Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

The time has come for me to say goodbye to you all. Not as though I am going anywhere, only that I am no longer going to be keeping a blog. I've decided that my life does not need to be publicized and if I am going to have a blog, I will be keeping it anonymous and on topics other than myself. It's not that I don't care about you guys, my 5 readers (or less) it's just that I find myself lacking things to say and feeling like no one really cares either way... not that you don't care about me, but that this seems to be more of a self-indulgent type activity that I don't feel like continuing.

So I hope you all have a great Christmas, and that you have a wonderful New Year! Lots of Love.

Blog OUT. For Good.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fashion Police...

I decided today that I wanted to illustrate a particularly interesting day at School... sometimes words just don't describe...

Saturday, November 12, 2011


An Attempt at A Poem

A little known fact, A pleasure to know
A hidden path that one has yet to go
But I've seen it, I've run it, I've known
The warmth of the sun as I make my way down

Bitter blue coldness is warm this way
eyes are daggers that melt away
a lock on a door, but inside a buffet
I've tasted, to bursting, but full... no way

The painful truth, a happy lie
a knowledge alone, is an ignorance died
beautiful treasures sought forever through time
found here, only by the one who actually tried.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  It begins what I like to call the "Holiday Trilogy."  1st come costumes, fun, and parties.  Then comes thanks, food, and family.  Last comes the best of both worlds, sparkly lights, gaudy decorations, family, warmth, good food and PRESENTS!!!

This year Jeff and I decided to go as memes!  Jeff decided to be Domo... and since Domo eats kittens, I decided to be Nyan aka "Poptart" cat!  A delicious sounding cat. Here's what Domo and Nyan cat look like.

 This is Nyan cat.  Notice the Rainbow trail (I had to get creative to recreate this).

Here are 2 Domos chasing a kitten.

And here are our costumes...
So obviously Nyan Cat is a less-known character.  I could not find any poptart cat costumes, nor poptart costumes.  So I had to make my own.  I wore all gray workout pants, and a long-sleeve top.  I bought some thick artist board for the "crust," I bought light pink foam board, and dark pink foam board.  I made frosting, and then sprinkles with it.  I made 2 poptarts, then super glued some rope strings from a fancy bag I got from buying some clothes, and made straps for my poptarts.  I ordered a rainbow tutu from along with some ears, and a tail!  Tada!  Best Nyan Cat costume ever!  It's also the first one I have ever made myself!  Be proud of me.

Jeff's costume was easy to get.  We got it at  He was the hit of the party!

We had a lot of fun this year.  We went to a party with our friend, Chris, who was a hippy.  Sadly, I had so much fun I forgot to get any good photos.. and the ones I did will potentially offend some of my readers... so I have chosen to censor myself on this one.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just an Update

School is going well.  It is crazy and hectic, and I am NEVER taking 16 hours and working again... but it's all worth it, baby.  I have an A average in EVERY class so far, and I plan on keeping it that way.  I'm quite enjoying myself, aside from the incredibly stressful workload.

Last week wasn't a great week for me.  I cracked my iPhone and re-chipped my tooth for the 2nd time this month.  Annoying.  The first time I chipped it biting my nails.  I haven't bitten them since.. not ONCE.. the 2nd time I chipped it eating cereal. Lame.  I mean... seriously??? CEREAL??? Obviously my dentist messed it up.. and I'm having the hardest time getting in to get this stupid chip fixed.  Thank goodness it's not too obvious.. it is on my front tooth but it's pretty small.

The good news, is I got my NEW iPhone 4S 2 days after cracking my 3GS.  I am in love with it.  When I feel like slacking off I search for new covers for it.  It takes great photos and has cool apps for editing them.  If you follow me on Facebook, it's likely you've seen some of these photos.  I got a little obsessed on Friday night after it came in the mail.  I got some adorable photos of my niece, Adelaide.

