Monday, May 31, 2010

Life As We Know It

So much is going on in our lives, and at the same time nothing is going on. I wanted to blog but had to pause and consider what exactly I should blog about. So I'll just let this be an update.

Cloud is adjusting well to his new home. He still spends most of his time in the garage right now because we're working on introducing him to Akira. With cats, this is a SLOW, careful process that takes weeks if not months. So far they have seen each other through the doggy door and Akira hisses at him every once in a while. She isn't freaking out nearly as much, and so far has stopped peeing on the wall. I want to think it is because I am so comforting, but I believe what saved the day is a product called "Feliway" which you plug into the wall. It simulates the facial pheremones of a cat and is supposed to be calming and make your cat not feel the need to mark. It's totally weird because Akira will hiss at Cloud, and then go over and sniff at the Feliway EVERY time. Then she just chills out and does her own thing. Cloud doesn't really seem to care one way or the other if Akira hisses at him, he just wants inside the house, he has no malice at all towards her.

Business-wise, I'm doing quite well. I just added 2 new clients for the month of June, and hope to see good results with both of them. I'm considering a few new business ventures, ones that I will probably not be blogging about unless they actually come to pass. Jeff, meanwhile, is struggling and fighting his way to saving his Dad's company. We're both pretty hopeful that he can do it.

This weekend has been nice for Jeff and I. We've spent most of it just hanging out together without much of a schedule or plan. Yesterday we went to Salsa class and had a lot of fun. We then went to the Melting Pot and literally ate ourselves sick. Yeah. I woke up this morning and got incredibly sick. Not pleasant. I think it was the chocolate fondue where I went wrong. As most of you know I hadn't eaten sugar for over 70 days, and just up and ate a whole bunch of chocolate... stupid. So I've decided that if sugar can make me THAT sick, it's bad for me (duh)... so I'm re-eliminating it from my diet as of today.

We've decided that although we are pretty awesome, we need to develope our awesomeness further... so Jeff and I are going to start rock climbing again, and a little more seriously this summer. We're also going to continue with salsa lessons, and I'll be going back to art class. I'm hoping to also learn to sew by 2011, and cook. I have been cooking more often, and I made a really delicious General Caitlin (Tso) Chicken dish the other day. I was super proud of myself for modifying the recipe to make it gluten-free. SPEAKING OF WHICH last week I got 4 vials of blood drawn and shipped out to test me for food allergies and intolerances. I should find out soon what foods have been causing me all my problems! I'm really excited to find out so I can start feeling better. It's been a long road with the stomach problems.

AAAaaaannnd... July is going to be awesome. My mom is coming to visit, I'm going to visit my Dad for a weekend, and then we're going to Cape May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss the beach so much! I cannot WAIT!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art Show

I just wanted to thank all the friends and family that came to the Cordovan School Art Show and supported me and my art school! I was super excited to participate, and when I got there, I discovered that while none of my paintings had placed, my phoenix did get an honorable mention, which was more than I could have hoped for seeing as it was my very first oil painting and my 3rd painting EVER... you should see my first two, lol they are hilariously bad. It was really cool seeing the different works that other students had created. All in all I think there were over 250 paintings and drawings showing, and they are still on display from now through August at the Texas State campus in Round Rock.

Everyone who came to the art show got to vote for their favorite painting. After all of the awards were announced, they announced the "Viewer's Choice" awards. Apparently, my painting got the most votes, so I also got a viewers choice award! Sweetness!

I'm pretty happy with how it went... but what meant the most to me, was that people truly cared about me enough to come and support me. Even though it wasn't MY show, it was just a show I had entered peices of art into, I still got several people to show up... and I really enjoyed myself.

Pre-Art Show a bunch of us went to Salt Grass and got steaks, and post-Art Show, we went and watched some aweful movie called "Troll 2." It is literally listed by wikipedia as one of the worst movies ever made, click here if you want to read about it on Wikipedia, and so we had to watch it. It was truly horrendous, and I want those hours of my life back. I recommend everyone see this movie and enjoy how hilariously bad it is... seriously we had a lot of fun watching it and laughing about the incredibly aweful acting and dialogue. Fun times.

All-in-all it was a fun night, and I am so greatful to have people in my life that care enough to support me even in my little, insignificant accomplishments.

Blog Out.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's A Boy!

If you follow me on Facebook, you may already know.. but I have some big news!

Drumroll Please...


