Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deep Thoughts by Caitlin McHottikins Hartung...

This segment will be called Deep Thoughts by Caitlin McHottikins Hartung, it will appear once a week from now on:

So I realize that I can be the most evil, mean person on this planet when my hormones are going awry, and this past 2 weeks I was going insane. So yesterday and today I have been SO HAPPY! I can't really explain the difference, but it's like a cloudy 2 months, and suddenly, the sun peaks through and everything is happy and birds sing as you walk. I have all this energy and a little swing in my step. I went to gymnastics and am finally able to do my back handspring without any assistance, just a little verbal motivation from my peeps! YAY! I loved spending more time with Brandy and her baby yesterday. I will probably be visiting her often to get my baby fix and then get back to having a life. That's what scares me most about having kids, once you have them, your life goes out the window and it's all about them. I'm not ready to take the backseat and give everything up for anyone. And I see people having kids and having no money or time to do anything fun and they seem so depressed. Getting married alone can kind of put a damper on your social life, kids pretty much end it. Well, maybe not end it... you can make friends with other parents, and your old friends can visit you, but you can't take a road trip to vegas, or fly off to italy for a month, not with a kid. Not if you want to be a good, responsible parent. Unless of course you're Angelina and Brad and can afford it. So I've decided that I am really really ok with waiting a few more years till I start popping out babies.
I have created my list of things to do before having kids, and here it is:

-Sky Diving
-Hang Gliding
-wind surfing
-backpack across Europe
-spend months in South America and learn Spanish
-help Jeff learn German, then visit Germany for a few months (maybe live there)
-Visit Switzerland and partake in the good chocolate and facials
-become good at kick boxing or a martial art of some sort
-complete a round off back handspring backflip routine on the runway trampoline
-go to China
-go to Italy
-pretty much go to every country possible
-buy a sports car (hehe)
-get down to 23% body fat
-get certified as a personal trainer
-finish my bachelors degree
-start my career
I figure this will take me 3 years or so to complete. I'll be 25 then. I'm cool with that.

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