Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

A Client of mine, who quite possibly surpasses me in the love of all things Christmas, and holiday, and decorating, told me about a great sale going on at Garden Ridge on Christmas stuff... so naturally I went the next day!
I found this beauty, 50% off, normally $150, I got her for a smooth $75!! If you can't tell it's a black, 7-foot pre-lit Christmas tree. I also bought icicles and white and peppermint ornaments.
I also bought some "make it yourself" ornaments, and a bag of feathers. Here's what I came up with after making a cheap looking ornament with gold paint on it (too embarrassing to post a pic). I call it a feathornament. You're jealous you didn't come up with it first. It's ok. Let the jealously flow. Cause I'm not done yet.
Here we have what the tree looks like right now. I still need a topper, plan on taking OFF the mint ornaments (they just cheapen the overall look), and putting those in a bowl as a cute decoration. I'm also considering having each member of the family/friends that plan on being around for Christmas bring their own white or glass ornament to add to the tree if they want to have their own ornament on display. Still working on the topper but I'm considering doing a big white bird on top. I'm loving what's going on... this Christmas, the tree will be SO ME!!! Muahahaha.

I know Thanksgiving has not yet happened. And I was the 1st to get annoyed by people skipping it and going straight to Christmas. But this year, Christmas is at my house, and there is a lot to do. I just want to take care of it while I'm feeling motivated and excited and SCREW THE RULES, I do what I want!!! EEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHE!
Blog out.

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