Thursday, October 23, 2008


So 2 weekends ago a few things happend.
1st: Friday Night: We went out to celebrate Chris's birthday. No pictures, sadly, we always forget the camera. It was hilarious though. My new friend, Marian came along so I could try to give Chris a birthday present by introducing the two. Unfortunately she's not interested so sad day for Chris :(. Instead somehow Jeff's brother came along and talked us into going to the gay bar... I must say a new experience in and of itself. In the process I learned many new things about gay culture, learned that TV really does NOT exaggerate about the gay lifestyle. Oh, funny side-note... the club was called "RAIN" and I was like.. oh like "RAINBOW"... funny. ha ha. Um... what else happened... oh, Jeff got checked out several times, so I kept having to kiss him so he wouldn't feel threatened. We had fun dancing to Brittany Spears, though, so it wasn't a total flop. Also, my favorite part, Jeff got his butt grabbed sometime when I was off dancing with Chris (who is his gay brother in case you didn't get that)... hilarity! I think Marian and I will be good friends, we have a lot in common and she's fun! I'll get some pictures I PROMISE of the renaisance fair or halloween or both!

next day: Saturday: my nephew, Ian, turned 3. He's absolutely adorable. It was awesome, Jeff and I drove to Houston and my parents and sister, Meghan, flew to Houston, so it was like a big reunion. It was awesome! Especially because I finally got to see Meghan again and do a little mending since the wedding... I guess she's gotten used to the idea that I am going to be married for a long time. lol. We had a good time. On her last night we stayed up all night talking, laughing, and eating popcorn and candy. Good times.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

do the front flip dance!

So I finally got my front flip landing down, got someone to film it using my phone, and came up with this grainy, but awesome video!!! First time ever, ladies and gentlemen, Caitlin Hartung does a front flip and lands on her feet! SUCK ON THAT!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So... I dropped my phone in the toilet on Sunday. That's what I get for not watching conference... some may ask, Katy, how did you drop your phone in the toilet? Why was your phone near the toilet in the first place? I'm sorry but sometimes I need something to do in there. My phone happens to have a very addictive Tetris game and I was playing it and then I set the phone on the shelf next to the toilet. So after I flushed (I know you're excited to get all the details of my toilet ordeal), I reached over to get my phone and it fell out of my hand into the toilet. Plop! I screamed and dove for it and rescued my poor phone from the depths of the porcelain throne... but alas the damage was done. After a good sanitizing using rubbing alcohol, I sat my phone out to dry and then Jeff dried it with one of those air blaster things that you use to clean out your computer and stuff... it now works again with some weird water spots on the screen, but it could have been a lot worse... I'm just really glad I got that flush in first... that's the most exciting thing that's happened recently. THE END