Saturday, December 27, 2008

Akira Couture Hartung

Say "Hello" to the newest member of the Hartung household, Akira Couture Hartung! She's the hottest little thing ever to hit Austin, and she knows it! She flaunts it! What to say... Akira's a Leo, like me, her birthday is July 25, 2008. She loves hiding behind the couch and occasionally behind the toilet (I'm trying to rid her of that habit). She also loves being under our bed and under my dresser. Akira is very affectionate, though still adjusting to her new home and new family. She mews very cute! It sounds like "Ow!" and she also growls sometimes. It's cute. Akira is into the latest fashion, and has a very stylish bright pink leash. She also only plays with the latest in accessories, for example her bright pink mouse with yellow feathers for a tail, her crinkle bird which is green and yellow, and her cheetah print bouncy ball, which looks a lot like her. Akira is still working on her coordination skills, though. She is not the most graceful when it comes to jumping onto and off of things but we hope she'll improve with time.

We've finally gotten her confidence up enough that she will lay out on the couch with us while jeff plays Fable 2. She loves Jeff, and is currently sleeping on his lap because I'm in the computer room (which is off-limits to her). She also loves me. We had good bonding time because when she first got here she would not leave the bathroom. I'll tell the story.

We picked Akira up from the airport around 3pm yesterday, and drove her home for 30 minutes. She hardly made a peep the whole time but kinda just stared at us and looked pretty freaked out. We decided to let her out in the room where we keep her little box (guest bathroom), and we also put out her food and water bowl so she would be able to eat after the flight she was on. I let her out of her cage and she slowly came out but not till I left the room. The next few times I checked on her she was hiding behind the liter box. Jeff's mom suggested we get her some cat nip to calm her down. So I sent Jeff to the store and stayed behind to try and see if one person was easier than 2 in getting her to come out. Soon I heard her weird little "Ow!" meow, and started making the same noise back at her. Slowly, antagonizingly slow, she peeked her head around the corner and eventually made it all the way into the living room. Meanwhile, I maintained my distance on the couch so she wouldn't feel threatened. Through lots of meowing at each other I finally got her to sniff my hand and then to let me pet her. She is now very over being afraid of either of us but it definately took some effort. I blame that on her age. She's 5 months old, so she's young enough that she's not secure being on her own, but also old enough that she's not a fearless baby. She's more at that unsure toddler age.

This morning she came and cuddled with us on our bed, though, and has been much more friendly and out there with us today. I think by Monday all hesitation will be gone and we'll be in for it! I can't wait!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Create your own FACEinHOLE

It's a GIRL!

This kitty right here is my new baby! She arrives December 26th at the Austin airport from Corpus Christi!!! I do NOT have a name for her yet, though, so I need your help! I will give you the 2 names we have so far and then you let me know your oppinions and also I would LOVE suggestions because I'm not sold on either name just yet. Also, I'm looking for an exotic type name since she's a bengal with spots.

1.) Isis - "supreme goddess" named after an egyptian goddess
2.) Jazmyn
3.... your suggestions please!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Country Siblings Elfed

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My siblings and I... ELFED

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group elf dance

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We Elfed Ourselves

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This Coming Vacation... ruined plans lead to happy rewards!!!

I'm noticing a trend with some of Jeff's Utah peeps... we continually get flaked on. As I wrote in an earlier episode, we were supposed to fly to Utah (one-way tickets were purchased) and go to the family reunion and pick up Jeff's broncho, which his Uncle PROMISED would be done in a WEEK a few weeks ago. Come to find out, his broncho will NOT be done, and we will be stranded forever in the depths of Park City... just kidding. Last notice, I almost had to fork up another $500 at LEAST to get us home, but due to my mother's bargain-feind blood line, I managed to find us two airline tickets costing only $220 after taxes and everything! Best part... we're flying out of Vegas... which means...

VEGAS VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! We're going to stay in a 4 star hotel which I also got cheap prices on ($53 a night) because I am awesome. Definately going to walk the strip, dance in the clubs, and avoid gambling cause we don't roll like that. I am soooo excited! Not only will this be our first vacation since our honeymoon where we are actually alone together, but we will be erasing bad memories of past Vegas disasters. Cause I really like Vegas and don't wanna hold those memories against it. I mean, honestly, when we went to Utah for Ali's wedding and got flaked on by Jeff's childhood best friend, we ended up having to stay in a crappy motel 8 and it cost us more than this 4 star awesome hotel! This vacation is now well planned. Unfortunately that means no going to Denver to see my parents or Jeff's brother Chris. We might try going out there at the end of the month but so far no cheap tickets.

