Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Car Shopping...

We're in the market for a new vehicle. Jeff's commute back and forth from here to Killeen is costing us a pretty penny, due to the fact that he drives a Ford F350 Diesel engine automatic. Yeah. Ugliest truck on the planet by the way. So soon he'll probably be taking my Yaris, and I'll be driving something newer, hopefully bigger, to cart my equipment around in.

If any of you guys have suggestions on A) A fair car salesman/dealership I should try out, or B) A great car that you love and own/wish you owned, I am open to suggestions.

So far I have tried out the following vehicles:

1) Toyota Prius (LOVE)
2) Toyota Rav4 (also Love)
3) Mazda CX-7
4) Honda CRV
5) Hyundai Tucson

I did go to CarMax, but they are overpriced. The whole point of haggling is to get a good deal. With them, there is no haggling, and thus you pay a little more for convenience. Psh, I live to haggle.

I'm planning on checking out Kia, possibly Volvo although they are relatively expensive, and maybe even Volkwagen. I also considered Nissan, but found they were a little pricey as well.

These are my current thoughts.
That is all.


Mhari said...

I love my CX7 for the record. :-)

Valerie said...

I love the CRVs too. We went car shopping last month and I fell in love with a Kia Ronda with 3rd row fold up seats. It's very roomy, good on gas, and it's cute! Great price too...about $14,000 brand new