Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Park City was AWESOME!!!!

You should check out some of the photos from the family photo shoot we did! The photographer was AMAZING.

So much happened on the trip and I tried to post about it but found myself getting bored with my own post lol.

So I'm gonna sum it up as short and sweet as I can.

Park City. Big giant house in the mountains. Rental Car got stuck going up twice. Babysitter every day. Skiing. Hot Chocolate. Hot Cider. Fancy Dinners. Babies Everywhere. White Elephant Gift Exchange. Gorgeous Christmas tree I helped decorate (by putting hooks on ornaments lol). Fun friends and family. Cute niece and nephew. Christmas gifts galore!!!

Yeah.. it was great. I only wish that Jeff and I hadn't gotten sick towards the end so we could've gone skiing more. But ultimately I loved every minute of it, even the laryngitis.

Merry Christmas!

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