Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm a Foster Mama!

So it all started with a facebook post. My ex-aerobics instructor/facebook friend posted that the local animal shelter (literally 5 minutes from my house) was in need of some help. Due to the horrific weather, they had to move all the dogs indoors because the temperature was/is too low. Unfortunately with the weather, they got an influx of 27 dogs and 8 cats. They needed people to foster or else they would have to kill the animals.

Instantly, my bleeding heart forced me to talk to Jeff. I went downstairs and told him we had to foster. What would have happened to Puppy (aka Cloud) if we hadn't found him and taken him in? He would have died. Jeff didn't even give me the fight I was prepared for. He said that if it was something I felt needed to happen, he was on board.

So I filled out the application, and the next day I went in. Because I already have cats, I couldn't take a dog. They just got some 7 week old kittens (2 of them) that needed to be socialized because they were afraid of people. I went into the back room, which was really cold in my opinion, and had several cages full of kitties. Honestly, if I could, I would take all of them home and take care of them... but I have visions of crazy cat ladies dancing in my head and this one CSI episode where this cat lady was dead and her cats ate parts of her body. YEEEK... enough of that.

So I had to. I just had to take the kittens home. Just for 1 month. They are so incredibly fluffy and cute!!! I have grown especially partial to the little boy, who I have given the name "Wolverine" (subject to change) to because he's so tough and scawy!! He was the most against us petting him and loving on him, hissing at me when I came near. But since yesterday, I have held him several times, and cuddled him until he was purring like a miniature lawn mower. He's super cute, and I believe may have some Maine Coon in him, like my childhood cat, Trapper, had. The little girl has calico markings, and is REALLY cute. So far she is more timid, but less aggressive when we try to pet her. She hides, and I found her this morning on the very top shelf of our closet! How she got there, I'm guessing, was by climbing my clothes. She likes Jeff more, and we've played with a few names, I think my favorite so far is "Marshmallow Puff" but we haven't really figured it out yet.

So that's what's new with us. If anyone is interested in adopting 2 really really sweet baby kittens, please let me know. I'm hoping to re-home them without having to put them back in the Animal Shelter. Pictures will be up soon.

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