She's gorgeous.  She's gotten so big.  I can't believe she is WALKING now, and she has the cutest little walk too.  I have to say, while I have always adored her, I adore her even more now.  Her sweet little personality is really prominent now.  She dances whenever she hears music, no matter what, she has to stop a little and dance, and then keeps exploring.  And she loves food.  And is into everything.  She walks around with cell phones up to her ear.  It's so cute.  She even holds the XBox controllers properly.  It makes me kinda want one.  You know... briefly.  Then she starts crying or stabs someone in the eye and I change my mind again.  ;)

My cats are doing well.  Akira has been out more often, she and Puppy get along so well now, I am surprised I ever had to worry about them.  Here's a hilarious photo of Akira stalking me...
She's so cute.

And really, that's about it.  School.  Work.  Homework.  Exams.  Kitteh distractions.  Oh.. and I've been sorta working on my halloween costume.  I'll give you a hint... it involves rainbows and poptarts.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

College... Round 2

Going back to school has been an enlightening experience.  It's really a great way for me to measure the leaps and bounds my personality has made, and my maturity level.  I'm not trying to brag, I'm trying to emphasize how incredibly immature and short-sighted I was.  I think back to how I approached college when I was 18, and going to BYU, and I feel a little sick to my stomach at how I wasted that opportunity.  I did not appreciate it for what it was.

Now I'm back in school, 7 years later, to finish what I started.  For the first time, I look forward to going to class.  I have not missed a class, and don't plan on missing one... I don't care if I'm spiking a fever of 103, I will be in class.  I feel a thirst for knowledge, a strong feeling of elation when I learn something new, and a distaste for the people around me bragging about getting drunk all weekend and making bad grades on the test because of it.  I want to scream at them, and shake them, and warn them about the consequences of not taking school seriously.

I am lucky to be able to go back to school and finish.  Most people don't have that chance once they get married and take on adult responsibilities.  I have vowed to myself that I will not only pass all of my classes, but I will make A's if I can.  So far, I have taken exams in 3 classes, and gotten a 92, 94, and 98 on these exams.  So far, so good.  I made a B on my first biology quiz and almost went into a depression... but I made up for it yesterday.  After acing 2 exams, I made a 100 on my 2nd biology quiz.  I feel amazing about my progress.

Meanwhile, work is busy.  If I'm not at school, I'm training clients until all hours of the evening.  I wake up at 4:30, and I don't usually get home until 7 or 8, which gives me about 30-60 minutes before I have to start getting ready for bed.  I'm exhausted, and I am stressed... but I will not fail.  I will do what I have to do, to get what I want.

I finally feel proud of myself.  I feel like I am doing something good... for ME... but also for my family.  I want to make sure that Jeff and I never have to ask for help, or take a handout.  In fact, I hope we are so well off we can help others.  I want to be financially independent, in case I ever need to be the sole provider.  Mostly, though, I want to reach my full potential.  For the first time in my life, I feel confident that I am intelligent... but more-so, I am becoming knowledgeable.  There is nothing more precious in life, than continuing to learn and grow... stagnation is death to my soul.

I guess the point of this post is to let you all know that right now, life may be hard, but it is a very big step for me in my own personal growth and development as a person.  I am stressed, and I am stretched thin, but ultimately I am satisfied with my choices at the moment.  I hope you all have the strength to chase what you want, and to go after it even if it's really difficult.  Hard work reaps big rewards.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


school good. work busy. life kinda hard. no big news thank goodness. wrist is healing nicely. Big fires burning nearby.

I'm not getting much sleep, and I'm being a terrible friend as far as keeping up with my favorites. I can't help it. I barely have time to pee. Seriously... I'm learning bladder control like nobodies business. In good news, I'm walking so much at school my fitness level hasn't seemed to suffer. Other than the fact I can't use my wrist to work out.

I've been getting super busy with work. Even on my days off school, I am so busy it's a miracle I ever get any homework done.. which recently I have been slipping on. I'm starting to feel burned out and it's only the first month. I will get used to this. I have to.

I guess I just felt the need to say hi. I know almost no one reads this, but I figured... maybe someone out there cares. Who knows?

Hope you are all doing well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I thought I was going to die...

I had my wrist surgery 2 weeks ago. I was scared. I kept feeling like it might be my last. My sister's high school boyfriend died under anesthesia from a routine knee surgery. He died. I kept thinking about it over and over the days leading up to the surgery. I even left a little note for Jeff, "I Love You" I wrote it on the calendar for the day right after my surgery... just in case.

