Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Haps...

July 4th was pretty fun. Jeff and I went downtown to go to Zilker Park but none of the booths were open yet, so we went to 2nd street where I heard the shopping is really great. It is. I found a bunch of stuff I wanted to buy lol, but we controlled ourselves and only bought some yummy Gelato! Afterward, we decided to throw a BBQ at Jeff's parents house, so Tom, Marian, and all of Jeff's family (aside from Chris, who is in CO) came. It was pretty cool, We watched Paul Blart, Mall Cop, and Marian taught me how to make this delicious Queso. After the movie, Marian and I were the only ones who cared about the fireworks, so we went on a mad hunt for them. We could hear them, but couldn't see them, so we got in the car and drove until we found a great spot with a 180 degree view of fireworks from all over the place! It was pretty cool. Soon, Jeff regretted not coming, so he met up with us and we found more fireworks, and had a pretty cool 4th of July.

I'm pretty excited to announce that my Mom is coming to town on Friday. I will be picking her up from the airport. I'm so greatful that she's coming out, I think it will be good for me to get some family time in. Not only that, but she has agreed to help me finish painting my house! WOOHOO!!! Now, you all might not know this, but my mother is a painting genious. Not only can she do wall hanging paintings, and murals, she can actually paint walls. She even faux paints. And she's darn good at it. She's had several offers to paint people's houses for money. Another thing my mother is good at is sewing. She sews all the curtains in her house, duvee covers (sp?), basically anything you need, she can sew. I really need to rope her in as my yoda, I have so much to learn. I also hope to influence my mom to cook me a delicious dinner. I'm not sure what I want yet, maybe just some pink stuff, and definately some spaghetti... her way... there's nothing better than mom's spagghetti. Can you tell I'm excited? Of course she will have to use gluten-free noodles, but I know where to find those. I'm also glad to be going to dinner at my Granddaddy's house on Sunday. It will be nice to just be with my family... I just like being with people that have known me my whole life, I can be my FULL UNBRIDLED self around these people. Watch out, World... this could be dangerous.

In other news, next friday I start my 3-day crash course to prepare for my Personal Training exam. I cannot WAIT! I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I'm starting to salivate just thinking about it! I mean, I have been cooped up with NOTHING to do, and suddenly life is getting back on track for me! I am so happy! Once I pass my test I can start working!!! HOORAY!

Also, last night Jeff and I made a very very scary decision. We joined Direct Buy. This wasn't a Sams Club membership. This was like, a life decision. But, after weighing our options, we realized that Direct Buy will save our lives. We can finish our kitchen for 40%-70% off of what we were originally going to have to spend. We can put in new windows for TONS cheaper. I can even put in window treatments for probably around 10% of what it would cost if I had a professional do it. Unless of course, the mommy wants to help me. Also, furniture is much cheaper direct, all the little things we have to buy for our house, we can get at cost. However, to be a member of this place, you have to shell out some major cash, so for anyone remodelling a house, I recommend you join. Otherwise, don't go to the open house.

That's about everything going on right now. I can't wait to write and tell you all about the next 2 weeks. I will also be posting many pictures as soon as I can find the stupid cord that connects my camera with the computer! Love to you all!

Blog OUT!

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