Thursday, December 5, 2013

11 Months Old!

11 Months on the FROG!!!
Baby Sonja,

HOW did you get so big?!?!

I'm officially terrified of blinking because I swear every time I do you grow up more and more.

Here's what's up with you in your 11th month of life...

Sonja's Favorite:

* Words: "dog" "nana" "dada" "dookadookadookadookadoo" (don't ask me what it means but you say it a LOT) "jojo" (but pronounced french-like) you also like to make high pitched squeal sounds at the cats mimicking their meows
* Toys: blocks, the push cars, your car keys (and mine), whatever happens to be in my hands, my iphone, any phone really, your push walker, your musical book, your wooden puzzle.
I'm also amazing at chess... 
* Singers: Taylor Swift, Corrine Bailey Rae, Sarah Barreilles, Kenny Chesney, anyone with a smooth soothing voice
* People: Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, The girls at the Gold's Gym Childcare center, Al the car salesman, the lady who showed us our new apartment today, Evan from the smoothy shop by Gold's Gym, Our realtor Matt, and anyone else who gives you any attention at all usually.
* Activities: Walking with a push walker or using someone's fingers, walking between mommy and daddy, getting tickled, making funny faces, clapping, feeding herself, trying to eat things you shouldn't eat like paper and cat litter...
* Things: ANIMALS.. You LOVE animals, dogs, cats, anything that will lick your face and jump all over you.. Cars...
You're an excellent driver, too


* This month you took your first independent steps on November 25th! We were so excited!
* You now LOVE meat especially red meat that has been well seasoned or cooked like brisket
What does a dead cow say? Nothing cause it's in my tummy! BAHAHAHA
* You just started saying "Mama" to address me about 2 days ago!
* You clap your hands now just by hearing the word "Clap" or "yay!"
* You are crawling like a boss and doing really well at cruising and walking.. still not able to really walk on your own very far but you will get there by your first birthday I am positive.
* You just got upgraded to a convertible car seat since we got this awesome deal on Black Friday and couldn't resist. You are now the proud new occupant of a Maxi Cosi Pria 70. It looks so comfy I am kind of jealous.
* You now do more fun faces. You do this adorable little cheesy grin, and you seem to know the exact perfect times to make this face.
* You love food and now make the "mmmmmm" sound when you are eating
* You now drink about half your "bottles" from a straw cup! I'm close to weaning you off the bottle!
You've also gotten really good at house work

Fun Facts:

* You are such a sweet girl. You are now really fond of giving kisses and hugs. You like to snuggle Mommy and Daddy.
* You don't seem to favor one parent over the other yet, and I like that. You love both of us and you love to be held by both of us. I think you seem to prefer being in Daddy's arms when we are walking around, though. I assume this is because he's taller and sturdier...
* Your hair is definitely blonde now, you've got 9 or more teeth, beautiful brown almond shaped eyes with super long dark lashes and a heart of gold
You are also an amazing mechanic... 
* You do have a temper, one I'm trying to work with. We all have tempers I think, yours mostly comes out when you don't get your way... which is often but not that often. You hate it if I eat something or hold something or do something and you don't get to eat, hold, or do that thing too.
* You're a light sleeper. You wake up at the slightest sounds, but other times I swear you'd sleep through a train wreck.
* You love to eat paper. I'm constantly having to grab paper or business cards or anything paper-made out of your speedy baby claws before you shove it in your mouth.
* You started this new "shy" act when people talk to you. You smile and nuzzle your face into me (or whoever is holding you) and it is ADORABLE
* You love music and dancing to music
* You STILL love Bubble Guppies.. a LOT.. like it's weird to me that a baby your age can love a show so much.
* I can tell you are smart. You try to trick me. It's hilarious. Yesterday you kept trying to touch an air freshener plug in and I would say no, so you'd walk away and then circle back to it again like we hadn't been there before. I was on to you though...

Truly, you are a delight. I am so happy to have you here with me, and to spend my days with you. I love snuggling you and I love playing with you. I love singing songs, teaching you things, and watching you grow and learn. You have just the sweetest little spirit and you are getting prettier by the day. The older you get, the more I enjoy you, the more I love you, and I know that we are going to have so much fun together in life. Thank you for making my life so full of love and joy.



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