Monday, August 23, 2010

My Masterpiece and Countdowns...

Not much is going on with me right now. Ever since Idol try-outs and the trip to Cape May things seem so... incredibly normal.

I finally finished Jeff's Painting. It's (in my humble opinion) my best work so far. Here's a photo of it. And a few close-ups. It only took me like 4 or 5 months to complete... however, that's working one day a week on it... so I guess I could've probably knocked it out in 2 weeks if I'd actually tried. I'm debating making one of myself as Princess... seems so vain to paint oneself... however, I am what I am. I'm going to attempt to knock out 2 more paintings before October. One for each father. I'm also trying to sell some of my less awesome paintings on Etsy. Hehe.

Also on my mind is the upcoming birth of Adelaide Joy Taylor. She will be Jeff's and my first Neice, and we are SO excited! Elizabeth has been slowly making her way towards having the baby, and I have to say she is a beautiful, glowing pregnant lady right now! I think what I am most excited about, is that I get to finally be a really active Aunt. I wish my sister, April, lived closer so I could be a bigger part in Ian B's life... but I want to make sure I can be there for all the neices and nephews that I eventually have. It's important to me because my Aunts have been so important to me in my own life.

Also coming up in October, my brother will be visiting for a month! Hooray! Jeff and I have already arranged to stay at my parents for a week so Jeff can finally get to know my only and most favoritest brother ever!

So... I may not have much to talk about right this moment, but soon... soon I will irritate you with photos and oohhings and awwwings about my neice and my brother.

Blog Out.

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Aubrey Jane said...

So AWESOME!!! I love the painting, you are very creative and talented. I'm very impressed. I think it would be amazing if you did one of you as a princess! Yay for your niece coming soon :). Love ya!