Monday, October 29, 2012

Akira Update

After my last post I wanted to update everyone on how my baby Akira is doing.

After the vet gave her a massive dose of a potent antibiotic, hydrated, and force fed Akira, Akira threw up all the food she was given. The vet was really nervous about it, but decided not to feed her any more, gave her ZERO medications, and left her overnight to sleep. She told me the next morning she was scared Akira might be dead. That's how bad she looked, guys, no joke. I had the same fear.  She called me the next morning and asked me not to come until 4pm, she wanted to keep an eye on Akira, but that Akira had turned around somewhere in the night.

When the vet had come in the next morning, she said it was like a different cat. Akira ate all of the food she felt safe giving her, and was responsive and alert, which she hadn't been the day before. By the time I picked her up, Akira was actually meowing and looking around with her eyes fully open.

She told me she was a little nervous, because she had done nothing, all she had done was take her off the medications. But I think it was a combination of taking her off the phenobarbital, and giving her a massive antibiotic, because I think she had an infection of some sort... but that might be wishful thinking. My instructions from the vet was to keep Akira off everything but the steroid and the antibiotic and watch her carefully for seizure activity or signs of getting worse.

It's been amazing. It's like a miracle. She is back to being a little gobble beast and eating all of her dinner, she's regained her sense of balance, she's alert and aware, comes when called, and even played fetch with me the very day she came back home. So far I have kept her off the phenobarbital and she hasn't had a seizure... I'm hoping it remains this way. She's the sweetest little kitty I've ever had, just so innocent. She doesn't deserve these health problems.

The best part is, I was prepared to pay the vet $500 or more... It's just what I've gotten used to with these people.. but no. The final bill was $45. Holy. Crap. $45. I was so shocked I just stared at her office manager like... what? $45? I almost lept over the counter and kissed her! I was so happy. This vet worked miracles on my baby and barely charged me for it. I mean, the overnight stay alone should have cost me at least $50. But she checked out both cats, sub-dermally hydrated Akira, gave her an oral antibiotic, fed her, watched her, all for $45. Maybe she'll send me a bill later, but I have my doubts.

Here's a cute picture I took of Akira last night. She managed to sneak into my room and nestle herself into my bed. She looks so comfy :). 
Anyway, I'm really happy with how Akira is doing. She seems totally back to normal and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for her. I think they worked.

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