Saturday, December 27, 2008

Akira Couture Hartung

Say "Hello" to the newest member of the Hartung household, Akira Couture Hartung! She's the hottest little thing ever to hit Austin, and she knows it! She flaunts it! What to say... Akira's a Leo, like me, her birthday is July 25, 2008. She loves hiding behind the couch and occasionally behind the toilet (I'm trying to rid her of that habit). She also loves being under our bed and under my dresser. Akira is very affectionate, though still adjusting to her new home and new family. She mews very cute! It sounds like "Ow!" and she also growls sometimes. It's cute. Akira is into the latest fashion, and has a very stylish bright pink leash. She also only plays with the latest in accessories, for example her bright pink mouse with yellow feathers for a tail, her crinkle bird which is green and yellow, and her cheetah print bouncy ball, which looks a lot like her. Akira is still working on her coordination skills, though. She is not the most graceful when it comes to jumping onto and off of things but we hope she'll improve with time.

We've finally gotten her confidence up enough that she will lay out on the couch with us while jeff plays Fable 2. She loves Jeff, and is currently sleeping on his lap because I'm in the computer room (which is off-limits to her). She also loves me. We had good bonding time because when she first got here she would not leave the bathroom. I'll tell the story.

We picked Akira up from the airport around 3pm yesterday, and drove her home for 30 minutes. She hardly made a peep the whole time but kinda just stared at us and looked pretty freaked out. We decided to let her out in the room where we keep her little box (guest bathroom), and we also put out her food and water bowl so she would be able to eat after the flight she was on. I let her out of her cage and she slowly came out but not till I left the room. The next few times I checked on her she was hiding behind the liter box. Jeff's mom suggested we get her some cat nip to calm her down. So I sent Jeff to the store and stayed behind to try and see if one person was easier than 2 in getting her to come out. Soon I heard her weird little "Ow!" meow, and started making the same noise back at her. Slowly, antagonizingly slow, she peeked her head around the corner and eventually made it all the way into the living room. Meanwhile, I maintained my distance on the couch so she wouldn't feel threatened. Through lots of meowing at each other I finally got her to sniff my hand and then to let me pet her. She is now very over being afraid of either of us but it definately took some effort. I blame that on her age. She's 5 months old, so she's young enough that she's not secure being on her own, but also old enough that she's not a fearless baby. She's more at that unsure toddler age.

This morning she came and cuddled with us on our bed, though, and has been much more friendly and out there with us today. I think by Monday all hesitation will be gone and we'll be in for it! I can't wait!

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The Gramber Bies said...

Congrates!! and Lucky you, I wish it had been that easy with Cloud, he wouldn't come out from hidding for an entire month! (however now he's fighting {and winning} with Jasons Boxer) It didn't help much that Dagger wanted to play Mommy and Gus kept growling at him. Now he's King of the castle however, and thinks our bed is his...sigh*