Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Month of Vacation and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

We are still in the works of planning our vacation but I'm getting super excited about Christmas Break!!! It will all start off with this Thanksgiving. I'm going on a trip to Stephenville to stay at my uncles house. There I will receive gifts from my Dad and Step-Mom and Rebekah. Yay. Probably nothing super awesome, though... the gifts have been dwindling from my family. However, I will enjoy the company and be glad to see the little sister again so I can give her big sisterly advice and such.

Next, is NUTCRACKER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I'm most excited because I get to go shopping with my mother in law and sister in law and get beautiful dresses so we can look fabulous when we go. And we aren't getting any cheap crappy dresses, I'm talking nice, designer stuff. Finally a mommy who understands my need to be pampered. ahh... yes... the good life...

We'll skip over the following exams, (I'm not too worried), and move on to the next part. Seeing my brother!!! yay!!! He graduates from basic training in San Antonio so Jeff and I will haul ourselves down to see him, and stay overnight at a hotel room my parents will be picking up the tab for, suckers! Ok, they volunteered which surprised and delighted me. Once we've stayed overnight (this is all around the 12th), we leave on the 13th for Utah. Ahhh... I can never stay away from that state for more than a year at a time... but we're going to Jeff's Mom's family reunion, so it will be a treat for me to meet all 12 of her siblings... wow... or 11... I can't remember. At least it isn't a funeral this year, cause that was not a fun way to meet everyone last year.

After that, it's SKIING time!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Honestly, I'm looking forward to skiing the most, I'm pretty excited. So we'll be staying with Jeff's parents while they are there and possibly a few days longer in a cheap motel of some sort, I have to find one first. Then we're going to pick up Jeff's Broncho, which has been forever talked about but never seen by me. His uncle is supposed to be putting in the engine by the time we get there so we can take it and haul off on a road trip of our own choosing. We will be hitting Denver, and if I can convince Jeff after reading Ali's blog... Vegas!!! Oh Vegas in the christmas time!!!! It's gonna be awesome, cause not only does Denver have my parents, but it will have my brother and his skeezy wife! I would like a few minutes alone with that skeezy wife's toothbrush and if I do, I'll take a few incriminating photos for my religious reader's entertainment.

Somewhere in there we'll hit home and get our Christmas presents from Jeff's parents who ACTUALLY love us. I am really excited because I'm finally getting awesome presents probably for the first time in my life (I've heard a little about the things to come)... And my Christmas will end happily ever after.

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dcshenefelt said...

You haven't seen the Bronco yet?!? Wow....I didn't even know he still had it...