***foot note**** anyone wanting to join us in Vegas for a good time, please email or text me, friends are invited but you'll have to get your own room :p

***other foot note*** for those of you wondering where I found the best deals:, I checked all the sites I could find and these were the fairest

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nutcracker :D

The nutcracker was awesome! Sadly the only pictures I got were from afterward when the kids when out to ihop... none of the parents. We had a very good time, though, and the dancing was great! So.. I'm just posting some of the pictures for your enjoyment:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

more dress shots

More of the dress... just so you can kinda see the design of it...

Best part... it's a 4!!! Hallelujah! After all this hard work it better be a freakin 4!
I think this is the best shot of the dress cause you can see the side crinkles
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My Nutcracker Outfit

You wanted it, you got it! My nutcracker outfit! Complete with hot red hooker heels!

Couldn't get a great pic of the dress... I'll post more when I have it on... It comes with a wrap since I know it will be cold. But it's super cute on! It's satin...

closer up so you can see the wrinklies!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Month of Vacation and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

We are still in the works of planning our vacation but I'm getting super excited about Christmas Break!!! It will all start off with this Thanksgiving. I'm going on a trip to Stephenville to stay at my uncles house. There I will receive gifts from my Dad and Step-Mom and Rebekah. Yay. Probably nothing super awesome, though... the gifts have been dwindling from my family. However, I will enjoy the company and be glad to see the little sister again so I can give her big sisterly advice and such.

Next, is NUTCRACKER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I'm most excited because I get to go shopping with my mother in law and sister in law and get beautiful dresses so we can look fabulous when we go. And we aren't getting any cheap crappy dresses, I'm talking nice, designer stuff. Finally a mommy who understands my need to be pampered. ahh... yes... the good life...

We'll skip over the following exams, (I'm not too worried), and move on to the next part. Seeing my brother!!! yay!!! He graduates from basic training in San Antonio so Jeff and I will haul ourselves down to see him, and stay overnight at a hotel room my parents will be picking up the tab for, suckers! Ok, they volunteered which surprised and delighted me. Once we've stayed overnight (this is all around the 12th), we leave on the 13th for Utah. Ahhh... I can never stay away from that state for more than a year at a time... but we're going to Jeff's Mom's family reunion, so it will be a treat for me to meet all 12 of her siblings... wow... or 11... I can't remember. At least it isn't a funeral this year, cause that was not a fun way to meet everyone last year.

After that, it's SKIING time!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Honestly, I'm looking forward to skiing the most, I'm pretty excited. So we'll be staying with Jeff's parents while they are there and possibly a few days longer in a cheap motel of some sort, I have to find one first. Then we're going to pick up Jeff's Broncho, which has been forever talked about but never seen by me. His uncle is supposed to be putting in the engine by the time we get there so we can take it and haul off on a road trip of our own choosing. We will be hitting Denver, and if I can convince Jeff after reading Ali's blog... Vegas!!! Oh Vegas in the christmas time!!!! It's gonna be awesome, cause not only does Denver have my parents, but it will have my brother and his skeezy wife! I would like a few minutes alone with that skeezy wife's toothbrush and if I do, I'll take a few incriminating photos for my religious reader's entertainment.

Somewhere in there we'll hit home and get our Christmas presents from Jeff's parents who ACTUALLY love us. I am really excited because I'm finally getting awesome presents probably for the first time in my life (I've heard a little about the things to come)... And my Christmas will end happily ever after.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Trailer Park to Bryant Park

So I went and got my hair done yesterday after 3 freaking months!!! It looks great! You can see it by looking at the new picture of us I put on here... I might also add a few pictures that I took literally 10 minutes ago... I love the hair, not as fond of the cut... but it'll grow on me. So, as my stylist put it... I have now graduated from trailer park to bryant park lol... I did have some sick roots. Unfortunately I do not have a before picture... I avoided the camera for a while.

In other news... Schools almost out and Thanksgiving is almost here! I almost bought a dog yesterday.

I'm still working on Jeff but don't tell him...