I got really nervous, and therefore didn't eat much the 2 days before my surgery. I also got "water stomach." This is relevant, I promise. So the day of surgery, Jeff drove me. He and I ended up waiting HOURS because my surgeon went over on the surgery before me, and then another surgeon using my operating room went late too. They put me on Verset or something like it, an amnesiac medicine that gives you that nice "I don't care" feeling. They had to give it to me twice because I was waiting so long and getting so anxious.

The last thing I remembered was being wheeled into the surgery room. Then I woke up, looked over and realized I was alive. I was very happy about this. According to Jeff, every few minutes I would ask him the same questions over and over again. I also drank a ton of water the first night, and ate nothing. I spent Saturday mostly in a drug-induced stupor. They put me on pain meds that made me dizzy and nauseous so I barely ate all day Saturday. I drank a ton, I was so thirsty.

By Sunday, I felt a little better, I kept feeling like I shouldn't take my pain meds, but I didn't want to feel the pain, so I took them anyway. I also had to take this awful anti-inflammatory medication that made me dizzy and hurt my stomach terribly. I ended up calling my client and cancelling. I couldn't drive with the room spinning. I decided to take my pain meds and go to sleep, but first I needed Jeff to help me clean my wound. He unwrapped my wrist, and I finally got to see the wound. He started dabbing my wrist with hydrogen peroxide, and suddenly I knew something was seriously wrong.

I started feeling really sick. I felt hot and cold, and far away. I knew I was about to pass out or throw up or something, and I told Jeff but he didn't really seem to take me seriously, so I crawled out of my chair and onto the floor, hoping to save myself from passing out. Apparently it didn't work. The next thing I knew I was in darkness, opening my eyes, and Jeff was holding my shoulders and screaming "BREATH!" in my face. It was terrifying, and yet I was incapable of doing anything to help myself. I looked at Jeff, he looked so scared, I have never seen that fear in his eyes before. I told him to call an ambulance. Something was seriously wrong with me. I felt far away and all I wanted to do was sleep but I was scared I wouldn't wake up. Jeff called and I heard him tell the 911 operator that I had a seizure, that I had stopped breathing. I kinda checked out and then the EMTs were around me. They asked a bunch of questions but I kept falling in and out of comprehension. Finally they got me in the Ambulance, and I can't even remember getting into a room. A few hours later I finally got my mental acuity back.

My Aunt Sherry came to be with me, and Jeff was there. The nurse told me I had really low levels of Potassium, Magnesium, and Salt. Basically because of the diet I had been on, the diarrhea, the lack of food for several days, and the excessive water drinking, I had thrown my electrolytes off and it had caused me to go into a critical state. Once they pumped me full of salt, potassium, and magnesium, I was coherent and fine. They also forced me to eat a sandwich, and I happily obliged.

I was really scared, guys. I really thought I might die when I woke up from that seizure. Now I have to go to a cardiologist to make sure it wasn't a heart thing, but I think I'm out of the woods for now. Just wanted to let you in on my story.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lubbock and my upcoming Wrist Surgery...

Lubbock was great! I got to spend some time with my Dad, and little sister, Rebekah, and Step-Mom, Bev. Rebekah, Bev, and I went to the movie "The Help," where I cried like a baby and loved every moment of it! I highly recommend this movie.

I also got to see Meghan and her boyfriend, Nick. We all went and saw the new Planet of the Apes movie, which was also good. I still liked The Help better.

It was really just great to see my Dad, spend some quality time, after all these years we haven't spent enough time together.

Since I got back from Lubbock, life has gotten hectic. I've added on 3 new clients this week alone, and have been running around non-stop. Today was the first day I got a little peace, and I spent it scheduling my surgery for Friday.

Friday is my surgery! I cannot believe it! They got me in so fast, and I will be able to do it before school is started! I am so excited to get this over with before school starts.. and I am super excited about getting school started!

Anyway, that's about it. Life is good.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Birthday

This might have been the best birthday in the history of birthdays. I'm officially 25 years old and 9 days. This year, due to an awesome stroke of luck, Groupon had a paintball deal too good to pass up. $20/person! That included paintballs and equipment. So I got all my friends to buy one, and we went the day after my birthday. It was incredibly fun!! We played capture the flag, war, and most of the time I got to be on the same team as my friends, which meant we got to strategize together... which was super fun. I think I liked seeing a different side to all my friends. Also, I would have died because I got shot in the head the last round.. yikes.

