Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Pees

Akira... She's a wonderful little ray of sunshine in our lives. With that said... she's a lazy, lazy bum. We bought the booda dome litter box for her to use, it's great because it has a filter on the top to keep the stink away. Soon after she came to live with us, we found a strange occurance... Akira was pooping in the litterbox, but peeing all over the wall and basically everywhere but the litterbox. All we can figure, is that she put half of her body in the opening and then let loose so that a multi-directional spray coated my recently cleaned bathroom with urine. Lovely eh? This happend 4 times before we realized we really did not want to clean the floor a 5th time... so we set out to buy a new litter box. To those of you considering buying a cat... this one is a genious idea... they have to go into the hole in order to use the litterbox, so once she's in that hole halfway, she's got to finish the job... thanks to this ingenious plastic bin with a hole in the top (Which we bought for $40 dollars) we are now able to walk on the bathroom tile without worrying about hitting a wet spot! If only we'd thought to just buy a $5 plastic bin and cut a hole out of it ourselves... until next time... this has been adventures in pet-ownership land.

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The Gramber Bies said...

I don't envy you at ALL we had to get Cloud two boxs and have to clean them twice a day or he wont use either. I beleive his moto is: if its been used once its been used once to many times!!