Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sonja is 4 months old today!

Today, Sonja turned 4 months old!
She's sneaky like that
She has grown so much since this was taken at 1 week!

We love our sweet, amazing baby! I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to stay at home with her and watch her grow and learn first hand. I didn't think I could love this child any more than I already did, but I somehow find my love for her growing every single day. I just am completely enamored with her.

Sonja finally has decent neck control. She's able to hold her own head up and look around when we hold her, and sometimes she sits in her bumbo chair (always supervised) for about 10 minutes or less so she can start working on those abs.

She's also finally started to acknowledge other people and respond to them, and I can tell she can recognize who mommy and daddy are. She's at the point where her bassinet is really too small for her so we moved her to the pack-n-play just last night and she does well in it, although I found her this morning all flipped around lol.. she's not used to having so much room to move and wiggle in.

It's just nice watching Sonja get more and more alert, responsive, and smart. I feel so lucky to have such a happy and healthy baby.

Sonja's 4 month stats:
Height 25 1/4" (84th percentile in height!)
Weight 13 lbs 9.5 oz (50th percentile)
Head Circumference 16 1/4" (50th percentile)

Milestones Sonja has reached in the past month:

- Neck Control
- Her first tooth! (I just felt it a few days ago!!!) it's her bottom left tooth and the right one isn't far behind
- Giggling (might've done that last month too but it's a lot more giggling and actual laughing)
- Squealing
- Rolling onto her sides

Fun Things Sonja and I have been up to the past month:

- We Celebrated Daddy's Birthday on April 11th - I made him the ugliest cake I've ever made and it was delicious.
- We took Akira to the vet to get her bloodwork done and found out that she can finally come off the steroids! Yay! She's healthy!
- We take lots of walks in the neighborhood
- We play a lot on the floor and with Sonja's new toys
- We bought plane tickets to go see Aunt ReRe graduate high school (we're staying 3 weeks!)
- We had lots of fun play dates with Charlotte, Courtney and the moms from Cork Board
- We went to a MOM meeting last thursday where I got to meet lots of other moms and Sonja got to meet a baby who is only a week older than her!
- We went to the Petaluma Butter and Egg Day Festival and Parade
- We went "swimming" (i.e. I took her into the water, dipped her up to her belly button and she freaked out because it was cold so we ended up hanging out on the pool lounge chairs instead
- We have been going to Baby Time at the Library every Tuesday (when we don't sleep through it)

And of course, I have taken LOADS of photos...

The ugliest cake ever (blueberry and lemon)
Sonja and Daddy during his birthday dinner
Me and Sonja during Daddy's b-day celebration :)
Here Sonja is during one of our walks, we found this gorgeous tree and Jeff shook it so the blossoms would shower down on her, she thought it was hilarious
Sonja got a lot of new toys this month now that she will actually interact with things.. this is one of her favorites to chew on
case in point...
The beginnings of rolling over, she now rolls onto her sides
Here she is sitting in her Bumbo seat
Me and Sonja playing in her activity mat
Sonja laughing and hanging with her Daddy
Tummy Time on the Boppy Pillow
She also loves her new organic cloth kitty...
EATING HIM that is (insert psycho music)
Sonja in her swimsuit after her first dip in the pool.. she was not impressed with the cold water
Sonja hanging out with her friend, Leah, who was born a week after her
They kept holding hands it was ADORABLE!
Sonja and her Mommy eating at Outback for her 4-monthiversary!

Oh and here's a cute video of us talking and her laughing

for more videos you can go to

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