Sunday, February 6, 2011

February I Celebrate My Loves

February is a big month for me, and for Jeff. It's the month we celebrate Valentines Day, but it's also the month we celebrate our 3rd anniversary!!! I cannot believe we have actually been married 3 (almost) years! I will be doing a special blog post around that time, but until then, I wanted to celebrate the loves in my life. I'm lucky enough to have many of them.

First, I'll start with my foster kittens, Wolverine (right) and Princess Buttercup (or whatever I may change her name to) (left). They are such sweethearts, and I am honored to teach them how to socialize with humans. I only hope I find them a good home before I keep them all to myself.

Of course, I cannot forget my first baby, Akira. She has brought lots of joy, some pain and frustration, but mostly just lots of love and good energy to our family. Akira has a special place in my heart because she's my baby, I've had her since she was tiny, and we've been together for 2 years now. She's such a loving, sweet-natured girl, and I am grateful that we have finally come up with a system that works to keep our house clean, and her happy and well socialized. She also has a love/hate relationship with my next love, her brother. It's really fun to see them play.
Little Storm-Cloud He-Man, aka "Puppy." When we first got him, we didn't realize how young he was. He's grown to 12 lbs, and I had to put him on a diet because he takes after his mommy and wants to eat everything all the time. Puppy got his nickname because he acts like a dog, and because I just started calling him that one day. It's the only name he answers to. He really lights up my life, even with all the mischief he gets into. I enjoy how sweet he is, and though he is really needy sometimes, I really appreciate how much he cares about being with me ALL THE TIME. He loves to trip me as I walk, begging for attention, and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Gotta admire the little spitfire. I love this cat, and I am so glad we kept him.

Most of all, I am celebrating my true love! Jeffrey is my soul-mate. I'm so lucky to have him and his goofy, fun personality. He's always trying to make me laugh and do things to help me keep the stress down. He really loves me a lot, and I am grateful that he never hesitates to tell me that, or let me know. A real man takes care of his wife, and does things for her out of love and respect, and Jeff is a real man. I can only hope to aspire to be the kind of spouse my husband is to me. It takes a special person to love you the way Jeff does.

I am truly blessed to have all these guys living with me right now, always available for hugs, kisses, and the occasional face rubbies (the cats, not Jeff). On top of all these awesome guys, I am lucky enough to have a really great family, and I love them all so much.
My sister, Valerie, turns 23 this month, and I miss her dearly. My brother, Jonathan, survived what could have killed him last month, and I am more grateful than ever to have him alive, doing well, recovering, and always making me laugh and happy. My sister, Meghan, is also hilarious, and is always just a phone call away whenever I need to talk or laugh or blow off steam. I am truly blessed with wonderful sisters, including Rebekah, my youngest and most adorable sister. She is such a smart, good, kind-hearted girl, I am excited about how wonderfully she has turned out and wish I had more time with her. My sister, April, who just had a sweet baby, is also a wonderful addition to the family. I just... I could go on and on. My mom, my dad, my step-parents, all of them... they are all wonderful, how did I get this lucky?
I am so in love with my family, my friends, my extended family... life is beautiful and I hope to continue to add many more loves as the years go by.
Happy Valentines Month!

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