Friday, April 4, 2014

15 Months

Bluebonnets (15 months)
Today, Sonja is 15 months old!

I cannot believe how quickly time flies by and how much she changes in such a short amount of time.

Sonja just keeps getting cuter and cuter. She is a pretty happy child, especially this month when the teething finally ended (it may be starting back up again though (sad face)).

Sonja's Favorite Toys:
* Anything with wheels that she can push (shopping carts, her walker, toy shopping carts or baby doll strollers, her radio flyer)
* Her stuffed dog and other stuffed animals
* Her puzzle with the zoo animals on it (zebra, lion, crocodile, etc.) - her favorite puzzle piece is now the crocodile. She loves crocodiles so much that I made up a song for her about them and she loves it.
* Books! She loves being read to over and over again. Her current favorite books are "The Little Red Hen," "I Love You, Stinky Face," and "5 Little Penguins." She really wants to like the giant "Mother Goose" book but she gets bored with it really easily.
* Her Puzzle ball - she is getting so good at putting the shapes in!
* The Emporer's New Groove DVD (she doesn't actually care about watching the movie she just loves the cover of the DVD).
* Anything she isn't supposed to play with
* Her Rubber Duckies

Sonja's Favorite Songs:
* Chomp Chomp Chomp goes the Crocodile
* Anything by Walk Off the Earth
* "Happy"

Sonja's Favorite People:
*She's been a big Momma's girl this month
* Of course she loves her Dadda too
* Aunt Meghan (who came to visit a few weekends ago.. they get along great!)
* Nana
* Puppy
* Jojo
* Frunkle Chris
* Susan at Gold's Gym

Sonja's New Words:
* Crocodile (Coco or Caca)
* Bird (also said Birdy the other day!)
* Giraffe (Gi or Gir)

Sonja's Favorite Words:
* Rawr
* Mama (she's started to get what it means)
* Dada
*Dooka [dooka] doo (this is what she says when she's being tickled or chased by us and about to be tickled but also sometimes randomly) (I think it's her form of "tickle tickle tickle")

Cute Mimicry:
* She loves to run around with her eyes shut and a big grin on her face.. it's hilarious
* She also loves to try to mimic fishy lips
* She tries to brush her own hair and put on her own head band and take it off over and over
* She tries to put things on her head a lot now

Other Notable Things:
* Sonja has gotten so cute at peekaboo. She likes to hide behind objects like our ottoman and pop up without saying a word ( I usually say boo for her..)
* Sonja can now Hi-Five again and always does when I ask her to
* Sonja likes to roll when I sing the song "Roll over"
* She also likes to jump on the bed or couch (and by jump I mean shes usually on her knees bouncing) when I sing the "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" song.
* She has been pretty clingy lately and had some stranger anxiety, she is also afraid of her babysitters when she sees them because she thinks I'm going to leave her.
* Sonja and Puppy now get along really really well and seem to really love each other
* Sonja loves to go to the park with us and just run around in the open fields and try to climb the slide again. She also loves the swing again and will sit in there for a really long time if I let her.
* Sonja loves to sit in a laundry basket while I push her back and forth down the hallway in our apartment. She often refuses to get out when I'm too tired to continue. I have to hide the laundry basket sometimes to prevent her from making me do it again.

Favorite Foods:
* "cookies" (breakfast cookies by belvita)
* bites of Mommy's granola cereal
* tortillas and pita bread
* Apples (but only if they are not cut)
* blueberries and raspberries
* Daddy's Coconut Thai soup
* Nana's Pancakes
* Cheese sticks
* Toddler Meals and Pouches
* Milk

I sure love this kid! Happy 15 months!

Sonja with her dog that she "rescued" from Hobby Lobby
Sonja at the Austin Zoo - she and this little deer fell in love
Sonja with a dandilion
Sonja and me playing Mario Twins
Getting into trouble! Right after this she tried to play with the litter box... monster...
Snuggling down with the Puppy boy
playing foot wars with mommy
my beautiful princess at the park
She is in charge! Also getting pretty good at running... 
walking with Daddy and Frunkle Chris... or as she likes to call them her "slaves/body guards"

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