Monday, August 9, 2010

Cape May Diamonds

Cape May, New Jersey....
A beautiful place to go on vacation! It has been a family tradition with the Sigerson side of the family ever since I joined it at 5 years old! Look how gorgeous the beach is!

This photo pretty much sums up my week of vacation. I read "'Salem's Lot" by Stephen King, and boogie boarded almost the entire vacation! It was the best vacation I've had in a long time.
I think Jeff liked it a lot too. Sometimes the best vacations are the low-key ones.One of the big things Jeff and I did was go Parasailing. It was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be, I guess Sky Diving first made this a big step down on the addrenaline scale... and then Jeff got really sick.
But he recovered nicely and we enjoyed ourselves at the beach EVERY day!

One of the cool things about Cape May, is there is some pretty cool history. There was a ship wreck off the coast of the beach. Small peices of that ship have broken off and been tumbled around in the waters off the coast, creating clear pebbles. Those are called Cape May Diamonds. We collected several of those (souvenires for our favorite people), and will polish them and perhaps have a few cut like real diamonds.This is Jeff searching for Cape May Diamonds... we are such treasure hunters!I really LOVE the beach. It's my favorite place in the whole world to be. While at the beach, one day, we got bored-ish. The waves were beating us up really bad, so we took a break and made this huge Mayan temple of sand. I made the stairs, while Jeff and the boys built the altars and what not, and MaKayla shaped the castles on top. The stairs are where the slaves sacrificed heads roll down.. gruesome eh? We also decided to go on a Ghost Tour with my Mom, Aunt Didi, MaKayla and her friend Ashley.

Despite my scared expression it was totally NOT scary, but there were some really gorgeous houses we got to see, so what ever. All-in-All, the month of July/early August was a great one for me! I got to see my Dad, Bev, little sister Bekah (who is getting more and more beautiful by the second), and Meghan. I really enjoyed going to their house and seeing them all. I got to sing with my Dad, while he played guitar, and I got to celebrate my birthday with them. Then I got to go the next weekend with my Mom and family to Cape May! What a wonderful summer this has been for me!

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Theron & Melissa said...

It looks lovely! Take me with you next time you play at the beach; I miss beaches (and vacations for that matter). Glad you had fun! (And you're looking smokin' hott!)