Ok, so the story goes like this.... My mother in law and I went to the pet store yesterday and I met the CUTEST little pomeranian. He is white with apricot tips. I decided to name him Pommes Frites (pronounced POMM - FRITS) after the european name for french fries. I will try sending some photos to the computer so you can all see him and feel my pain in not being able to take him home... WHYYY?????

Thursday, November 13, 2008


No babies this month. It's ironic actually, because I wrote the last blog and then an hour later my period started... it's been a rough one too, waking me up in the middle of the night with cramps... I'm sure you all wanted to know about that, but it's my blog so HA! I can write whatever I want! And you HAVE to read it! muahahaha.

So Jeff and I both feel kinda the same way... bittersweet. We'd gotten kinda used to the idea that we were going to have a baby, we'd half accepted it, and started planning our lives around it, just in case. But at the same time, we'd really like to wait. I didn't want to wait, honestly, a month ago. But now, having looked at it a little closer, I think it would be best for me to finish school, establish a career, and get a little more face time with the hubby before baby takes all my attention away. So it's definately not a bad thing either.

So... for all of you anticipating the results.. NEGATIVE

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bun in the Oven?

So many of my faithful readers (4?) might already know this, but I stopped taking my birth control about 5 weeks ago. Yeah... and guess who hasn't come to visit me??? Aunt FLOW. As you might've guessed, Jeff's pretty freaked out right now... as he should be... but what about me??? It's MY body this potential fetus will be feasting on! Ok, ok, I'm not that worried. I've always loved babies, but I'd sure like to add a few vacations notches to the ol' vacation belt before I start shooting out babies. ughh... the only reason I'm blogging about this is because I feel like I have no one supportive to talk to. All they say is "WHY DID YOU STOP TAKING BIRTH CONTROL???" or "YOU'RE TOO YOUNG, WAIT A WHILE" and I'm like... HELLOOO who died and made you ruler of my life? I stopped taking birth control because it's so incredibly bad for you and your body. It was also screwing with my marraige (mood swings and such), so I decided it had to go. And what is really killing me is the wait. Just waiting to find out... every day agonizingly painful. I'm taking a test tomorrow and I'll post the results... so... pray that I can know soon so I don't go crazy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So 2 weekends ago a few things happend.
1st: Friday Night: We went out to celebrate Chris's birthday. No pictures, sadly, we always forget the camera. It was hilarious though. My new friend, Marian came along so I could try to give Chris a birthday present by introducing the two. Unfortunately she's not interested so sad day for Chris :(. Instead somehow Jeff's brother came along and talked us into going to the gay bar... I must say a new experience in and of itself. In the process I learned many new things about gay culture, learned that TV really does NOT exaggerate about the gay lifestyle. Oh, funny side-note... the club was called "RAIN" and I was like.. oh like "RAINBOW"... funny. ha ha. Um... what else happened... oh, Jeff got checked out several times, so I kept having to kiss him so he wouldn't feel threatened. We had fun dancing to Brittany Spears, though, so it wasn't a total flop. Also, my favorite part, Jeff got his butt grabbed sometime when I was off dancing with Chris (who is his gay brother in case you didn't get that)... hilarity! I think Marian and I will be good friends, we have a lot in common and she's fun! I'll get some pictures I PROMISE of the renaisance fair or halloween or both!

next day: Saturday: my nephew, Ian, turned 3. He's absolutely adorable. It was awesome, Jeff and I drove to Houston and my parents and sister, Meghan, flew to Houston, so it was like a big reunion. It was awesome! Especially because I finally got to see Meghan again and do a little mending since the wedding... I guess she's gotten used to the idea that I am going to be married for a long time. lol. We had a good time. On her last night we stayed up all night talking, laughing, and eating popcorn and candy. Good times.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

do the front flip dance!

