Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter is a happy time for me, a time full of some of the best memories I have from childhood. See, in my family, holidays were done right. Birthdays consisted of HUGE celebrations, with tons of friends and family members present to make the birthday boy/girl feel special. Halloween was anticipated for weeks in advance, outfits were created by my mother's talented hands. Christmas was a holiday unparalleled in it's ability to give off magical vibes and warm fuzzy feelings. However, EASTER was one of the most fun holidays I can remember. My parents turned Easter Egg hunting into a legundary game of skill. They spent hours hiding eggs while we slept, sometimes forcing us outside for hours while they came up with clever hiding places for our tiny, multi-colored eggs. Each of us 4 kids had the same amount of eggs. Each of our eggs had our first initial inked on them, and we were only allowed to collect our initialed eggs. We weren't allowed to help our siblings out, and the first one to find all of their eggs was awarded the satisfaction of being the best. What was amazing, was that we all usually ended up having all but 1 egg, with the hardest spot holding our last eggs in one cluster. Some eggs were so well hidden, we never found them. They'd turn up on another easter egg hunt, or be found while moving furniture. To this day I miss Easter at my family's house. I fully intend on bringing my future children home to my parent's to create wonderful memories for themselves. I can't wait!

This Easter, Jeffrey and I will enjoy with my in-laws, and then with my two of my favorite Aunts, Sherry and Didi, and their children. We'll have good food and good company and play cards. It's ironic how close Jeff's birthday is to Easter, the celebration of the rebirth of Jesus Christ after his ultimate sacrifice and resurrection. It reflects what a good man Jeff is, an easter gift to his mother, and later to me. But it still does not compare to the gift that Jesus Christ has given to all of us, chance for eternal life, and redemption. Let us all remember the sacrifice that was made for us, that we may one day return to live with Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. I am eternally greatful for the opportunity.

Enjoy your Easter, and remember that I love you all.

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