Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update and more...

This weekend was great! It all started Friday night when Jeff and I had date night. We just spent the entire evening hanging out and laughing and talking, no video games, no computer, just us playing funny word games and "what if" games and stuff. It was very fun to reconnect after a looooong horrible week for both of us.

Saturday was also good. We were scheduled to go sky diving but the cloud cover got us again, plus I didn't want to be late for when my dad came to town. Instead we went rock climbing with Chris, outside near Georgetown Hospital. It was fun. Then my dad, step mom, and little sister came to town. I showed them our new house, they seemed to like it, and then we went to my cousin, Molly's, homecoming dinner. She just got back from a mission to Norway, and it was really awesome to hear about that, and to see my family and cousins. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay because Jeff had made plans to see his brother, over dinner, the same night. So we went from one dinner to the next, and spent some quality time with Jeff's brother and the rest of his family. It was nice to see Chris again as well.

Today, Sunday, was probably the best day of the whole weekend. I got to go to my cousin's homecoming talk at church, and then have lunch with my family. I really miss my family a lot, especially not being around Rebekah while she's grown up. I regret that a lot, but there's not much that I could have done to change that. I had fun being around her and laughing and talking with my family. It's always a bitter sweet thing to have my family around because having them here makes me miss them so much more when they leave. It was a short trip, but hopefully Jeff and I can visit them soon, and spend a weekend or maybe a week with them at some point. It's hard being an adult with no time. When we got home, we decided to just chill because we spent the entire weekend being social. I watched a lot of South Park episodes and now everything I write I hear in Cartman's voice. lol. I love Cartman... he just cracks me up.

I've also decided that from this point on I am going to make a final decision to get the last 10 lbs off my frame. I have put it off for long enough, hit a plateau and not been able to get past it. It's time for drastic measures. After making myself sick on chocolate mousse, I have decided that I am taking sugar completely out of my diet, seeing as it is my one and only weakness when it comes to eating healthy. I can avoid Pizza, I can stop eating bread, I can even eat a whole bowl of broccoli with a smile on my face... but I can't say no to the colorful box of nerds at the mini mart. I can't pass the candy bowl at the restaurant without taking one. And I'm tired of not having self control. The reason I'm blogging about it is because I want everyone to know I am commited to this. I have been contemplating it for weeks, and have decided it has to happen. I am off sugar until June 1st. When I get to that mark, I will reward myself with a new pair of pants, and will reconsider allowing sugar back into my diet. Until then it's out. I am also starting a new cardio routine, and will be adding Spinning classes to my regimine. Hopefully with a few tweaks to my routine and taking the sugar out of my diet, I can get rid of this extra bit of fat I have been working so hard at getting rid of. Sure, it may seem superficial, but to me it's like this goal I have aimed at for so long, and I'm finally looking at the end of the tunnel, it's only 10 paces away, and yet every time I try to walk those 10 paces, some ugly monster holds me back. And I am ready to take that guy on and beat the crap out of him, then walk my 10 paces and reach my goal. So hopefully in a month I can blog about how awesome it is to be 10 lbs lighter.

Blog Out.

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So you should totally check out this site. It will get your mind off sugar for sure.

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