Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've been busy

I have been SO BUSY! My mom came to town and between spending time with her, clients, and starting up a new bootcamp with some elementary teachers, my life has been going 80 miles an hour and doesnt look to slow down for some time... so I decided to write a blog today since it may be the only day I have free time between now and around the middle of April. So far, I went to Lubbock and saw my sister, Meghan, and got to meet her new boyfriend. He is the first boyfriend I actually like and approve of, and he's wonderful to my sister, which makes me incredibly happy. Last weekend I went to Houston and saw my sister, April, and spent some time with my niece, nephew, and family. We had a lot of fun, went to this cool place by the pier with rides and carnival attractions, and ate delicious seafood. I rode all the rides my nephew wanted to and had a lot of fun playing with him. It was a great weekend. I thought someone stole my flip last month and it has been incredibly upsetting to me. Luckily, my mom called me last night and told me I left it with my Granddaddy a month ago!!! Woohoo! So it's back! I tend to leave things there for some reason... Today I finalized all the fun things Jeff and I are going to do on our trip to California for my Personal Training conference. I am psyched! I printed out an itenerary and everything! I am so ready to go! I've also been forced to eat gluten and dairy last night, today, and until tomorrow night, in order to take some samples for a test my new doctor ordered. I am really hoping they lead me in the right direction. That's about it. No great stories, nothing super crazy... if you want more details or stuff I would never post in a million years, call me. Blog Out.

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