Enjoy some photos from the trip...

Here we are meeting, looking at Chris's gun.

Here we are in our masks, testing the pressure (they have to make sure we're not going to slice each other up with too highly pressurized tanks)

The Group: (left to right: Jeff, Me, Marissa, Andrew, Liz, Chris, and Dan)

Here Marissa and me are waiting for Capture the Flag to start (we were the offense.. so fun!)

Jeff's talking strategy...

We're looking at this poor guy who got shot in the bare arm and has an open wound!

Dan looking all bad A

Andrew looking a bit scared...

Beginning of game #1.. this is the one I got shot in the leg 5 seconds before it ended..

That might be Liz...


Liz took out 3 guys on the other team before getting shot in the hand :(

Overall, it was a HUGE WIN!!!! Although I have created a monster with Jeff... he's now obsessed with paintball and wants to get us guns and go every single day...

On to my LOOT!!! Monday, Jeff bought me flowers... Tuesday, he brought me more... Wednesday, more flowers... Thursday a bouquet of my favorite flowers... and Friday he got me a dozen red roses! He did an amazing job making my birthday feel special!

My Mom got me a gift card to Aaron Brothers, because it's an art store and that's a hobby we have in common.. it was incredibly sweet.

Tom and Julie got me a movie I hadn't seen yet, but was awesome!

Even my client got me a gift! She got me these awesome racing laces for your running shoes.. you don't have to tie them, they are super awesome. And she got me a gift card to a running store. She knows me well. She's a sweet woman. I really enjoy being her trainer.

I decided that since I was turning 25, it was time to find my own scent. I wanted something grown-up, sophisticated, not picked out for me, and still "me." I narrowed it down at Sephora to 4 scents... 1) Escada Taj Sunset. 2) Coach Poppy. 3) Viva La Juicy! 4) Gorgio Armani's Aqua Digio.

The girl helping me let me take home samples of all 4, so I had friends smell them, and then I wore each one on seperate days and asked Jeff if he liked it, and if he liked the one the day before better, or the one I had one better.

In the end it was an easy decision. The Escada perfume was too sweet, the Juicy perfume Jeff didn't like much, and in a sniff test between Aqua Digio and Coach Poppy, Coach Poppy won hands down! I love this scent! I had no idea I would love it, either, it smells so much better on my body than it does even in the bottle!

I also realized that with school starting, I will need a computer I can tote around with me. I'm currently using a very old, hand-me-down computer from my Step-Dad, and while it is sufficient for the moment, I want something I can do more with. Which is why, I took advantage of Lenovo's 72-hour sale, and got myself an IdeaPad Y460! I am so excited about this! I think it's going to help me out not only with school, but also with work! I got it for a great deal too! It's normally $1400, I got it for $799, but after taxes and purchasing a 2 year warranty, it ended up being more like $905. That's still $500 cheaper than it would've been. It also has a top of the line i7 processor, and 8 GB ram, a great video card, and I'll be able to do everything I want/need to do and more!

Although the original purpose of buying this computer was not for my birthday, I feel that it counts as a sufficient gift, even if my student loans had to help me get it.. in the end it will be worth it.

And as a final note... I have a large 1/2 inch ganglion cyst in my wrist. They are going to have to operate on me (while I'm under of course) and take it out. This is scheduled to happen 2 Mondays from now. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quarter Century Birthday....

I'm turning 25 on Friday. I don't anticipate I'll post, so I figured I would post today.

I'm going to turn this into an easy read. Basically I want to catolog 25 things I am proud of accomplishing thus far in my life, and then 25 things I hope to accomplish in my 25th year. I'll post about my party after it happens this saturday! Paintball!!! woooO!!!

25 things I am proud I have accomplished (or am just lucky to have had) in my 25 years...

