Thursday, September 6, 2012

Part 2 : Baby Things I Love

Last time I focused on Diapering Items. This time I'm going to move on to bigger things.


1. The Origami is one of the coolest strollers I have come across. It folds itself and unfolds itself with the push of a button. It's got great handling and turns on a dime. The stroller even records your mileage, tells you what the temperature is like outside. I want this stroller soooo bad.

2. The Bumbleride Indie Stroller was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who still has hers and loves it. She said it was the best jogging stroller she found, and she liked it more than her friend's BOB Revolution, which was the jogging stroller I was looking at before I talked to her. This is the more affordable of the two, but if dreams came true I'd pick the Origami.

Car Seats:

1. The Britax Chaperone is really the only car seat I want. I love it in the cow print too. It is a winner of many awards for safety and design. Also note the bar in front of the car seat, that bar helps stabilize the car seat in case of a car accident, it doesn't move nearly as much and protects the baby from slamming into the seat, much like the bumper on a vehicle. The only down side to this seat is that it's heavy and bulky.

So when looking for safety and a little less bulk, the 2nd runner up car seat I like:

2.  Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is one of the top rated car seats. It's lighter in weight than the Chaperone and scores high in safety. It is also supposed to be really easy to install. If I don't get the chaperone, I will probably get this one.

Cribs / Sleeping Arrangements:

1. Generation Next Safety Gate Crib is my current favorite that doesn't cost more than $600. What I like about it is the gate folds down so that a short person (like me) can reach the baby, without worrying about the hazards of a drop down gate (which is now illegal I believe).

2. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Harmony is the bassinet/co-sleeper I want for the first 3 months of Baby Girl Hartung's life. It connects to the bed, but also works as a bassinet I can use for nap time and such. I also think it's super adorable.

3. Pack 'n Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat so many people have told me to get the pack n play. I like this one because it has a lot of aspects ideal for a newborn all the way to a toddler, which means I can use it longer. It's great for traveling, like if Jeff and I take a weekend trip to San Francisco, we won't have to put our baby in some nasty hotel crib. We could use this a lot longer than the bassinet, but honestly I want all 3 of these... is that overkill?

Baby Bedding:

So I'm going to try not to let my granola side get the better of me too much, but when it comes to bedding, from what I have read, Organic really is better. So I plan on having organic crib sheets, and anything I think my baby may end up chewing on (toy-wise) I am going to be especially conscious of plastics, paints, and that sort of thing. That's my little disclaimer.

1. Taylor Nursery Bedding (Mostly the Crib Sheet is what I want). I'm planning on having a lot of silvers, blues, and glam in the nursery, but I love these elephants... where I'm going all out is the crib sheet we're probably going to make (My mom, Aunt, and I).

2. Magnolia Organics Crib Sheet Starlight Blue Elephant is pretty much like the last one. I just like it too. I think that one can never have too many crib sheets.

3. Migi Sweet Sunshine 4-piece Crib Bedding Set by Bananafish  is one of the cutest crib bedding sets I've found.

4. Migi Pinwheel Crib Bedding Set by Bananafish 

Nursery Mobiles:

1. Hot Air Balloon  by Shop Littles on Etsy. This vendor has some really cute stuff!

2. Cloud Mobile  by leptitpapillon. This girl makes a ton of super cute cloud mobiles.

3. Black Chandelier baby mobile by ShabulousChandeliers on Etsy. This sort of plays into my idea of making a mobile of tiny chandeliers.

Baby Monitors: 

1. Snazo Halo Baby Movement Monitor is my paranoia relief in a small device. This device can tell if baby stops breathing. When baby stops breathing in the middle of the night, it gently vibrates, reminding the baby to take a breath. If baby goes too long without breathing, an alarm goes off, alerting the parents of the baby. This is a great tool for those afraid of SIDS. So obviously I want this really bad. I would probably supplement with a sound monitor too, depending on how our new apartment is set up.

2. Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System is much like the system above, only more. Instead of the monitor clipping to baby's diaper, it's a pad that goes under the mattress, but it essentially works the same way. It also has a video and sound monitor. I like this one a lot but I feel that the one that clips to baby's diaper may be more accurate. I don't know. I'd be happy with either.

Bath Time:

1. The Blooming Baby Bath is one of the cutest (while still very functional) baby bath's I have found. Feel free to read the amazon reviews on why this is a good choice, but I think it's ideal for an apartment, it will fit well in the kitchen sink, which is probably where I will bathe baby until she can handle being in the big people bath tub. 

 More to come later :)  


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