Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a GIRL!

This kitty right here is my new baby! She arrives December 26th at the Austin airport from Corpus Christi!!! I do NOT have a name for her yet, though, so I need your help! I will give you the 2 names we have so far and then you let me know your oppinions and also I would LOVE suggestions because I'm not sold on either name just yet. Also, I'm looking for an exotic type name since she's a bengal with spots.

1.) Isis - "supreme goddess" named after an egyptian goddess
2.) Jazmyn
3.... your suggestions please!!!


JAG said...

I like Jazzy Jazz-face.
And PS - that's a tiger, not a kitty. Just so you know. ;)

The Gramber Bies said...

AWE!!!! Ok she may just be the most precious kitty I have EVER seen, she ranks second on my Kitty Lovers List, Cloud of course is the first but I"m a little biased

Merry Christmas!