Monday, December 8, 2014

Merry Christmas

We took Sonja to get photos with Santa this year...

As you can see, she's not really into it...

That last one is her pointing her finger at me. It felt accusatory, but it was actually her way of telling Santa she would like him to take her back to me... hopefully.

Sorry if I ruined the surprise. I sent out MOST of my Christmas cards already so you should've gotten one if you gave me your address or I might have even hunted it down if I felt you NEEDED to see this.

Merry Christmas!!!

So now for an update on the family... I won't have much time to update you in the coming weeks, so it's now or never.


Jeff is back from VA. It's been a crazy year for us. He's been doing contracting work in the DC area for a company that his dad works for. Sonja and I went with him for the first month, then spent a month without him back at home. It was rough.
Jeff is also going to school part time (online this semester). He just built his own computer (a very cool gaming computer), and is currently Sonja's absolute favorite person in the world.


I have been training clients part-time, and quite enjoying it. I've also been working on a few other projects, mostly pinterest stuff, and spending most of my time with Sonja. The highlight of my year so far was our trip to Cape May, NJ for a family reunion with my side of the family. It was absolutely wonderful and so very needed. This has been a great year for me as a mother, as well. I have found this year a lot easier in most ways than the first year. Sonja is such a delight to me, and I'm finally feeling confident in my abilities to handle motherhood and other things at the same time. lol.


This has been a big year for Sonja. It's her 2nd year of life, so big changes have taken place. She's gone from an unsteady walker to a running, jumping, energetic small child! She loves to sing, music, hums constantly, and is almost always placated if I just make up a song about whatever it is she hates doing (like putting on shoes and socks). She's always been a sweet girl, but her soft heart has started really showing as she's gotten older and more independent. She loves stuffed animals, and loves smothering them with hugs and kisses. She loves Puppy even though he doesn't exactly love her messing with him. She loves jumping and being tossed and doing rolls, she loves making me jump with her. She loves birds, the sun, the moon, stars, and learning. She loves to count. Her wonder and amazement at the most simple and basic aspects of life helps me to also enjoy those things in a new light. Taking her for a walk is so much more fun than going on a walk by myself has ever been. It's fun to show her new things and experience them with her in all her wonder and excitement.
Sonja is now going to a mother's day out program twice a week for half a day. She loves it. She doesn't like getting dropped off but loves being there and loves her teacher. She's also still in gymboree and loves that too. She's a smart kid. She's talking more and more and quicker to laugh and smile than ever before! She is the absolute light of our lives.


Puppy is doing great. He is a little bit sad about not being the center of attention anymore, but he and Sonja have reached an understanding. He still loves his crinkle tunnel and his mousies. Sonja is learning to throw them for him.. so that's a fun new way for them to play together. I've put him on a new diet that should hopefully help with his extra lbs. He's still our sweet Puppy boy and we love him a lot.

Hope you are all doing really well!

Merry Christmas!