Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

2013 was a good year... here's a highlight reel...

Jan 2nd - 8pm (actually a little earlier) I went in to St.Joseph's hospital in Santa Rosa, California to be induced. They started the induction at exactly 8pm.

Jan 4th - 5:02pm Sonja Aurora Hartung was born at 7lbs 1oz and 21 inches via C-section.

Jan 8th - Finally got to go home after a 6 day stay at the hospital. It was nice to be home.

January 22nd - Sonja got her Social Security Card! She's official!

Feb 6th - 13th - Sonja slept through the night for an entire week... it didn't last.

Feb 18th - Sonja's first real smiles.. where she kept doing it and it wasn't gas or a fluke.

Feb 23rd - Our 5th wedding anniversary.. I cannot remember it... those early months I was a sleep deprived Zombie

March 20th - Jelly Belly Factory with Meghan (hey we liked it I had to include it)

By March 31st - Sonja was laughing

April 11th - Jeff's Birthday. We celebrated it small, with Jeff and his Dad and the epic disaster cake of 2013... 
sorry no photos of the cake here.

May 2nd - Sonja's first tooth came through the gums

May 12th - Mothers Day! I got breakfast in bed.. it was nice.

May 18th - The Color Run! It was so fun! I went with my friends in California.. who I miss dearly now. 

 May 26th- Sonja's first plane ride! We went to Lubbock to see family and watch my youngest sister, Rebekah, graduate from High School! YAY!!!

June 16th - Father's Day for Jeff! I don't remember what we got him... damn this memory

June 20th - Sonja's first time in a Baby Swing!!!

June 22nd - Sonja's first REAL dip in the pool where she let me put her in more than just her feet.

July 4th - Independence Day!!!

Also Sonja's 6 monthiversary!

July 13th - Said Goodbye to Akira. We loved her so much, but she wasn't going to stop peeing on our stuff and I wasn't able to get her the help she needed to stop.. so we found her a GREAT home with a Bengal owner who wanted a Bengal friend for the bengal she had who's sister had died. She takes very good care of Akira, feeding her a raw diet, a holistic vet, and even takes her to a cat chiropracter (who has supposedly cured her).. I feel I left her in good hands.

July 20th - we left Rohnert Park and stayed in San Francisco for the night with Puppy and Sonja.

July 21st - I flew alone with Sonja and Puppy to Dallas to see my sisters, Valerie and Meghan. I left Puppy with Valerie for the next few months (he's still there) while I stayed with my Mother in Law.

July 23rd - back in AUSTIN!!! Hooray!!! 

July 29th - My 27th birthday! Could't believe it!

August 15th - the week I started working with a trainer to get back in shape.

August 25th - Sonja started clapping

September 17th - I had my wisdom teeth out

Sept 28th - Sonja started crawling really well

October 12 - Sonja had her first taste of Egg Yolks cooked by her Grandpa Hoke. She also sat in her first Pumpkin Patch and HATED it.

October 25th - Sonja's 1st Halloween!!!

November 17th- we made it rain

Nov 25th - Sonja took her first independent steps!

Nov 28th - Thanksgiving

Dec 5th - We moved into our own Apartment

Dec 20th - Flew to Park City for our Ski trip!!!!

Dec 22nd - Family Photo Shoot


Dec 24th - Christmas Eve!!!! White Elephant Gift Exchange

Dec 25th - Christmas Day!!!

Dec 26th - flew back to TX

Dec 27th - Dec 29th - My dad, bev, and bekah came to visit!

Dec 31st - Turning in the VW Tiguan :( He's been a good car, but it's time for more space...

Happy New Year!!!

Here's to 2014!!! The year of the Horse!!!


Elizabeth said...

Yippee!! Such a good year. I like how you slipped the last bit of news in there... ;) Sneaky congratulations!!

No "Sonja met her cousins for the first time"? Booo!!

Here's to 2014 and many more fun times to be had!!

caitlinhart said...

Aw crap I left that out! I'm terrible at remembering things... Baby brain..

Mhari said...

I didn't know you were expecting again! Congrats!!

caitlinhart said...

Thanks Mhari! We just found out so it's early.. but I figured anyone willing to read my blog deserves to know lol