Friday, July 1, 2011

I Don't Have PCOS...

I went to the Endo today. Apparently I was misdiagnosed. I don't have PCOS. She ran all my levels, made me pee in a jug for 24 hours, everything came back at normal levels, meaning I don't have a hormonal imbalance, therefore I cannot have PCOS. Yes, I have ovarian cysts, yes I don't have a regular cycle, NO she doesn't know why. *sigh...*

So it's back to the drawing board. She asked me to start a low-carb diet to prevent any further weight gain and hopefully reverse the damage that has already been done, told me it cannot possibly stem from a low-carb diet, so that will start after my sister leaves next weekend.

She told me to go back to my normal ob/gyn, and have him figure out what is causing the cysts. So pretty much I wasted my time for the last 2.5 months while I went from one endo to another and ended up with nothing to show for it.

**************************in other news****************************************

I registered for my classes!!! I am so psyched! I keep checking every day because there are 2 classes I am just DYING to take that are full... so I'm vulturing around waiting for someone to drop... one can always hope, right? I have until exactly my birthday to make my final decision on classes.

From my calculations I should finish school in 5 semesters or less. I might be kidding myself here, but I think it can be done. Then it will be on to graduate school, which I look forward to.

Not much else going on at the moment, my mom was here visiting and she is now back at home. I was really happy to get to spend time with her. This month is the month of awesomeness, I have my quarter century birthday in 28 days! I cannot believe how quickly I got to 25. I'm hoping to do something awesome like paintball or laser tag, which we did for my bro-in-law's birthday and had a BLAST!

I guess I'll look up fun birthday party ideas. I don't really have a wish list this year. It's weird, the older you get, the less you seem to want. Maybe that's because every time I have a true, affordable want, I buy it. Either way, I'll make an impossible dream list for my 2nd post today.

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