Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bun in the Oven?

So many of my faithful readers (4?) might already know this, but I stopped taking my birth control about 5 weeks ago. Yeah... and guess who hasn't come to visit me??? Aunt FLOW. As you might've guessed, Jeff's pretty freaked out right now... as he should be... but what about me??? It's MY body this potential fetus will be feasting on! Ok, ok, I'm not that worried. I've always loved babies, but I'd sure like to add a few vacations notches to the ol' vacation belt before I start shooting out babies. ughh... the only reason I'm blogging about this is because I feel like I have no one supportive to talk to. All they say is "WHY DID YOU STOP TAKING BIRTH CONTROL???" or "YOU'RE TOO YOUNG, WAIT A WHILE" and I'm like... HELLOOO who died and made you ruler of my life? I stopped taking birth control because it's so incredibly bad for you and your body. It was also screwing with my marraige (mood swings and such), so I decided it had to go. And what is really killing me is the wait. Just waiting to find out... every day agonizingly painful. I'm taking a test tomorrow and I'll post the results... so... pray that I can know soon so I don't go crazy.


Michelle said...

katy! i found your blog on your facebook because i am a stalker like that and have nothing better to do.

if you want my opinion, you're not too young. things happen... things like this age you to a point.

trust me, i just had a baby. :)

Mhari said...

Hey you,

I won't tell you that you are too young or to wait a while. All that happens when you wait a while is you get really busy with other things. We have been planning on a "vacation" for 4 years and still haven't done one so don't worry. :-) I'll keep updated on your blog to see what happens.

Good luck and I hope it turns out however it needs to for y'all.

Dan and Merideth said...

Oh i think thats WONDERFUL!! I cant wait to find out!!!

I do not think your too young... besides in Mormon-vill you should already have 2 sets of twins and one on the way... lol!