Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I missed the 7th month post... Sorry

A lot has been going on since the last post and I apologize for missing Sonja's 7 month post! I did take photos, however, so I will post those and catch up when I get the chance.

I've been living in Texas with my Mother-in-Law after a mix up with the ending date of my husband's contract, Jeff was SUPPOSED to be finished July 23rd so we got out of our lease, bought plane tickets, scheduled a moving truck, the whole shebang. A week before we leave, we find out its been extended to the end of August, but at that point we couldn't get back in our Apartment and changing our tickets would cost a bunch of money so Sonja and I headed out here, and Jeff and Chris took the moving truck here and now I've been practically a single mother for the last 6 weeks and Jeff still has up to 2 more weeks left and it SUCKS.

The positives of this situation are that I am absolutely in LOVE with Sonja and I get a lot of time with her all to myself. I also really love my mother-in-law and she really is a joy to be around. It's nice having someone else around during the day, you know? Just to talk to. I was so lonely in California.

I just miss Jeff, and I wish Sonja wasn't teething.. it's so much harder to keep her happy with the teeth coming in and me only having 2 hands to hold her, make her bottles, etc.. But I do have some help with Susan and it's been so nice seeing old friends and being back in familiar territory.

I will probably just post Sonja's 7 month photos and then let you know what's happened between then and now.. she's getting so big and so amazing! I just love her little personality!

Again, I'm writing this now during her nap time so I have no idea how long I will have but eventually I will do this all properly. :)

peace out for now

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