the dictionary and look it up (although now I'm sure he would have us google it)... and then we are always wrong. It's a fact of life. One I have accepted. I respect him for this.

My Dad has always been a very patient father to me. He never got angry, and only raised his voice once when Meghan and I wouldn't stop fighting on father's day. He is a VERY patient man.

My Dad has always been very good at making sure we, his daughters, know that he loves us. He has never been afraid to tell us this, or to show his softer side. He is not afraid to cry. Seriously. He did so at the last Star Wars movie we saw together... and though Meghan and I made fun of him mercilessly... I respect that my father is willing to feel his emotions openly without shame. It's so much better to me than if he were to show no emotion at all like many men his age. I love my dad for not being afraid to be who he is.

My Dad is a handsome man. People used to mistake him for Christopher Reeves a lot when he was younger. I agree.

My Dad is a great psychologist. He has dedicated his career to helping others in emotional turmoil and pain, the mentally diseased, etc. It's a self-less career in my opinion, one not everyone is capable of doing as well as he is. I'm proud of my father.

My Dad can speak Mandarin Chinese. We went to Taiwan together. It was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced to listen to my father give a taxi driver instructions in chinese. And though we fought over who had to hold the camera bag the whole trip, I am so greatful for all of the good memories we made together.

My Dad gave me a lot of great childhood memories. One of my favorite things he used to do with us is play the game "recipes." He would let Meghan and I write ANY recipe with ANY ingredients we wanted and then we'd try to make something out of it. It was a blast!

He also used to try to play Barbies with me when I was little... but I always ended up stopping the game because he was "doing it wrong." I suppose most fathers shouldn't know the right way to play barbies.

My Dad was there for me a lot. He used to go to all of my basketball games, always told me how proud of me he was, and always went to my little school events and awards ceremonies. He also used to go to "Donuts with Dad," took me on "Daddy/Daughter dates" at Weinerschnitzel, and on cool vacations to Carlsbad Caverns and Taos in New Mexico.

My Dad is a funny guy. And he agrees. He loves to make dorky jokes and laugh at them really hard. I hate to admit it, but I think he's funny too. I especially love it when he and his brother get together and tell dorky jokes together.

My Dad loves sports... especially BYU football, and when the JAZZ play basketball.

My Dad introduced me to the love of action movies. I grew up with Indiana Jones and Star Wars, thanks to my dad. Now I can't get enough.

I really love my Dad. I'm really glad that he's been such a big part of my life. I feel especially happy that he's helped me through so much as an adult, he gives me great advice, he helps me sort through lifes up and downs... and I appreciate all that he has done to help me out.

Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why July Is the Best Month Ever

Friends and Family,

If you know me well, you know that July is my favorite month. What you may not know are all the reasons why... Of course, I am somewhat bias, being that I was born in this glorious month of awesomeness... but I also have many other reasons to love July.

1. July is the HoTtEsT month.. and I LOVE HEAT!!! I love everything about being hot and basking in the heat of the sun.

2. July 4th is our country's birthday! Happy B-day America!

3. July 7th was my Grandmother's birthday :) I loved her very much

4. July 14th is my Father's birthday... I love him very much :)

5. July 17th is one of my old friend, Tinae's birthday.. she's pretty cool

6. July 25th is my Baby Akira's 2nd birthday... she lights up my life :)

7. July 29th is MY birthday... and I am so glad to be alive!

8. July 7th my mom comes to visit me and stay for a week!!!

9. July 22nd I fly to Lubbock to spend a few days with my Dad, Step-Mom, Rebekah AND Meghan! It will be like old times!

10. July 31st, Jeff, Aunt Didi, and I will all fly together to Pennsylvania, rent a car, and drive to Cape May New Jersey, where we will spend a week at the beach with my other side of my family (mom, step-dad, etc) and my Grandpa Sigerson! It will be awesome! I LOVE CAPE MAY!!!!

And really... what's not to love about a month that can give you all of that???

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nieces Galore!

I just wanted to share the happy news that I am going to have 2 nieces soon! I am SO EXCITED!

I just found out my sister, April, is having a girl! I cannot wait to be Cool Aunt Katy :).

So congrats to both April and Liz (who is due VERY soon in August!!!) I promise to spoil, love, and teach your children things you don't want me to... so that I can remain the cool aunt.

I suppose you can do the same for my children someday. 8)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Issue...

Today's Issue...

Self-Doubting VS Self-Confidence...

This is an issue I also feel very strongly about. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than someone who is talented at something and cannot see it, or feel good about the fact that they are good at it.

I'll give an example.

There are a few women in my art class who are INCREDIBLE at painting! I am talking AMAZING. There is one in particular who has one of the best artistic styles I have ever seen. She does a killer job at every painting. But she is never happy. She constantly puts herself down and underplays her abilities. I really hate it.

There is another woman who I LOVE and who is really amazing at painting. She knows she's pretty good, and she talks about her strengths and weaknesses frankly, without self-loathing. I appreciate it about her. She knows what she's good at and she knows what she needs to work on, but she always allows herself to enjoy her accomplishments.

I tend to be seen as overly-confident if I'm on any side of the scale. I think I'm good at a lot of things, and I enjoy doing them and sharing them with others. Why not live life, and enjoy living it and being good at living it? Otherwise, it's no longer fun.