Monday, October 17, 2011

Just an Update

School is going well.  It is crazy and hectic, and I am NEVER taking 16 hours and working again... but it's all worth it, baby.  I have an A average in EVERY class so far, and I plan on keeping it that way.  I'm quite enjoying myself, aside from the incredibly stressful workload.

Last week wasn't a great week for me.  I cracked my iPhone and re-chipped my tooth for the 2nd time this month.  Annoying.  The first time I chipped it biting my nails.  I haven't bitten them since.. not ONCE.. the 2nd time I chipped it eating cereal. Lame.  I mean... seriously??? CEREAL??? Obviously my dentist messed it up.. and I'm having the hardest time getting in to get this stupid chip fixed.  Thank goodness it's not too obvious.. it is on my front tooth but it's pretty small.

The good news, is I got my NEW iPhone 4S 2 days after cracking my 3GS.  I am in love with it.  When I feel like slacking off I search for new covers for it.  It takes great photos and has cool apps for editing them.  If you follow me on Facebook, it's likely you've seen some of these photos.  I got a little obsessed on Friday night after it came in the mail.  I got some adorable photos of my niece, Adelaide.

She's gorgeous.  She's gotten so big.  I can't believe she is WALKING now, and she has the cutest little walk too.  I have to say, while I have always adored her, I adore her even more now.  Her sweet little personality is really prominent now.  She dances whenever she hears music, no matter what, she has to stop a little and dance, and then keeps exploring.  And she loves food.  And is into everything.  She walks around with cell phones up to her ear.  It's so cute.  She even holds the XBox controllers properly.  It makes me kinda want one.  You know... briefly.  Then she starts crying or stabs someone in the eye and I change my mind again.  ;)

My cats are doing well.  Akira has been out more often, she and Puppy get along so well now, I am surprised I ever had to worry about them.  Here's a hilarious photo of Akira stalking me...
She's so cute.

And really, that's about it.  School.  Work.  Homework.  Exams.  Kitteh distractions.  Oh.. and I've been sorta working on my halloween costume.  I'll give you a hint... it involves rainbows and poptarts.

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