Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Can Call Me Dr.Awesome... Medicine Woman

So I registered for classes at Texas State. I'm officially part of the Exercise and Sports Science department with an emphasis on Pre-Physical Therapy. I will end up having to go for a Doctorate, but I am completely prepared to become Dr.Caitlin Hartung.
I realize that it will be a lot of work, but I have willpower, and when I really want something, I make it happen. I really want this. I decided I'm just not satisfied with being average. I want more. If I am never going to be a movie star, the next best thing I can be is a well-educated woman who can earn a good living for herself and her family.
I'm tired of being scared about the future, I'm ready to act on it. So. I am really really really excited, and ready to get back to school. It's weird, considering how much I wanted to avoid it right after I graduated high school.
I also wanted to let you guys know that because of this whole school thing, starting in August, I will probably be MIA for the most part. I'll blog about any huge events (which I don't really anticipate), and I will try to read your blogs... but... I make no promises. I will probably also avoid Facebook, and TV if I can in order to focus on my studies. I am not going to screw this up.


JAG said...

YAY KATY!!!! So exciting!! Congratulations!!

Nancy Sigerson said...

You are the bomb, Katy!!! This is wonderful. I am so proud of you for getting after this!! I love you!!!