Monday, March 22, 2010

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion.

Including me.

So if you don't like my viewpoint, please don't berate me on my own blog, I'm just expressing how I feel.

So... How do I feel about.... THE HEALTH CARE BILL????


slightly irritated, mostly. I want government to be SMALLER, not BIGGER, and I don't think that global health care is the answer.

3 months ago I realized that I'm not a conservative republican, or even a moderate (like I thought I was)... I'm a LIBERTARIAN. I don't want to Government dictating ANY of my life. I want them to leave me alone. I agree that health care costs too much, but it's only going to cost more with the health care bill, and drive people who would have become doctors away from the profession.

I also feel that we shouldn't go around "governmentizing" (I made up that word, I think) the nation's health care when the military's health care system is already seriously screwed up. Can we not fix what's already in place and broken, rather than starting a whole new system based off the broken one? And was this the best time to go for a Health Care Bill while our country is in economic crisis? Could he not have focused a little energy and fixing our dying economy? Or is this the government's way of saying that there are NO solutions to the flailing economy? Well, there's no bandaid for this one, so let's just focus somewhere else to keep everyone's mind off of the big picture. Did Obama just want to make his mark? Probably. I'm sure he totally believes the Health Care Bill is what's right for America. I don't think he's the "Anti-Christ" I keep hearing people say. I don't believe his decision-making is "evil" nor do I think it's "good." I say, let's leave religion out of politics like our founding father's intended. It's not like the guy is sacrificing goats to some devil-god? I'm tired of hearing about him being evil. I may not like his choices, I may not understand his version of politics (in my opinion socialism would be a good name for what he believes in), but I am not going to fling dirty words at our President just because I don't agree with what he does.

Back to my thoughts... I think the way that Obama passed the Health Care Bill was wrong. He used a loophole, he knows it, we know it, everyone knows it. That's the real thing that pisses me off. It was dirty and underhanded, and I hope that the States that are suing him through the legal system win... but until that day comes (or doesn't come, whatever)... I'm going to make the best of the situation. (I may even not have to pay so much for my private insurance!). One last complaint about the bill, however. Penalizing the people for NOT having insurance??? Hmm... so how is that fair? Not that I don't understand the thinking behind it, but the government shouldn't penalize us for not having health insurance. What's next, a tax on the people without gym memberships? Shall we tax those who don't eat healthy as well? Hey... I'm all for encouraging people to do the SMART thing... but FORCING PEOPLE? Or maybe "force" is the wrong word... it's almost like blackmailing people to do something. Sure, you don't have to get health insurance, but if you don't, you're going to have to pay. It doesn't smell like freedom to me...

There is one thing about the Health Care Bill that I like, however.

No More denying insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions... and no more not covering those conditions. Woohoo!

Being as I was denied PERSONAL INSURANCE from a certain INSURANCE COMPANY because I had one too many abnormal (don't read this if you are afraid of TMI) pap smears....

I'm glad I won't have that problem anymore. And I think Obama has a good-ish idea in THEORY... He just hasn't quite figured out a way to execute it that isn't so extreme... or in a way that goes with my Libertarian viewpoint.


I don't know everything.

Just expressing myself and the thoughts I had this morning when I read 400 facebook opinions on the issue, and decided to leave facebook out of it.

Blog Out.

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