Monday, October 6, 2008


So... I dropped my phone in the toilet on Sunday. That's what I get for not watching conference... some may ask, Katy, how did you drop your phone in the toilet? Why was your phone near the toilet in the first place? I'm sorry but sometimes I need something to do in there. My phone happens to have a very addictive Tetris game and I was playing it and then I set the phone on the shelf next to the toilet. So after I flushed (I know you're excited to get all the details of my toilet ordeal), I reached over to get my phone and it fell out of my hand into the toilet. Plop! I screamed and dove for it and rescued my poor phone from the depths of the porcelain throne... but alas the damage was done. After a good sanitizing using rubbing alcohol, I sat my phone out to dry and then Jeff dried it with one of those air blaster things that you use to clean out your computer and stuff... it now works again with some weird water spots on the screen, but it could have been a lot worse... I'm just really glad I got that flush in first... that's the most exciting thing that's happened recently. THE END


The Wiese's said...

Wow, only you could do that Caitlin. Great story, thanks for the laugh. And I'm glad it survived!

Dan and Merideth said...

Hahaha I guess only Caitlin and Me... hahah

I love to play Tetris on the Toilet and Yes one time I flushed and as I was walking out the door I reached up (to turn off the light switch) and as my hand went in the upward motion my phone kept flying -- right over my sholder, behind me and slam-dunked right into the toilet!

I dried it out and stuck all the seprate peices in a container of rice. It did the job well and now Im back to texting on the toilet!!