Friday, August 31, 2012

Caitlin's list of the Best Baby Nursery Items and Baby Gear in 2012 PART 1

Most people who know me would probably not believe that deep down, very very deep down, I am secretly a type A planner. I know. Sit. Contemplate. Allow the image of the easy going, laid back person you think you know, is actually a little bit obsessive when she finds something to obsess over.

From the moment I learned I was pregnant, I started obsessing. I started obsessing pretty bad. But I knew I had to wait. I needed to wait until I crossed into the 2nd trimester, because I didn't want to start really getting into it in case I lost the baby. Once I hit my 2nd trimester, I decided to make myself wait even longer, because I needed to know the gender before I could REALLY plan things out.  But secretly, almost every night, I scoured Pinterest for baby things. Baby nurseries and baby outfits. 

I started reading articles on which stroller was the best, which car seat. What cribs were the safest, and which ones were the most convenient? Should I co-sleep or try to put the baby in her room from the start?  I bought the Mayo Clinic's Guide To Pregnancy from the start because it had the best reviews on Amazon. 

I've read blog after blog about which cribs, which bassinets, which co-sleepers, which strollers, which baby toys, what books, what blankets, etc are the best of the best for my sweet little princess. This poor kid has no idea what mania she's in store for. I'm looking for organic crib sheets, and planning to make organic home-made baby food. I'm worrying about prenatals and which omega 3 DHA source is the purest. I switched to the least toxic makeup brand I could find in the Safe Cosmetics Database. (I highly recommend looking at your makeup brands on here by the way it's scary).

Then I realized something... I should share all the knowledge I've gained on these and make a list of the best products that I've seen time and again, well reviewed on Amazon, and what I'm hoping to use for my own baby. Maybe this will help someone else. So, without further ado, I bring to you, my top list:


1. Hands Down the Pampers Swaddlers were the most often and most highly recommended brand of diapers by mothers of both boys and girls. I personally registered for the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers because they are free of chemicals and dyes that might irritate my baby's skin. I thought this was a good compromise to buying organic granola type diapers (my initial gut instinct). 

2. In a close 2nd, I was actually told that Sams Club Diapers were great, and Sams Club wipes were some of the best. 


1. I registered and will probably use Pampers Sensitive Wipes, unless the Sams Club wipes work out for me. I'll try both and re-make this list once I've had a chance to use any of these products on my little one.

Diaper Pails:

1. Diaper Genie was the winner in my book. I researched all of them, and what I found was that the diaper genie had great smell control, was tall enough that you didn't have to bend a lot to put the diaper in it, and it has a foot pedal, which kind of sealed the deal for me. Most of the other diaper pails don't come with a foot pedal, and if they do, don't contain the smell as easily. After having a litter genie, I think it's worth it. 

Ointments for Diaper Rash:

1. Triple Paste Ointment for Diaper Rash is supposed to be a god-send. 

2. A + D Original Ointment also had great reviews. 

I also got samples of boudreaux's butt paste, which I will test on the baby and get back to you on. 

Diaper Bags:

1. Annette in Cocoa Brown is one of the cutest, and most practical diaper bags, it runs about $150, but I'm willing to pay for something you can easily clean if you spill that makes my life easier. After all, I'm a purse girl and I hate the idea of carrying a back that looks all nasty and gross. 

2. The Elliott Nest Diaper Bag is my favorite. It's cute, it's got EVERYTHING you could ever want in a diaper bag, but the price tag is pretty hefty, which is why I included the Annette because it's the cheaper way to go. This one runs about $340.

3. Kate Spade makes the cutest bags. This is my guilty pleasure bag, the one I will probably not have unless some amazing person decides I should have it at $418, there is NO WAY I'm buying this, but it's amazing, and a girl has a right to dream, no? 

4. And Finally, I had to add a Juicy Couture bag, it is the original bag I dreamed of carrying... the one I made my mother-in-law promise to buy me. I don't have a good image of it but just click the link if you're curious.

Best Travel Changing Pad:

1. Touted to be the most comfortable, best at avoiding messes, and even great for tummy time, I present to you the Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad

For now that's all I can give you. I'll do more soon!


Aubrey Jane said...

Girl, I think we are cut from the same fabric. I research every baby thing link crazy and I have been using them for 2.5 years and I totally agree with a lot you have found out. Yes to Pampers being the best. Swaddlers for newborns, then I switch to Baby Dry. They are amazing, my kids have never had bad diaper rash, ever. Also, if you are an Amazon Mom you can get 20% off on auto ship orders. Make sure you do Pampers rewards because they occasionally have good things on there. I used Pampers Sensitive Wipes for 2 years and they are great, but someone gave me some of the Kirkland brand wipes from Costco at Declan's shower and they are even better! Best lotion for babies is Renew, that's how I got into Melaleuca in the first place, because I love this lotion. Okay, enough Mom ranting. :)

caitlinhart said...

Good to know! I heard Sams had good wipes too. I definitely need you to tell me more about the Melaleuca products, I really was interested I've just been so crazy busy and life has been kind of upside down for me lately. I'll try to call you once I get to California if I don't before then. I'm not sure if there is a costco where I am going but I will try those kirkland wipes if there is. Thanks for the help :)