Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Trailer Park to Bryant Park

So I went and got my hair done yesterday after 3 freaking months!!! It looks great! You can see it by looking at the new picture of us I put on here... I might also add a few pictures that I took literally 10 minutes ago... I love the hair, not as fond of the cut... but it'll grow on me. So, as my stylist put it... I have now graduated from trailer park to bryant park lol... I did have some sick roots. Unfortunately I do not have a before picture... I avoided the camera for a while.

In other news... Schools almost out and Thanksgiving is almost here! I almost bought a dog yesterday.

I'm still working on Jeff but don't tell him...

Ok, so the story goes like this.... My mother in law and I went to the pet store yesterday and I met the CUTEST little pomeranian. He is white with apricot tips. I decided to name him Pommes Frites (pronounced POMM - FRITS) after the european name for french fries. I will try sending some photos to the computer so you can all see him and feel my pain in not being able to take him home... WHYYY?????

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The Wiese's said...

Yay, buy a puppy! They're the best! I'll send you one in the mail.