Friday, July 24, 2009

25 Random Facts about ME... stolen from Ali's blog

1. I know soda is bad for me so I don't drink it, but if you offer me a rootbeer I won't turn you down.
2. I like to surround myself with pillows when I sleep, and I prefer to be the outside of the spoon when cuddling... I know it's supposed to be the man's spot but I hate being forced into a ball.
3. I can roll my tongue like a taco AND like a shamrock/clover. Because yes, I am that awesome.
4. I love to shop in stores that are one of a kind. I feel less guilty about giving them money.
5. I had 3 perms total in my life. The first one fell out, the 2nd one made my hair fall out, and the third one made me wish my hair fell out it looked so bad.
6. I have struggled with my weight and body image for my entire life... I'm finally starting to win.
7. All it takes to make my day is to connect with someone.
8. My skin is mega-weird and I am tired of fighting it. The less I wash it the less it breaks out.
9. I've never been on a surf board but lived by the beach for 6 years.
10. I fantasize about becoming a citizen of a different country whenever I watch the news.
11. I love being around people. If I could just sleep in a room filled with people (good people not scary people), I would probably sleep better than I ever have.
12. I LOVE to sing... car, shower, no matter where I am, I love to sing. But I'm too scared to sing in front of most people.
13. I almost worked at Lowes once but I just couldn't make myself do it.
14. I honestly do not find any man more attractive than my husband, Jeffrey. I can't explain it, and I am not lying. He and Brad Pitt are neck in neck, but he wins cause he's younger. ;)
15. I'm legally blind... and I'm afraid to get lasik... so I wear contacts every day.
16. My favorite snack is hummus and celery... and green tea... both of which I attribute to my recent weight loss
17. I don't know how to dial Korea to talk to my sister... so I wait for her on facebook chat.
18. I'm turning 23 this coming Wednesday, and I am already dreading it... It's only 23, but it's one year closer to 30 and I don't want to be 30... please God, slow time down for me... I'm not ready.
19. I would not sell my cat for a million dollars. Wouldn't do it.
20. My hair gets greasy within 12 hours of washing it (me too, Ali) (Oscar Blondi dry shampoo fixes this)
21. My biggest fear is that someone will find me boring. I'd rather be almost anything else.
22. I stopped coloring my hair in January, and I really love the real color... it's still blonde (: just dark
23. I think I have a temper control problem. I can boil really fast. I worry for the children.
24. I just want people to be happy... sometimes I don't know how to express this... but I seriously would do anything for a friend who needed me.
25. Secretly I want to burn my house down and collect the insurance money. I'm over it.

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JAG said...

Thanks for the heads up Katy!!