Saturday, September 20, 2008

I ripped this off Ali

You're It!
A- Attached or Single? Married
B-Best Friend(s)? Jeff, Cecily, Lorraine
C-Cake or pie? I like it all
D-Day of choice? Friday/Saturday
E-Essential Item? contacts
F-Favorite color? pink or yellow
G-Gummy bears or worms? sour worms!
H-Home town? I don't know... I'll say Austin for now
I-Favorite indulgence? getting a professional massage/ my hair done
J-January or July? July!!! that's the best month ever!
K-Kids? very sticky and curious creatures
L-Life isn't complete without: a little bit of Jeff and a lotta bit of fun
M-Marriage date? February 23, 2008
N-Number of brothers and sisters? 4 sisters, 1 brother.
O-Oranges or Apples? Apples. the pink lady kind. that sound creepy
P-Phobias? lets start with Arachnaphobia... death-o-phobia... the list goes on a while
Q-Quote? of the week "Don't dousche my flow!" -Caitlin Hartung
R-Reasons to smile? I can do a back handspring; my handsome hubby is so amazing... he's sleeping right now but I am plotting fun ways to wake him up
S-Season of choice? Summer
T-Tag 3 people: I can't... I'm all alone
U-Unknown fact about me? I'm really a secret FBI agent
V-Vegetable? Broccoli... it goes well with cheese
W-Worst habit? biting the nails... I'm slowly overcoming that
X-Xray or Ultrasound? depends on what's wrong
Y-Your favorite food? recently... those all natural cheetos.. yum!
Z-Zodiac sign: Leo

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