Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Third Trimester

I'm officially in the 3rd trimester. I'm 27 weeks an 1 day. I'm really excited about it too, because this means that even if something went horribly wrong, and I gave birth tomorrow, my baby has more than a 90% chance of surviving without any long term complications.

As for the baby, Sonja is moving around a lot. She was especially active all day Monday when I did some weight training. She was jabbing me and moving around, it actually kinda hurt. Yesterday I believe my cardio routine put her to sleep so I didn't have nearly as much activity. Since Jeff took my elliptical machine, I'm having to go to my gym to train. At first I wasn't looking forward to it, but I actually kind of enjoy being there and chatting with random people as they come and go. 

My current pregnancy worries are: West Nile Virus (which is now in the northern Austin area), my inability to pass a Starbucks without getting a Caramel Apple Cider (OMG DELICIOUS), my glucose test which is scheduled for next Thursday, and my upcoming 3-4 day road trip to California.

I am really anxious to get to Cali and start preparing for the baby. I want to organize the kitchen, organize the Living Room, and most of all organize the nursery. I want it perfect so that I can make life a little easier on myself once Sonja gets here and chaos ensues. I've been pinning cleaning tips, organization tips, and researching the baby products I didn't get at my shower and want to purchase once I get there.

My dad agreed to buy a crib for the little one, an awesome crib so magnificent she can sleep in it all the way through her childhood. It converts into a toddler bed and a full-sized bed. Pretty awesome right? My Dad is super awesome for doing this for us. It's a big weight off my shoulders. You want to see the crib right?  Here it is:
and here it is as a full size bed

My Mother-in-Law is going to buy us a stroller, which will also be pretty awesome. I narrowed it down to 4 strollers I am interested in, and I'm giving her the final choice on the matter. Here are the strollers I liked the most for my personal needs:

The Stokke Explory

This was actually my first pick. I like it because it's easy to take up stairs, and we will be on the 3rd floor. It also is one of the only strollers that is made for tall people, I know I know... why does this help ME? Well the seat on the stroller moves up and down, making it so that my baby can be almost eye level for me, but also making it perfect for strolling into a restaurant, wheeling the baby up to a table, and letting her eat at the table in the chair... less transferring. Also the arm is adjustable so Jeff can lengthen it for his taller needs, and I can shorten it for my shorter needs.

The Orbit G2 Travel System
 What do I like about this? Almost everything. Not only does the system come with a car seat, and happen to be one of the easiest strollers to use one-handed (by use I mean fold, unfold, transfer the seat from the car to the stroller). It's also incredibly easy to handle. Trust me, I went to Baby Earth and test drove every single stroller in this list. Unfortunately, this is a stroller I feel bad even putting on my list due to the price of it. But I thought I'd add at least 1 dream stroller. Another cool feature this little guy has, is that it has a swivel in the base, so you can put the baby in the car at any angle and then swivel the seat to lock her into the rear facing position. You can also swivel the seat in the stroller to have her front or rear facing.

The UPPAbaby Vista
 UPPAbaby recently added a new stroller to their line called the Cruz. I actually like it less than the Vista. I love the vista, mainly because the price is a little more reasonable, and it's probably one of the easiest to fold and fit in the car of the strollers I chose. I don't know that we'll be doing a lot of car travel due to the awesome location we found for our Apartment, but when we do, this gem would be great for that. The seat also folds completely flat and the stroller comes with a bassinet for when Sonja is still too young to sit up. This stroller has the best storage as well, as far as having the most room for putting stuff under the seat. Another great feature this stroller offers is that you don't have to take the seat off to fold it... awesome. The more convenient it is, the better.

The Bumbleride Indie Stroller
What's not to love about the Indie? I love almost everything about this stroller. It's actually more versatile in that it will work as a jogging stroller, but it's also the biggest stroller of the 4. Making it more frustrating during storage and transport. I don't mind that as much, though, because this baby is a smooth ride, has air-filled tires, and in my test drives rides just as smooth if not smoother than a BOB without being quite as bulky. It maneuvers well around corners and I jogged a little with it in Baby Earth (because I no longer have shame) and found it to be very responsive. This was also recommended to me by a friend of mine and I can see why she loves it so much. It folds without having to remove the seat, the seat lays flat, and it has an adapter for the car seat I want. Overall I love it. 

This turned into another one of those baby products I like posts.. but I just wanted to share what I found. It took a lot of digging around to figure out what I wanted.

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