Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So there's this amazing bakery in New York City called Babycakes. I wish I'd known about it when my mom lived there. I totally would have added that to the list of places I had to go when I visited.

So this place is an entirely vegan bakery, but is supposed to be SO DELICIOUS that people go there, even if they aren't vegan, and don't care about health food.

It's also mostly gluten-free, and mostly sugar free, but it has no artificial sweeteners or really artificial ingredients of any kind.

As you can see by the photo on the left, the owner of Babycakes made a book, sharing her recipes for those of us not fortunate enough to live in NYC. I purchased it on Amazon, and received it in the mail today!

I cannot tell you how excited I am! I'm stoked! Just reading through it, my eyes got a little watery... and I'll explain to you why.

When I got married 2 years ago, I discovered on my honeymoon that eating bread gave me terrible intestinal discomfort. Not only does it hurt my stomach, it bloats me like I'm 4 months pregnant. I found that it wasn't just bread, but even SOY SAUCE (which does contain wheat). So I had to give it up. I've been almost completely gluten-free for over a year now. I've given up cookies, muffins, scones, biscuits, brownies, pie, etc. etc. aside from what I could buy at the store that was gluten-free. Gluten-free desserts tend to not taste quite right. Not always... sometimes they are decent. But they're never great. Not only that, they usually contain milk or refined sugar, two things I try to avoid if possible.

If this book does what it says it does, and what others have told me it does... it brings back the good things to my life, like cupcakes, and brownies, and chocolaty happiness. It also gives me the ability to BAKE again! It's been so long... soooo soooo long. Plus it lacks in all the bad stuff. Even the oils used, coconut, are super healthy for you. OK, so desserts as a rule aren't so great to eat in excess, but these could potentially be really low on the guilt scale.

So here's my EVIL PLAN!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA...

As soon as my Kitchen is up and running (should be in the next 2-4 weeks hopefully)...


First on my list? Crumb Cake. Weird, huh? Of all things, why Crumb cake?

My mom made the best crumb cake ever.

I haven't had it in over 6 years. It's time.


I'm going to start throwing gluten-free parties... where I will make a few of the things in my new book, and have a tasting!

It's going to be amazing!

And delicious!

And partially nutritious!!!

I can't wait...


Monday, February 22, 2010

I'd Do It Again...

2.5 Years Ago...

....I met a boy...

and he changed me.

2 Years Ago, tomorrow...

I married that boy...

And Today, I wanted to emphasize the fact, that if I had it to do all over again...

I would do it...

I love my husband so much, and I can affirm the fact that marriage really does get better with age. Two years ago I had half the marriage I have today. Two years ago I had half the love I have for my husband today. Two years ago I was half the person I am today. And I have my husband to thank, for loving me unconditionally, and always supporting me.

In the Last Two Years of Marriage...

We have...

- Adopted a beautiful Kitten
- Bought and begun remodelling a Home
- Advanced in our careers
- Never had a big fight

Jeff has...

- Gained A LOT of responsibility at Work
- NOT gained any weight... or lost any...
- Matured... a lot...
- Made friends with my family :)
- Learned to play a musical instrument
- Taken good care of his wife
- Gone back to school
- Given almost daily back rubs to his wife
- Taken on a lot of his wife's weird habits

Caitlin has...

- Started her own business
- learned to oil paint (OK... still learning)
- Gone back to school
- Taken Gymnastics classes & learned some cool skills
- Gained an interest in politics
- Lost a few pant sizes ( take that statisticians! )
- Learned to allow logic into her life, and not rely on pure emotion
- Taken on a few of Jeff's weird quirks...
- Learned to control(ish) her temper (sometimes)
- Matured... seriously people... I really have!

But that's not all that's happened. I can't speak for Jeff here, but I am not the same person I was two years ago. I'm so much more healthy, not just physically, but emotionally too. I've got such a sweet, wonderful husband. He makes me so happy. Whenever I hear a love song on the radio, I smile, because I can relate. I know what real love is. I have attained it.

PS: I know it's sappy but it's true! Don't judge me!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

To My Eternal Valentine...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

All About Val

I want to take the time today to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Valerie! She turns 22 today! Holy Crap! We are getting old.

I was going through some old photos we have, and came across this one. It made me really happy to remember all of the fun Val and I had as kids. I wish I had some from when we used to dress up like twins and try to trick people into thinking we were.

Or some of when we used to drive-by Moon people.

Or some of when we used to throw condoms in people's carts at the grocery store.... in fact, I think Val's got a video of us throwing depends in some lady's cart and then getting chased through the store. Haha. Good times. But I wanted to take the time today to make a list of all the things I love about Valerie.

What I love about Val:

1. Val's not afraid to say what she thinks, she stands up for herself, and that's super important.

2. Val is the life of the party, she is always having fun, or making a lame situation bearable.

3.Valerie's a good friend. She takes care of her friends, loves them, and does a lot for them, sometimes even when they don't deserve it. She was my best friend growing up and I am so greatful to have her as a sister.

4. Val's also got a sweet, and sensitive side. She genuinely loves people, and wants them to be happy.

5. Even though she's 22 today, she's still very much a playful, fun-loving woman who has managed to keep her inner child alive, something most of us could learn to do a little more of.

6. I don't know if you all have noticed yet, but Valerie is gorgeous! She has always been beautiful, but I think she's the prettiest now that she's ever been, hurray for maturity!

7. Valerie is a hard worker. When she does something, she gives it her all. When we were kids, she actually used to volunteer to do chores (something I've never been capable of forcing myself to do). Her work ethic is one to be admired.

8. Valerie has an infectious laugh. When she laughs, you have to laugh. It's just awesome.

9. Valerie gives the best hugs ever, even if she does try to smother you with her chest and whisper "Momma knows..."

10. Valerie is the best drive-by mooner Ever. Period. Don't question me... just believe.

11. Valerie is an Aquarius, born on February 8, 1988. She's my fatal attraction sign (me being a Leo), which means we make best friends and bad lovers (thank goodness).