Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fifi Island

A long time ago, for a project my sister had, I created an island online called "Fifi Island." It's a poodle-shaped island in the middle of the ocean and it's overrun by wild poodles.

I think it's time we started raising funds to build Fifi Island. I know what I would do with it.

Fifi Island would be a place where I could gather all the people I love, and create a new society of my choosing. We would have bonfires every night and start awesome traditions. Everyone would get a decent sized home with all the amenities they needed, and we would make sure we got the population up to around 1000 people. It would start with my loved ones, of course. Only the ones who want to come. My family, Jeff's family, and any of my friends who wanted to come. I would also allow my family to bring their friends as long as they passed the entrance interview.

Fifi Island would be a democracy, and should we have a 50/50 tie, we would choose two people with opposing views to arm wrestle it out. I would start the island with a tax-less economy. We would simply trade services and goods, and the government would all be on a volunteer basis. There would not be pointless meetings because the population would be very small, and if someone commits a crime, we would have a trial. If that person is found guilty, they are either voted off the island, or given a punishment befitting the crime. Most of the worst crimes would be an instant deportation.

We would have cool traditions on Fifi Island. We would always have community activities, and we would make sure that everyone got the chance to make friends with everyone on the island. No visitors would be allowed onto Fifi Island without a permit given by a citizenship comity. Fifi Island would be the first solar roadway system, and solar-powered houses. At night, torches would be lit, but light pollution would be minimal. Instead of street lamps, we would have our solar roadways lined with glowing lane markers. Homes would be far away enough that we wouldn't annoy our neighbors if we decided to have friends over, but close enough that we could walk to each other's homes. In fact, cars would be a very limited commodity on Fifi Island. Instead, bicycles, walking, and scooters would be the main modes of transportation.

Religious freedom would reign, but no formal church buildings would be built. Instead, church would be practiced in homes or on the beach. Nature is more conducive to worship anyway right? That would always be up for a vote, though.

If there is a disagreement between families or people on Fifi Island that they cannot resolve themselves, it would be taken to a quick 3 day trial and a vote.

We would make sure to have doctors, nurses, and other medically trained people on the island. We would have a hospital (probably small) that would be centrally located. Also available would be a fitness center. We would have farms that would either be communally worked (in rotations) or farmed by expert farmers. It would all be non-GMO and organic.  We would raise chickens, but if you want beef or any other meat, you have to hunt for it yourself. I do not believe in raising an animal for slaughter. So there would be wild cows, possibly pigs, and turkeys. No cages for the chickens, though, they would get to roam around the farms.

We would have cows and goats for the sole purpose of milking, but they would be treated with great kindness, and the amount they were milked would be very closely controlled.

Dogs and Cats would be permitted as pets, but any animal abuse is an immediate deportation. Also, all pets must be neutered or spayed unless given a breeding permit by the Fifi Island committee.

It would be glorious. I know I put a little too much thought into this but it's like my impossible dream. Wouldn't it be nice to just start over? I often just get so tired of our broken government, and I think... wouldn't it be nice to just start from scratch, do things right, and not over-complicate things? I would love just living with people who are awesome and feeling like a part of something awesome, part of a real community.

Anyway.. this was fun for me. Blog Out.

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