Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Blues?

Valentines Day makes me feel dread more than anything. It's like I am so anxious to make sure that Jeff expresses his undying love, that when he fails to remember the holiday (which unfortunately has happened several valentines days in a row), all I want to do is chuck him through the window and set the house on fire HULK style.

Last Valentines day was better than it's been, but I realized something this year. Starting Feb 1st, I started getting really moody. I started feeling resentful towards Jeff. And I realized something about Valentines Day. It's stupid. It's stupid for me to get mad at Jeff for not buying me flowers on a day designated by others that we are supposed to make grand romantic gestures. It's stupid for me to get so caught up in the holiday that I am literally sick to my stomach by the fact that my own husband doesn't care enough about me to pick me up a fricking red rose, just one. It's a STUPID holiday, but it still MATTERS to me.

So in order to solve this dilemma, being as Valentines day is so incredibly close to our Anniversary, which he did a WONDERFUL job on after his botched up Valentines, I talked it over with Jeff and we decided that we are going to make Valentines special in a new way. No candy (I don't eat candy anymore anyways), no flowers (they die), just a night in together, the two of us, making dinner together and spending quality time. No pressure. No cards. No fake materialistic bullsh*t. And I feel a lot better about the whole thing.

As for our Anniversary... that's going to be the big deal, the weekend getaway perhaps, I am not sure yet. But I feel like if Valentines Day is the day to celebrate your love, what better way than a romantic evening together in the comfort of your own home without the pressure for gifts or things that you don't need or even really want? Don't skip the holiday... make it your own special tradition.

That is all.

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