So I finally got my front flip landing down, got someone to film it using my phone, and came up with this grainy, but awesome video!!! First time ever, ladies and gentlemen, Caitlin Hartung does a front flip and lands on her feet! SUCK ON THAT!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So... I dropped my phone in the toilet on Sunday. That's what I get for not watching conference... some may ask, Katy, how did you drop your phone in the toilet? Why was your phone near the toilet in the first place? I'm sorry but sometimes I need something to do in there. My phone happens to have a very addictive Tetris game and I was playing it and then I set the phone on the shelf next to the toilet. So after I flushed (I know you're excited to get all the details of my toilet ordeal), I reached over to get my phone and it fell out of my hand into the toilet. Plop! I screamed and dove for it and rescued my poor phone from the depths of the porcelain throne... but alas the damage was done. After a good sanitizing using rubbing alcohol, I sat my phone out to dry and then Jeff dried it with one of those air blaster things that you use to clean out your computer and stuff... it now works again with some weird water spots on the screen, but it could have been a lot worse... I'm just really glad I got that flush in first... that's the most exciting thing that's happened recently. THE END

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I ripped this off Ali

You're It!
A- Attached or Single? Married
B-Best Friend(s)? Jeff, Cecily, Lorraine
C-Cake or pie? I like it all
D-Day of choice? Friday/Saturday
E-Essential Item? contacts
F-Favorite color? pink or yellow
G-Gummy bears or worms? sour worms!
H-Home town? I don't know... I'll say Austin for now
I-Favorite indulgence? getting a professional massage/ my hair done
J-January or July? July!!! that's the best month ever!
K-Kids? very sticky and curious creatures
L-Life isn't complete without: a little bit of Jeff and a lotta bit of fun
M-Marriage date? February 23, 2008
N-Number of brothers and sisters? 4 sisters, 1 brother.
O-Oranges or Apples? Apples. the pink lady kind. that sound creepy
P-Phobias? lets start with Arachnaphobia... death-o-phobia... the list goes on a while
Q-Quote? of the week "Don't dousche my flow!" -Caitlin Hartung
R-Reasons to smile? I can do a back handspring; my handsome hubby is so amazing... he's sleeping right now but I am plotting fun ways to wake him up
S-Season of choice? Summer
T-Tag 3 people: I can't... I'm all alone
U-Unknown fact about me? I'm really a secret FBI agent
V-Vegetable? Broccoli... it goes well with cheese
W-Worst habit? biting the nails... I'm slowly overcoming that
X-Xray or Ultrasound? depends on what's wrong
Y-Your favorite food? recently... those all natural cheetos.. yum!
Z-Zodiac sign: Leo

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hamstring it up!

Yeah, I'm overworkin myself, so what? I don't know if anyone even reads these blogs other than my faithful Ali (which is why I keep writing)... but I'm pooped. Not like, the relieved, let me sink into my bed now that I have completely been drained of all energy pooped, but the holy crap I am about to get really religious because I think I might die right here pooped... not the fun kind.

Taking 2 workout classes a day is enough to kill any reasonable human being with limits, but no, I can't just be reasonable, I decide to push myself further. Self inflicted punishment? no... I blame boredom and an overabundance of endorphines. Yesterday after my weight lifting class where we maxed out (which means did the most amount of weight you can do until your muscles just won't move anymore)... I decided to go to the gym and do 50 minutes of cardio... I missed my mother in law... that's our time together... so I made the sacrifice. THen I came back to school and went to my conditioning class where she kicked my butt with MORE squats and other unspeakable moves I will not type.

Today I went to aerobics and got my butt kicked once again, only to head on over to gymnastics right after and continue my self-inflicted torture. Somewhere in the beginning of class between round-offs, I injured my right hamstring but thought, "I'm fine! can't stop now! won't stop now!" and kept on a truckin.

Needless to say... tonight, I can hardly move... sitting even hurts... I need to make more friends... I'm taking all this loneliness out on myself...

I stole from Ali's blog... this is about US as a couple

I stole this from Al-Breezy... :)

