Monday, February 24, 2014

6 Years

Happy 6th Anniversary to us! Yesterday, Jeff and I celebrated 6 years of marriage!

This year, Jeff planned our date. I had been talking about how I want to go to a paint-your-own pottery studio so Jeff took me to one on Saturday and we both picked out some giant mugs to paint. We didn't finish in time before the 2nd half of our date, so we will have to go back and finish, but trust me they are going to be awesome! Mine already has a unicorn farting a rainbow so you can imagine how great it's going to be when I add the rest!

After that, we went on a segway tour of Austin. It was really fun, a lot more fun than it sounds actually. The segway itself is super fun to drive. It goes up to 12 mph and we definitely took it to full speed several times. Really it felt more like a joy ride on a segway with some cool people and we stopped a few places to learn historical info about things, but not the boring history, the interesting stuff like hauntings and fires and dramatic events. All in all it was a really great date and a great way to spend some time together while Sonja was staying with friends.

I still find it hard to leave her with other people mostly because I worry she will feel like I'm abandoning her, but it really is important for us to get out of the house and spend some quality time together.

Here are a few photos of our fun time.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sonja's 13 months old.. and some change...

This post is a little late, but I wanted to quickly document the cuteness of 13 month old Sonja.

Sonja is 13 months old! Yay!

This was on the actual day she turned 13 months old.. digging through drawers.. story of my life
Sonja's Favorite Things at 13 months:

* Her wooden puzzles with the cows, ducks, chickens, etc.
* Her doll that says "mama"
* Rubber Duckies and all things duck... she loves the puzzle piece ducks, the ducks in the photo on my bathroom wall, all duck objects.

* Dogs. This month she got to meet her Nunu's dog, Winston, and they both loved each other so much. 
* She also loves cats, but they don't seem to love her back (*ahem*Puppy*ahem*)
* Ducks

* Looking at the pictures on the Fridge
* Looking at the pictures around the house, pointing at them and calling them "Nana" "dada" and "mama" with no regard to who she is actually pointing at.
* Playing with the animal app on my iPad - it has pictures of different animals and when she touches the picture it pulls the animal up, says it's name and then you hear the sound it makes... 
* Gymboree
* Baths
* Eating

* Bubble Guppies
* Team Umi Zoomi
* Walk Off the Earth on YouTube (they're a band not really meant for children but she loves them anyway.. and they are so good!)

* Bananas
* Peas
* Peanut Butter Sandwiches
* Bread
* Yogurt 
* Blueberries
* Raspberries
* Breakfast "cookies"
* Milk
* Anything Mama or Dada are eating

Her Current Vocabulary Consists of:
* Duck
* Quack
* Doga (dog)
* Caca (cat)
* No
* Uh Oh (she will ONLY say this if she drops something or if she intends to drop something)
* OW (usually said while hitting me in the face or touching my face)
* Moo
* Mama
* Dada
* Nana
* Yeah
* Shhh (sheep)

Sonja is a delightful child. She is snuggly and sweet. She still has some stranger anxiety we are hoping gets a little better than it currently is, and has a hard time when I take her to the gym childcare but does OK with babysitters. She is teething right now and getting all of her molars and lateral incisors (which I think is part of the problem). She loves baths, animals, and learning. She is the type of child that focuses really intensely when she's trying to do something, whether it is rolling a ball, jumping, or playing with a toy, she get's this focus that I'm really impressed with for her age and she has gotten really good at certain tasks.

New Skills:
* Putting blocks together
* Walking without assistance (and sometimes running) (albeit clumsily)
* Understanding where her puzzle pieces are meant to go and attempting to put them there
* Helping me get her dressed
* Understanding that my wallet snaps, and attempting to open and close it with the snap
* Climbing (the rock wall at gymboree and the slide)
* Waving "bye bye" to her Dada when he leaves and when we leave she waves at the door...
* Staying in her bed most of the night if not all of the night

Sonja is definitely obsessed with us, she kind of goes back and forth between who she favors, but she seems to want us for different reasons. She is very playful, outgoing, and loves walking all over the place. She always wants to push things, like at the grocery store, she demands that she push the cart. She likes pushing her little activity walker thing, and tries pushing almost everything at least once to see if it will roll. She is also gaining a lot of independence. She doesn't like it if I try to feed her, however, she has learned that if she will hand me a toy she isn't able to get to work, I will make it work and give it back so she's a lot more OK with me taking things from her to fix them for her. I like that new development. I think it's good Jeff is working more now. She was definitely turning into a Daddy's girl.. so now I have the chance to keep it more even lol. 

Sonja loves to play. She loves playing chase, getting tickled, dancing, being thrown, and any sort of play we can come up with. She loves peek-a-boo and hide and seek too. She's a clever little thing and will sometimes try to delay a nap by initiating a peek a boo game in her crib. Cracks me up.

Sonja loves to take baths and play with her ducks. I recently had the fun experience of her pooping in the tub. Let's just say it's an experience I can live without repeating. Yuck!

And that is my sweet girl. She continues to challenge me and make my life a lot more full of awesome. 
after her 1 year old shots and blood draw I treated her to "which wich" and she loved it

playing in the pantry with her doll... creepiest doll ever btw

Playing with the unpoppable Gymboree bubbles!

they just sit in her hair like that for hours if I don't get them off

she used the scale as a stool to get to the drawer easier

we have fun together

enjoying a yogurt.. I learned from this not to give her the carton