Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Shower

My baby shower was this past Saturday, September 22nd. One of my very best friends, Merideth Calderwood, hosted it, and my Mom and Aunt Didi helped her a lot. I know it's a bit early for a shower. I am only 26 weeks today, and normally you wait until you're a little closer to the baby's birth, however I am moving to California in a few weeks so time was short.

It was so much fun! It was especially great because so much of my immediate family was able to come. My sisters Rebekah and Meghan were there, my step-mom Bev, my Dad even drove up but didn't want to intrude on girl time lol. My Granddaddy was the only male at the shower, he even won a prize for guessing how many bubblegum were in the giant fish bowl sized bowl. My step-grandma, Gloria, made a gorgeous pillow cake with a slipper on top, and my Aunt Didi made an amazing carriage on top of a pillow cake. Both were really cool. I'm amazed at the talent in my family.

We had a good turn out. I was sad a few people missed it because it was so last minute, but I got to see old friends, support from many good friends, and I got some much needed supplies for our baby. I even settled on how I am going to spell her name thanks to a chat with my Dad, Bev, Bekah and Meghan.

But back to the shower. It was fun! We all wore tiaras and feather boas. I know, over the top and a little dorky... but that's kinda fitting for me. We played baby charades, the pin stealing game (you get to steal someone's clothes pin if they say the word "baby," guess the baby food game, and had everyone bling some baby bibs that Merideth made... they actually turned out pretty cute, and they are nice and big so they'll work well for a messy baby.

Present time was awesome. I got some really great stuff. But I'll stop blabbing and start sharing some photos.

Here's me in my tiara and feather boa... looking very pregnant
A side view.. so big..
Left to Right: Bev, Meghan, Me, Rebekah, My Mom at my shower (before everyone else showed up)
The Pumpkin Carriage Cake
The Slipper Cake
Merideth is apparently the best onsie maker ever... super cute sign
Gloria playing charades
Merideth playing charades
Julie playing charades
Susan charading it up... Ok I think you guys get the point, we played charades
Granddaddy won... there were 667 or something like that... can't remember
Me, lording over all of my gifts
My mom painted me this and said she thought the woman looked like me... very sweet, my Mom's got some talent!
I wish I could share all the photos but there is no way.. Rebekah took 100 photos of the shower. 

Here's one of my and my Dad goofing around after the shower. He was afraid to touch my belly. haha. 
Belly shot
Belly Shot with Ultrasound Overlay
The Hoke Sisters
Left to Right: Bev, Bekah, Dad, Me, Jeff, Meghan
Being Weird... 
Baby Food Tasting Jars at the Shower
these are a little out of order...
Me and my Niece Adelaide
Me and Meghan
Me, Granddaddy and Meghan
Mom, Me (and Sonja), Granddaddy and Meghan
Mhari, Julie, Merideth and Liz
Marisa and Kelly
My Mother-in-Law Susan and Adelaide 

If you want to see more photos, you can on Facebook.

I left out a lot of the present ones cause I look horrible in them haha. 

Overall it was a great shower, I felt loved and also sad that my sweet baby won't get to be around all the people that were there to show their love and support. But I will do my best to make sure everyone meets her and gets to know her.

Blog Out.

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