1. What is his name? Jeffrey Scott
2. Who eats more? He does. by far.
3. Who said I love you first? He did. I pretended to be asleep. Twice.
4. Who is taller? Jeff, by a whole 8 3/4 inches :)
5. Who is smarter? Jeff's really all the areas I'm not... and vice versa
6. Who is more sensitive? Me... but don't let Jeff fool you... he has emotions... deep down.
7. Who does the laundry? Me usually, but Jeff sneaks in a few loads when I'm not looking..
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jeff... I'm a lefty sleeper.
9. Who pays the bills? that task was forced upon me...
10. Who does most of the cooking? I do most of it (and that's not saying much) ok we're about even with that... he makes me eggs a lot...
11. What meals do you cook together? None in particular.
12. Who is more stubborn? hehe... both of us are
13. Who is the first to admit that they are wrong? wow... probably me cause I'm usually the one who acts like I jerk... Jeff rarely has to admit he's wrong
14. Who has more siblings? me again winning with a few steps and halfsies.
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? don't you mean who wears no pants? we're a no pants kinda family... we only wear them when required (but seriously, I do)
16. What do you like to do together? Talk, try to poke each other in the butt while running up the stairs, eat, joke, contemplate what our children will look like... sail... rock climb... go to the gym... go to his parents house and mootch... the list goes on... play nintendo...
17. Who eats more sweets? um.. def me... Jeff is kinda anti-sugar which I think makes him a freak of nature, a very lovable freak of nature.
18. What is his guilty pleasure? he loves reading... he hides in the bathroom so I won't distract him
19. How did you meet? I met his sister on a blind date with another guy and she kinda set up a "date" we didn't realize was a "date" so she asked him to pick me up so we could carpool down to south austin together... I met him in the Target parking lot and the rest is history.
20. Who asked who out first? Jeff asked me out after our first "date" a few nights later to take me to sushi. That was the night of our first kiss :D
21. Who kissed who first? He kissed me. haha.
22. Who proposed? uh... Jeff... after careful prodding and begging.
23. His best features? just one? Hair, eyes, face, body... mmm.. my muscle man!
24. What is his greatest quality? he's always happy... and never gets mad ever

Sunday, September 7, 2008

School Girl

So I have kinda neglected that I'm back in school and love it! I take Aerobics, Gymnastics, Weight Training, and Flexibility/Conditioning in the mornings. Then I have a night class on Mondays called "Lifestyle Change for Wellness" and then on Tues/Thurs I have a night class called "Anatomy". All my classes are pretty awesome except Anatomy is going to be tough. My first test is next Tuesday (not this one coming up) and I have to know how to recognize like 12 different kinds of tissue cells and name them, and I have to know what makes up a cell, and just waaaaay too much information about the microscopic workings of the human body. Wish me luck, I should be reading my chapters right now.... I think I will... just wanted to update you guys on how much I am LOVING being back in school... let's just hope we can avoid having babies long enough for me to finish :D

Cutting the Cheese

I wanted to add that friday night we made omlets, so Jeff was the "cooker of the eggs" and I was assigned "cheese cutter" which was going swimingly until I stabbed myself with the knife, not once, but 3 times. The third time drew blood. So who knew cutting the cheese could be so dangerous as to draw blood? I certainly learned my lesson... next item on my list of things to buy: cheese grater...

Impromptu party

Yesterday we decided to have a party. Well, Jeff and Andrew decided we were going to have a party. So we did. We got our projector and screen and set it up at the park. Meanwhile, Andrew and Liz got speakers and set up a playlist. Andrew also brought loads of sandwiches that he got from work because an order got sent on the wrong day, so he got to keep it. It was really fun. We met some new people, saw some old friends, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Once it got dark, we watched Pooty Tang at the park (past curfew) hehe. And we didn't even get busted by the popo! Yeah!

Also, Last wednesday, I had my gymnastics class again and would like to update yall on the fact that I did several back hand springs all by myself with only a spotter! Go ME! I'm awesome! By Friday I was in a lot of pain from all the working out I'm doing, so I cashed in one of my half-days of beauty that I got from my mommy-in-law, and it was fabulous! Massage, Facial, Manni/Pedi! What more could a girl ask for?

Did I mention I love my hubby? Because I do... I love him more every day... today we've been procrastinating together, but it's fun cause we can chase each other around the house like little kids, attempting to swat each other with various "weapons" like spatulas... or clothing... or pillows... then I grabbed the bat and it ended ;) j/k

side note: had a really creepy dream last night that Jeff's dad was trying to kill my sister, Meghan... Jeff and I saved her and spent the rest of the dream getting her to safety and then going back to save Jeff's mom. Then right when Jeff's dad was about to kill me, my step-dad walked in the house and Jeff's dad pulled a knife to stab him, then he hit the knife out of Jeff's dad's hand and stabbed him and saved the day... kinda sick, I am still trying to figure out the meaning.

Thats it, blog out

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Following in Everyone Elses Footsteps

Well, everyone else has a blog, so we decided to get one today. Mainly because Ali and Jed have one, and a few of my (Caitlin) old college buddies have one... perhaps someday this will be good enough since I don't write journal entries anymore... I know... I know... bad girl....