1. Being born Butt first... I take great pleasure in knowing that my first act in this world was mooning the doctor.

2. Being Muffin's Mom. (And Akira and Puppy's mom as well)

3. Sky Diving. Rock Climbing. Caving.

4. Graduating High School with Honors and college credits.

5. Marrying Jeff (these are in no particular order by the way)

6. Overcoming the Tumor on my nose, and not letting it defeat me nor allowing myself to use it as a crutch.

7. Becoming a Personal Trainer.

8. Living in Virginia Beach and making such wonderful friends/memories there.

9. Working at Disney World as Alice, and making such wonderful friends/memories there.

10. Expanding my Food Horizons, and learning to LOVE sushi and many other foods I used to refuse to try.

11. Learning German and Going to Germany with my Mom.

12. Going to Taiwan with my Dad, Step-Mom, and 2 Sisters.

13. Meeting Brian, and being with him while he dealt with, and finally succombed to his brain tumors. I learned a lot from that experience and met an amazing man in the process.

14. Growing up with Jonathan, Valerie, Meghan, and Rebekah as my siblings. I couldn't ask for more fun siblings to have, I was never lonely with them by my side.

15. Owning my own business, and making it grow, and making friends in the process.

16. Taking gymnastics at 21! I finally learned to do a back hand spring and a front flip!

17. Moving to Austin when I was 20, the reasons might have been horrific, but in the end it was one of the hardest/best things I ever did for myself.

18. Kickboxing. I love it. I am so happy I got into it.

19. Learning to Ski at age 19.

20. Dying my hair red. I know... it's kinda stupid to put on here, but I am really happy I switched to red.

21. Meeting my best friends, and managing to stay in touch with most of them (even if some of them are only through facebook).

22. Becoming close friends with my sister, Meghan, whom I used to fight with like crazy.

23. Becoming an Oil Painter.

24. Purchasing and renovating a house (I'm not super happy about this, but I am proud of what we have accomplished).

25. Flying Trapeze! I flew in the air with the greatest of ease!!!

25 things I hope to accomplish this year:

1. Make Mostly A's in school, and not drop out of any classes.

2. Re-introduce Dairy into my diet

3. Finish the house (aka get a stair railing, finish the fireplace, finish the kitchen, and the master bath)

4. Get close to finishing my bachelor's degree.

5. Go on the cruise and the vacation I won at that time-share presentation.

6. Keep my PCOS "borderline" and not allow myself to get worse.

7. Pay off my Yaris.

8. Pay off our credit card debt.

9. Go to DC to visit my Mom and Step-Dad.

10. See my Sister, Meghan, more than once.

11. Continue growing my relationship with my husband, and pick up a hobby together.

12. Compete in a triathalon or body competition (I haven't decided yet).

13. Get a bike. Ride it.

14. Think about having kids. Then decide to wait till I have more money.

15. Finish my paintings for my Dad and step-Dad, and maybe crack off another for someone else.

16. Sell a painting.

17. Learn to Wind Surf, Surf, Water Ski, or some other water sport.

18. Get over my fear of Scuba Diving and try it out while I'm on vacation.

19. Eat more vegetables.

20. Take better care of my skin/wear sunscreen.

21. Make more friends.

22. Get out of the house more, go to events in Austin and make myself have more fun!

23. Hang out with my Aunts more, play cards, and eat Salsa.

24. Make more contacts to further my career.

25. Refresh and learn more German.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Hectic Day I decided to ramble about...

Today was just... crazy. I decided that since it was my 1st totally free day, I was going to make the most of it. I went out early, first went to Evie Evan, a makeup store on South Congress between 5th and 6th street. I bought a groupon for the place a long time ago, and it was close to expiring, so I had to use it!

Evie Evan is a great place. It started as an online makeup store, and progressed a year ago to owning a nice little spot in downtown. The website for them is

After spending about 1.5 hours picking out my stuff... and overspending on my groupon by a lot... I got out of there, found my car parked way out of the way, and drove over to the Whole Foods downtown. I really love Whole Foods even though they rape you on prices... but this time I thought ahead and actually printed a coupon for the product I wanted, got it and a few other things, and grabbed a little snack so I wouldn't have to go home.

Then I mosied my way over to Jerry's Artarama, where I had to spend another groupon, this one expired in exactly 1 week! I got some really great, quality brushes to replace the cheapo ones I bought when I wasn't sure how into oil painting I would be. I also bought a few replacement paints for the ones I am about to run out of. I played with oil pastels, considered purchasing some, but luckily didn't, because I also ran over my groupon budget with this store.