His name is Cloud, and he's a boy! Jeff was at a gas station on Friday and saw a cat trying to cross a very busy road. He almost got hit by a car, and ended up running back to the gas station and getting into a trashcan near where Jeff was filling up. Jeff bought some pepporoni and lured the little guy into his truck, where he realized what a sweet, friendly cat he was. I drove up to Killeen yesterday, stuck him in Akira's carrier, and took him to our vet. After checking him for all the diseases, the vet told me he was good aside from a case of ear mites which they treated him for. He also needs to be nuetered. His bill of health was a 5 out of 9, but I feel like that's easily fixed with proper nutrition and a good nuetering.

So for now, Cloud stays in the garage, and Akira is none the wiser to his existance aside from his scent, which she has already picked up. We plan on keeping them apart until he has recovered from his Nueter (which is scheduled for Monday morning, bright and early!). Slowly we will try to introduce them in the way I have researched, and hopefully Akira will accept her little brother. I just wanted to add that if Akira is not OK with Cloud, he will not be able to stay with us. She was here first, and she remains here no matter what. So it's not 100% certain, but from what a lot of people have told me, it's definitely possible, if you introduce them very carefully.

I'll try and post more pictures once I have some good ones.

In other news, Jeff and I saw Iron Man 2 today. It was pretty good. It wasn't as good as the first one, but I enjoyed going out with Jeff and having a good date. Afterwards we went to Salt Grass where I enjoyed a Filet Minon! YUM!

Tomorrow I will be driving out with my Aunts to see my Granddaddy, who's birthday is tomorrow. That should be fun quality family time. I wish Jeff could come, but he's got a test tomorrow! I would like to take this opportunity to announce my solid A in Government! Woohoo! Eat that suckers! So I don't have to take the final, which is why I can go see my Granddaddy.

Tomorrow is also another important, somewhat sad day for me. It was Muffin's birthday. Interesting that a new adoptee would show up so close to her birthday. Perhaps he is a gift in place of what was one of the best gifts God ever gave to me. In the past, on Muffin's birthday, I've done tribute posts to her. I would do a tribute post again, but it almost cheapens the memory for me. We had such a unique bond, that I feel like no one else really will ever understand the love I had for that dog. I don't want to put it out for people to judge. I just want to remember Muffin on her birthday, and honor her through reflection. Maybe I'll plant something for her... I have no idea yet.

Cloud coming into our home has reminded me how lucky my family has been to receive little animals along life's path. They seem to find us instead of us finding them. Although, Akira is the exception to that. I am so greatful to have her, however, and definitely have adopted her as my baby. I suppose she's substitute baby until I'm ready for human babies. And now Cloud. He seems very sweet. He loves people, and runs right up to everyone demanding affection. The only thing he does that is a bit scary, is he bites. He bites hard, too. It's not love nips like Akira's. I don't think he intends to hurt people when he does this, but he has already drawn blood from Jeff. He has not yet bitten me... I'm very cautious when I pet him not to let his mouth too close to my hands. So we'll see if there's anything the vet can advise us to do to stop that behavior.

And that's what's new with us.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tummy Troubles Tuesday

So instead of training clients I'm at my computer dying of stomach pain.

Yeah. I had to cancel the pain was so bad. I hate cancelling. HATE IT. Because I really look forward to trianing my peeps. They enrich my life. Seriously. I'm not on drugs so you can believe me.

I wanted to write a blog entry but I have no idea what to talk about. So I'm just going to tell you what's been going on in my head lately...

THOUGHTS: Friday is the deadline to turn in my 3 paintings for the art show. Today I went and bought frames for all of them. I got the most awesome, gaudy frame for my pink flamingo. It just works so well with the theme I was going for. I also framed my Phoenix and the Frog. The Frog looks better with a frame, but I'm not in love with the frame I was forced to put around the Phoenix. She does not like to be contained within a frame... looks better with just the edges painted black, but rules is rules! NEXT FRIDAY is the actual ART SHOW so ALL OF MY LOCAL FRIENDS would be WISE to BE THERE or PAY THE PRICE! Don't worry, I'll be sending you invites. Food will be served... no excuses people.

THOUGHTS: I want one. Bad. Jeff does too. We've discussed it many times. When Akira is either dead or seems to have mellowed out, we're totally getting one. Someday... seriously, google them, they are uber cool.

THOUGHTS: I want a new purse really bad. I know it's materialistic of me... but I desperately want one... but all the ones I want are at least $200 and that's too much money for a stupid purse. If anyone knows where I can get a cute purse for a good price, PLEASE INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY. WAIT.. I may have found something. Check this site out: I want a purse in black that's a little more rock-n-roll, and I also want a summer bag that's bright and cheery! Let me know if ya'll know where I can find either of those things. Here's one of the purses I LOVE but cannot afford:

and I'm tired and that's all I have to say. Love to you all. Out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...