So... never really wrote about the honeymoon, we just hit our 6 monthiversary August the 23rd... we're not nearly as "newly wed" as we used to be. After 6 months, I must say, things are still really great. We're learning and growing from each other and we have NOT gained the marraige weight (thank goodness), thanks to our faithful trips to the gym.

So I guess I'll hit the highlights of our marraige and let the blogs come from there:

1. Wedding Day : everything went smoothly, everyone looked beautiful, and if you want to see pictures, look em up on facebook.

2. Honeymoon: the honeymoon was a cruise to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel. Loved the last two, Jamaica was aweful... we got mauled right off the boat by vendors and continued to get harrassed the rest of the time we were there, excluding the fantastic 4-wheeling adventure (which I loved!)... I did get a horrible sun burn which put a damper on things, but overall, the whole honeymoon went really well, we can't wait to go on another adventure together.

3. Back to Reality: once we got home, we moved to a bigger apartment and got back to work, Jeff has since been promoted and I have quit my job to go back to school. I finally figured out what I want to do, and that is to become a personal trainer, so I am now taking tons of really fun classes, yay team!

4. Sailing: Yes, we have a sail boat... we forgot we had a sailboat and it was towed away for 2 months before we realized it was gone... sad yes... the towtruck guy wanted 600 dollars for it, we talked him down to 100 cuz we're awesome bargaining geniouses. Once we finally got the boat up and running we took it for a sail... Jeff told me he knew how to sail.... if by "know how to sail" he meant "read a book on it and was a passenger on a sailboat once" then yes, he knew how to sail. Surprisingly, we were sailing, we took off in the wind and we were pulling red ropes and green ropes, and I was having to move around a lot because the boat kept trying to flip. We had another passenger, Tom, who knew a little about sailing himself and was doing a great job. He got off to jet ski with Chris, and left me to fend for myself with Jeff. At that point, Jeff kept yelling about something called a "Jib" and I floundered around pulling different colored ropes in hopes of finding this mysterious "jib"... all I remember after that is a great gust of wind and me flying out of the boat and into the water. We tipped our boat... I thought I was going to drown, but luckily found air and Jeff and we both lived. The boys then decided to take the boat to shore because at this point, half the boat was filled with water and needed some medical attention. I took the jet ski and went off on my own. By the time I got back, all I found were three heads bobbing in the water and the tip of the sail poking out of the water. We sunk our boat. Literally, sunk the ship.... yeah... luckily, 6 hours after this whole ordeal started, we had the boat back on dry land. Jeff bought the part missing that made our boat sink, and we have been sailing since, successfully and without any sinking or flipping. Yay team!

5.Trip to Lubbock: We went for the 4th of July to spend some time with my Dad and family. Jeff hadn't really had much time with them yet. It went SO WELL!!!! We had a great time, got to see "texas" in the paladuro canyon, went to the 4th on Broadway celebration, my dad and I sang while he played guitar, my dad got to know Jeff better, which was really nice, and I got to spend time with Bekah which is always fun.

6.Trip to Utah: Ali got married. So we went to Utah to show our support of my best friend. I didn't really get to see her though, :(. I understood because I remember how hectic it gets, but I was still sad about it. We did manage to get her some hilarious gifts, of which I will not post... plus I had a lot of fun with Lorraine and Brendan her boyfriend. We went shopping, went to the science spectrum, saw the new Joseph Smith movie at Temple Square, cried a little, and just enjoyed each other's company. Lorraine has grown a lot and it was so nice to see her so happy... made me feel all warm and fuzzy for her.

6. Last Day at Work: So my last day at work was August 21st, and no one was happier than I was! I hated that place... loved the people, hated the politics... and my overloaded work schedule, I was an unhappy camper. So yeah... I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!! Love school... I got some unexpected gifts from my former coworkers, though. It was really sweet. I also got a good peptalk from Dr.Brown, the singing pathologist... he said "be free" and I am...

7. Gymnastics class: I did a back handspring!!!! YEYAH!!!! First day!!!! Ok, so I had a spotter and used the horse to back me up, but still... I did it.. and I love this class... I love all my classes!

So that's everything in a nutshell... the rest of the posts will be a little less crowded...