Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, Christmas

Thanksgiving is over. I had a great time. I did the Turkey Trot with Merideth. I also made a vegan pumpkin pudding that (not to toot my own horn) was pretty incredible tasting (to me). Mind you, I have not been able to eat dairy or eggs for like 3 months, so anything complicated and sweet tastes great... consider how many things actually contain egg and dairy and tell me you don't feel sorry for me. :'(.

On to Christmas!

Tonight I made some stockings for Jeff and Me. I used some old stockings I think my mom made, and gave to me. I just added some fabric, buttons, and made some modgepodge stockings. Akira and Cloud with both be getting stockings too, I just have to find some more stockings.

I also decorated the house today. I put up 2 wreaths, several santa clauses, garland, flowers, etc. etc. I feel accomplished. I hope no one steals my outdoor wreath I put on the garage. It's pretty beautiful. I'd steal it.

Oh, what's that? You want photos? Well... sorry. I'm too lazy to get photos. Maybe tomorrow. Check my facebook page if you want to see the stockings. They aren't the coolest ever but I feel like they are pretty good for FREE.99!

I'm done with you blog.

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