It's Mother's Day today... and I wanted to write down a few of my thoughts on the subject. First I want to start by saying that I'm greatful to my Mother. She's a good woman, and I know she worked very hard to be a good mother. My mom gave me emotional support, love, and encouragement. She taught me a lot.

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see my mother staring back at me. I see her eyes, or one of her many facial expressions. Sometimes I hear her when I say certain things, or inflect my voice. Sometimes I see her handwriting when I write things down in a hurry.

My mother is a natural nurturer. She makes everyone feel at ease, comfortable, and is often sought out for advice and counciling. This is something I have noticed occurs more and more with me. I feel so much love for others, and I enjoy helping them when I can.

I realize how important Motherhood is. Mothers teach us about the world, and how we interact with it. Mothers teach us how to behave around others, how to experience life's little mysteries. There is so much more to it than just giving birth. Mothers create and nurture little people, little legacies.

I always felt like a mother growing up. I had my little poodle, Muffin, who I babied and loved like a child. I am a mother now, to Akira. I love that little kitty, and just last night, when she came and cuddled up to me, laying her head on my chest, I felt my heart melt and soar with happiness. How such a tiny little cat can make someone like me feel so much love, so much pride, is a mystery. I cannot imagine the happiness my human children will bring me someday. Though I fear the responsibility and the way it will change my life, I know that when the day comes, I will do my best to love and teach and help my child to grow into a better person than I am.

I am greatful to all of the women in my life who have been like mothers to me. My step-mother, my mother-in-law, and many other mother-figures throughout my life. I am greatful to my own mother most of all. She did so much for me, and continues to support and love me today. I miss her very much today and wish I could give her a big thankful hug.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life... in all it's unabashed glory

I started to write a totally different blog but ended up erasing it. I don't want to bore you guys with my internal workings. I made a schedule of the summer, but decided it wasn't important to anyone else but me. So I decided to let you know what's been going on and what's going on in a precise, unrambling way.

In the last few months I have finally achieved my goal weight and am incredibly happy to announce that I am now at the exact size I want to be and will no longer be trying to lose weight anymore unless I gain the weight back (which I will be on red alert for). I am really happy about this achievement, as I can finally relax and be happy in my own skin. I'm loving it. I'm even loving the jokes from the guys in bootcamp about me having to shop at Baby Gap.

In the last few months I have grown closer to those in bootcamp, to my clients in general, and to my friends and family. I am not sure how or why, but I am really enjoying the people in my life.

Jeff has been stressed. Work is getting really crazy for him, and he's basically having to do the work of 6 people right now. I worry about him, he's so young and so full of stress. So we started going on walks together and that seems to help. It still doesn't take away the massive amount of responsibility weighing on his shoulders, however.

In other news, my sister-in-law is getting nice and pregnant! She is due in late August and I am so excited to have a neice!! I know the baby is going to have so much love, but Aunt Caitlin will be especially spoiling of the baby. I am also really excited about my sister, April,'s baby due in December!

So many of my friends are now approaching the end of their pregnancy. My two friends/ ex-roommates from Disney World, Aubrey and Lorraine are the closest to popping! Aubrey is literally due any day, and Lorraine is due in early June! Not far away at all!

Two of the girls from my old dorm at BYU are both expecting TWINS! One just reached her third trimester, and the other just announced the pregnancy. Another friend from that same dorm is due this month as well.


Alas, we are NOT expecting, and don't plan on expecting for another 2-3 years or so. It's nothing against having children, it's just not really the time for us right now. We have a lot on our plate with the house and Jeff being overworked.

I have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months! Because Jeff will be so busy with work, I may take some time to go visit my father in Lubbock, or my sister in Houston. I haven't worked those details out yet, though, so we'll see. I am also planning on going on a weekend road trip with my mother-in-law to Dallas. It should be lots of fun.

My friend, Daniel, will be coming to town in early June and we're planning on a trip to Schlitterbaun together. I absolutely LOVE Daniel Bagby! He was definitely one of my very best friends in high school, and I really can't wait to see him!

I may be going to Montana at the end of June to visit Lorraine and her baby girl. We'll see if I can afford it though.

In July, we've got a ton of birthday's including my Dad's, Akira's, and my own! I am planning on having a birthday party probably AT Schlitterbaun. Then on July 31st we will be going to Cape May, NJ with my Aunt Didi and meeting my parents there. They are renting a beach house for a week with us and some family friends and POSSIBLY my brother all the way from Japan! I really hope he can come. I look forward to this vacation a LOT.

AAaaaand when I get back, there will be Liz's birthday and then Liz's baby girl will be born at the end of August! WOOHOO! It's gonna be a good summer!

Well, I probably DID end up boring you, but enjoy this little photo I took from the Cinco De Mayo party we went to last night and have a great day!


Blog Out!