Once I finished at Jerry's it was already pretty late in the afternoon and I was getting tired. I drove out of my way over to 183, to the Jared Galleria of Jewelry where Jeff bought my engagement ring. I'm supposed to get it examined every 6 months to maintain the warranty, and it has been almost a year. So I got that in, and she cleaned it up all sparkly, and I was about to walk out when I decided to ask her what it would cost to resize the ring. I've lost a significant amount of weight since we've been married, and my ring is constantly about to fall off. She told me it's covered, so FREE!!!! So I left it there to go from a 5.75 to a 5! That's a pretty big change! She also told me they will replate it with white gold so it will look gorgeous when I get it back! Hooray!

I only had 1 more errand (or so I thought), so I rushed over to the pet store to buy some stuff for my babies, and while there remembered that I needed to call the vet because I had seen some reddish pink in Akira's pee and I was worried about it. She told me to bring her in for a urine sample, and that I might have to leave her overnight. Long story short I rushed home, crated Akira, rushed her to the vet's (who happens to be RIGHT by Jared's, and a good 40 minute drive away from my house) before closing. The vet was sweet enough to take Akira even though she wasn't even supposed to be at the office today and had happened to drop in when I called. She checked everything out and Akira turned out to be fine. She thinks it must've been an old infection that cleared itself. And... that'll be $100 please. UGH!

So I grabbed Akira, drove ALMOST home, and made my final stop at the CVS pharmacy to get a prescription for some awesome Retinoid stuff that makes my face look good.

Now I am home, decompressing, and writing this long ranting blog that probably no one cares to read.. but I feel better telling my blog about my day :).

Saturday, July 16, 2011


The last few weeks...
This cuteness has been hanging out with me... We went shopping all over town so I could make this braided rug:

I'm still in the process of braiding, but we are getting there, people, it is going to be GORGEOUS! Here's Akira helping me... ish...

Meghan and Nick came to visit! We had a lot of fun. We went to SoCo, the Arboretum for icecream, Lazertag, tubing, etc. etc. I really like Meghan's latest boyfriend, and hope he sticks around for a while.. this is the first one I've truly liked.

Once they left, I felt empty inside, so I decided to hit the Aaron Brother's buy a frame, get a frame for a penny and re-frame these awesome paintings from my childhood.I then decided we needed to get all the lighting fixtures put in our house because I'm tired of staring at wiring. Tada!!!

Blog Out!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Impossible Dream Birthday Wish List

As my good friends know, I'm turning 25 on July 29th!!! To celebrate my birthday, I decided to come up with an Impossible Dream Birthday Wish List! It's all the things I wish I could have, but know will probably never happen... but are fun to dream about anyway! So here goes:

Impossible Dreams that I HOPE will someday come true!!!!

First off, I want this Street Strider. It's amazing. I want it so bad.

I also want this awesome underwater treadmill!! How sweet is this??

A cruise around the WORLD!!!

I want my own castle in France, complete with moat.

A Trike! I would make this baby look good.

The ability to fly (1st class of course) to any destination I desire, at any time I desire, no matter what.

I want to have a boy first (I know, I'm not supposed to want this... but little girls need big brothers in their lives), and I want to decorate his room like this, and have little monster dolls and fun stuff like godzilla toys and off-beat decor.

Then, when I have a little girl, I want to deck her room out in all the glitz and glamour imaginable and have the room's showpeice be the crib below... awesome... I know, something is seriously wrong with me, but this is what I want...

A brand new wardrobe that looks just like this, and a shopping spree to fill such a beautiful room with gorgeous, designer outfits!

A Beautiful, Amazing sports car such as this one...

I want my own Personal Chef to cook me all my meals and keep me healthy with a happy tummy and even happier taste buds!

I want to eat authentic Phad Thai from a stand in Thailand.

I want to backpack Europe. With my friends.

I want to go back to Rottenburg and bring Jeff with me so he can see how amazing it is.

I want a gorgeous modern house on the beach... the nice beach... like with waves and clear water.

I want a lab puppy to take on runs with me...

I want a Macbook Pro 2012